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  1. Scorpio God Cloth Miro (ACE)

    Absolute Scarlet Needle Antares
    Riddles random enemies in the first two rows with a burst of 14 scarlet needles, inflicting damage that ignores Physical Defense. Also fires a deep crimson shock at the farthest enemy, inflicting damage that ignores Physical Defense in a straight line. Reduces own damage received for a set time after using this skill.
    -This skill pierces opponents' barriers.

    Scarlet Needle
    Pierces the closest enemy with an intensely painful scarlet needle, inflicting Physical Damage multiple times and Continuous Damage. Removes own status ailments and debuffs after using this skill. [Physical Type]
    -This skill pierces opponents' barriers.
    -Outside of his standard movement pattern, also activates when receiving damage.
    The Shinchuten
    Activates his Shinchuten, reviving himself once after being defeated. Upon reviving, restores own HP to full and becomes immune to status ailments and debuffs for a set time. Also increases the damage he deals & protects himself with the power of the Scorpio Cosmo
    Golden Pride
    A member of the highest rank of Saints, the damage Miro receives from Bronze Saints is reduced by a fixed percentage. Also has a chance to nullify Stun, Freeze, Launch, Blowback, Knockback, Silence, Confusion, and Skill Cancel for himself.
    -Always in effect.
    PHYS ATK Boost III
    Increases all allies’ Physical Attack by a certain amount.
    Note: – Physical Attack Boost effect can be stacked.
    – Only activated when this character is included in the Attack party.
    Score Plus BT III (Intensive)
    Increases Crusade Score earned during a battle.
    -Score Plus BT effect can be stacked.
    -Only activated when this character is included in the Attack party.

    前2列のランダムな敵に14発の深紅の針を放ち、物理防御力を無視するダメージを与える。 さらに、最も遠い敵に向けて深紅の衝撃を放ち、直線上の敵に物理防御力を無視するダメージを与える。

    最も近い敵に向かって激痛を与える深紅の針を放ち、複数回の物理ダメージと継続ダメージを与える。 このスキルが発動すると自身の状態異常とデバフ効果を解除する。

    自身の真央点を突き、戦闘不能状態から一度だけ復活する。 復活した時に自身のHPを全回復し、状態異常とデバフ効果を一定時間無効化する。 さらに、一定時間自身が敵に与えるダメージを増加させ、蠍座の小宇宙で自身を守る。

    聖闘士の最上位である黄金聖闘士の小宇宙により、自身の青銅聖闘士から受けるダメージを一定割合軽減する。 さらに、自身の受ける「スタン」「氷化」「打ち上げ」「ブロウノックバック」「ノックバック」「沈黙」「混乱」「スキルキャンセル」を一定確率で無効化する。



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  2. Alright my boy Milo finally getting some good version, it's almost his birthday (And in extension, my birthday) so this is like a fine present.

    Seems to be an attacker who's hard to stop, attack skills that ignore barrier are one thing (But kinda common nowadays). CS ignore defense and a poison skill might making a lot of damage, he also cleanse debuff if not outright stunlock and passive to resist some of those and be a hard counter to Bronze saints as he was. Big point is he might be dead fast in the beginning so they fix that with the cheat death passive to give him something he could do by immune ailments and boost status.

  3. Milo is a powerful saint with attacks that deal a lot of damage and can revive once, besides he has a chance to nullify Stun, Freeze, Launch, Blowback, Knockback… To me, he's a great unit on any team.

  4. What a great saint, I just fought against him in a skirmish and OMG he is so powerful, and after watching this video i think he is OP 😱

  5. En mis primeros 3 intentos me ha salió Shaina 😤 pero al final me salió hyoga Ace y cáncer Ace, con esos 2 ya siento que ha válido la pena

  6. mmm parece un buen personaje, me decepciona que el ataque especial sea una de sus desventajas porque el ataque especial del Milo divino normal uuff es brutal jeje, intentaré obtenerlo a ver que tal. Saludos

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