– Welcome. Seven shops remain,
but only one will earn $200,000, a feature in “Inked” magazine,
and the title of Ink Master. And, for the first time ever,
the title of Master Shop. – Piece of cake. – Once again,
there is no flash challenge. The next elimination
tattoo is happening right now. – Dammit. – This week,
we’re testing placement.– Placement is important
with a tattoo,
’cause no matter how
good your tattoo is applied, if it’s placed wrong,
you’ve got a [bleep] tattoo. – Today you must tattoo one
of the most painful areas of the body to tattoo. – The armpit.
– God. – Oh, [bleep]. I hate armpits.I don’t even like
my own armpits,
let alone some random person’s. – Oh my God.
– Armpit tattoos are the worst.The skin is very sensitive.It’s very hard to stencilin an area
that’s completely creased.
This is the pits. – Because of the
awkward shape of the armpit and the elasticity of the skin, your placement
needs to be spot on. But that is not all. – Oh my God.
– You must create two six-hour coordinating tattoos,
one for each armpit. – Oh, God.
– Both tattooing an armpit? – Who are these people?
Where do you find these people? – One artist from your shop will
tattoo the left armpit today. The other artist will tattoo
the right armpit tomorrow. – What?
– Of course. – Oh, damn it.
I don’t even have my armpits tattooed, because I’m not
a glutton for punishment.These poor canvases
are gonna go through hell.
[bleep] – As always, it must look
like one artist tattooed both. – Ugh.
– Great.Matching tattoos.
Throw in the mix
that it’s in a lumpy,
weird-shaped part of the body.This is gonna be
a hell of a ride today.
– What’s the key words?
– Placement. – Besides placement,
have to match. It has to look
like one artist did them. Do what you’re being told to do,
or you’re gonna go. – Since there’s no
flash challenge this week, Chris and Oliver will assign
all of the human canvases. – What?
– Awesome. – You’re both very handsome.
– [laughs] – Let’s meet your canvases. Oliver, Chris, go ahead
and hand out the skulls.– I’m hoping that they
are gonna give everybody
something they’ll do well at. But they could also
try and screw all of us. – So tell us
what you want to get. – Japanese Oni
mask in my left armpit, and a Japanese Namakubi.– I don’t do Japanese.We’re being judged
by Chris Nunez.
It’s in an armpit.
Don’t give me that one, please. – A regal queen,
and a regal king, kind of like playing cards.Do not give us
the king and queen.
‘Cause that’s gonna be a really
difficult one with all
the detailing in those crowns. – A compass
under my left armpit, and a globe under my right. – What kind of style
are you looking at? – I like it to be traditional.– Circles are
a tattooer’s nightmare.
So doing them in something
that concave,
I don’t even want to take
a stab at this one. – I’m looking
for some gnarly teeth, colored new school over here, and black and grey realism
on this one.– One thing we know right now
in this competition
is there is no clear top. – King and queen?
– Yeah. – Anybody can go home
at any time.We’re really trying to give
each artist
what we think they’re good at.– Canvases,
one by one, read the name on the bottom of your skull. – Golden Skull Tattoo. – Unkindness Art. – Old Town Ink.
– Severed head, Oni mask.
Obviously, they gave us one of
the hardest ones todaybecause they know
we can kill this.
I’m stoked. – Allegory Arts. – Allegory should
definitely be worried.Perfect circles are
really difficult to tattoo.
Good luck, guys.
– Basilica Tattoo. – Empire State Studio. – Black Cobra Tattoos. – You have six hours to tattoo
the left armpit today, and six hours to tattoo
a coordinating design on the right armpit tomorrow. Based on your work,
one shop will be packing. Good luck.
– Hello. – I’m Katie.
– Good to meet you. – A lot can go wrong
with tattooing the armpit.It’s a very painful spot.It’s hard
for a canvas to sit still. – As far as just doing,
like, a straight up mandala, what works best for an armpit
is more of an organic shape.– And it’s an awkward shape,
so you have to design something
that fits in there
and still looks good. – The mountain bike.
– Yeah. – Wanting the whole dude,
that’s tough in your armpit. – Was there a particular
compass format you had in mind? Like, an actual, just,
needle inside of a disc shape? – That’s it.
– That’s it? – I would definitely like that.
Maybe even open, you know? – Okay,
can I see your armpits again? – I should also
mention I’ve lost 100 pounds. There might be a stretch mark in
there that might make it difficult. – He’s got wild stretch marks,
and when you tattoo over them, they can swell up very
dramatically very quickly. [whispers]
Those stretch marks. It’s impossible to pull off
that perfect circle shape. That’s gonna be a problem.♪ ♪– Okay, artists. You have six hours
to tattoo the left armpit. Your time begins now.
– Okay.– Everybody’s armpit’s
If these artists are smart,
they’re gonna do strong,simple outlines with bold
shading and color and get out.
– I like that placement overall. – Each one of these teams has
a definite alpha and a follower.We are testing the divide,
so both artists will be
tattooing individually, and
we’re looking to see who excels.
– Guess it’s all on you now,
buddy. – And ready? – All right, girl, you ready?
– Yeah.– DJ’s done
a lot of Japanese before,
so I’m gonna
let him take the lead. – You’re not hurting
already are you? – I’m all right. – Toughest spot of the body
to tattoo, that’s for damn sure.
– It’s tough. It’s tough. – Our canvas wants a severed
head, Oni mask. I’m stoked on these designs.We’re gonna kill it.– Y’all got the other design? – They’re both over there
if you want to check ’em out. – Going a little
new school with it? – Coloring is definitely
going to be new school.– I’m super excited
to do namakubi.
I’ve done a few
color studies already.I’m gonna continue
doing color studies all night.
I’m really pumped to do this.
I can’t wait.
– I’m tattooing a monster
with a chain sprocket Mohawk and a tire-tread tongue.
That’s Cleen Rock One style. – What color are
you doing the eyes? – Light brown, caramel.I’m gonna set the bar,
and tomorrow I’m gonna
make sure
that Aaron jumps over it. Dude, Ulyss and Eva
are still drawing. Theirs is complicated. – Yeah, like doing a perfect
[bleep] circle in an armpit? – Four hours remaining. Four more hours. – I do have
some long lines to pull, so I’m probably gonna
call for a moment of silence. – Go right ahead.– A traditional
compass has to be
concentric circles,
and they all have to line up.
That’s hard,
no matter what you do.I can’t believe
she didn’t try and turn it
so it’s not completely 100% in your face perfectly circular.I think it’s a bad choice.I hope she can pull it off.– So this bit here?
– Yeah, please. – Just brush, like… – Yeah, I tried
feathering it out. – Yeah, I know
it’s hard to do. – I have surprisingly
tattooed several armpits.I’m gonna tattoo first today,
so what I lay down,
Erin can just emulate
the style of how I did it. – Are you using red in there? – Yeah, and there’s a little
bit of yellow at the edge here.I spent a lot of time trying
to copy Erin,
so maybe it would be easier
if she just copied me. – I’m just trying to watch you
so I can mimic it tomorrow. – This is your final hour. – You got it, Marv?
Like an absolute. Maybe we’ll brush
a little more black up against
those teeth at the bottom. – Marvin’s tattooing this mouth
really big and really detailed. Sick, bro.– Marv is setting the bar
so high
that tomorrow, I have
to perform like a champion. – Five, four, three, two, one. That’s it, machines down. Time’s up.
No more ink. – We are done.
– Yay. – Oh, holy cow.
That is crazy cool. – Nice armpit tattoo. I mean,
it’s really [bleep] awesome.– Doom went ahead and did some
wonky-ass lines on his queen.
I mean, her face,
boom, she got hit by a truck. This chick got hit by the ugly
stick way too many times. – Thank you so much.
– See you tomorrow.

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