Complementary medicines including herbal medicines and nutritional supplements are playing an increasing role in healthcare, there is significant demand from consumers about information on their appropriate use we know that 50% of herbal medicines and complementary medicines are purchased from pharmacy. Pharmacists at the forefront of healthcare are ideally positioned to be able to give advice to patients regarding their complementary healthcare needs. The course has been designed for pharmacists and all relevant healthcare professionals who are in contact with patients who are taking any form of medicines. Well these days most pharmacists sell complementary medicines and you can’t sell something without actually knowing about it. It it’s just like pharmaceuticals we know all about the pharmaceuticals we need to know all about the complementary medicines. We get questions from patients, we get questions from doctors and we need to be able to answer those questions to the benefit of the patients health. The nice thing about this course is predominantly online the first three units people can do at a time that’s convenient to them, with the fourth unit just having two face-to-face days of an intensive seminar. This course equips healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills consumers are seeking about the efficacy safety and integration of complementary medicines into their overall health care. For pharmacy owners and staff this qualification will provide your staff with the confidence they require to provide information that is evidence-based and leads to the quality use of complementary medicines. Their overall health has improved significantly, we see repeat business from our patients because preventative medicine and complementary medicines go together. Sydney Pharmacy School is very excited to offer this course in evidence-based complementary medicines.

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