Google has filed for a patent for a needle-free
blood draw device that can be incorporated into a wearable, such as a smartwatch, and
monitor blood glucose levels. Many Diabetes patients have to regularly monitor
their blood glucose levels and administer insulin. They need to do the test three
times everyday. Currently this test requires the individuals
to draw blood from themselves by piercing the skin with a small needle, put the blood
on a strip, insert it into a machine, wait to see the glucose levels and then administer
the required insulin. Google’s proposed needle-free blood draw device
will be useful for doing these things easily. The proposed system can be used either as
a wearable on a person’s wrist or as a hand-held device that takes blood from a fingertip or
other parts of the body. The new Google design isn’t exactly needle-free.
It’s basically a really slick finger-pricking gadget that works by blasting a gas-powered
microparticle into the skin and then draws a small vial of blood into a pressurized container. Let us see whether Google is going to work
on developing this new system or just filing the patent.

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