– Today we’re going to talk about the top things that – you do – that the vet wishes you didn’t do. – Number one on this is aspirin. – We don’t have any aspirin here. – That’s probably because we don’t want you to give it. – Look, now I know they sell “doggy aspirin” at pet stores. but don’t use it. – Now one dose is probably not gonna kill your dog. – I mean, I don’t know your dog, so… – I don’t know your dog’s kidneys. – But one dose is probably not going to hurt. – However, if you give aspirin that means we can’t give other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories. NSAID’s. – That might be more effective and safer. – So, you can’t mix-and-match. – So once you give that aspirin it means we can’t give that other stuff. – So, don’t give aspirin. – Hydrogen Peroxide. – Why does everybody want to put hydrogen peroxide on stuff? Like they all do. – It’s irritating to the tissue and inhibits wound healing. – So don’t keep using it. – You want to clean it out? You know what you use? – Soap and water. – Right? Cuz soap has the hydrophilic. – The water-loving part. – And it has the other part of the molecule, the hydrophobic — water hating. – And so the oils and all the stuff sticks to the hydrophobic part – and then you wash it out with the water and it washes it all out. – Chemistry. – Pepto Bismol. I did a whole one on Pepto. – Don’t use the pink stuff because it actually’s got bismuth subsalicylate – and that’s like the – the salicylate part is a part of aspirin – and over a long period of time, it can actually cause some problems with the kidney and liver and maybe even have some vomiting and diarrhea. – We don’t recommend that one at all. – Talk to your vet and see what else you can use. – Homeopathy. – You know what? Go ahead. – Do some homeopathy. It’s fine. And then when it doesn’t work? – Come see me. – Not to be confused with holistic medicine which is like – herbal things and acupuncture. – And those actually have some good science behind them, – but you don’t want to just use any herbs either because – You want to go to a veterinarian who knows herbal medicine, because they do have some metabolic activity – and can actually interfere and maybe have some toxic effects when used with other medications. – So you really want to be careful when using any of those. – They’re not just those, ‘oh, I’ll try it cuz it’s, you know natural. It’s totally fine.’ – You know what else is natural? – Hemlock. – Q-tips – Everybody likes to use q-tips and they’re great – for cleaning out like skin folds on squishy-faced dogs. – Which are called brachycephalic breeds. – New word for you. Brachycephalicare the squishy-face ones like – pugs and bull dogs and – Renee Zellweger. – Love you, Renee. Just kidding. – Great for cleaning out skin folds, but you don’t want to stick it down in the ear, – because you’ll pack that wax down in there. – You’ll just be jamming it down in there and you’ll make a big wax plug – and you can actually damage the ear. – It’s hard to get down in a dog or a cat ear. To go all the way down around the bend and into the ear drum, – but it can happen. So, you want to be a little careful. – Super bonus round. – Gorilla glue. – Oh, that’s one you wouldn’t think of. – I love gorilla glue. – I fixed my fridge with gorilla glue. It was awesome, – but apparently it’s kind of sweet tasting – and like a dog can eat it and eat the whole bottle – and then it expands in the stomach. It could literally explode your dog’s stomach. – They need emergency surgery. It’s super super serious. – Make sure to keep it away from your dog. – Febreze! – Totally fine. – Yea, you’ll see it all over the internet, ‘Febreze killed this dog or that cat.’ Nope. – Never killed anything. – It’s just a myth. – Essential oils. – This is kind of a big one lately. – People like to put essential oils in diffusers for the room. – And in the diffused state it’s probably fine, – but cats, especially, like to get up and lick in the little bowls – and that can be toxic to some cats, especially like clove oil’s a really bad one for cats. – Insecticides. Oh, if it says, “for dog’s only.” – Don’t use it on a cat. – Drives me crazy. – Carpet cleaners. – Be careful that you make sure to dry it and clean it. – And if it’s like the one that you sprinkle on make sure you vacuum it up before you let your cat go walk on it and then they lick their paws and it can cause irritation. Stomach irritation can cause some problems. – Thanks for watching everyone. I hope this helped you a little bit. – If you have interesting things that have happened to your pets, – please let me know and tell all your friends to subscribe

28 thoughts on “Habits Vets Want You to Stop”

  1. Why not use dog flea medication on cats when you have checked the ingredients and it's the exact same chemical? Obviously you need to work out the appropriate mg/kg dosage, but it's a very very common practice among cat rescue groups and as long as the correct dosage is followed I have never seen any harm.

  2. Hey! I’m from Texas and I resent the Renee comment!! 😛 Great tips, I have several friends that are vets (yes, I’ve been cheating on you with real life friends) and they drilled this in to me. Also NO TYLENOL. That’s for humans ONLY.

  3. Good morning, thanks for your previous message, about the loss of my rotty, i have now got a 8 month old rotty who needed a home, still heartbroken over my Loss, but having a youngster is helping my loss, but having some teething problems, she is chewing her bed and crys when alone, could u give me any pointers, that may help, also seems she doesnt quite get how too tell me how too go out for a wee, its been 13 years since had baby, so any advice be appreciated xx

  4. Hi Doc, would you do another video just speaking about the essential oils and their harm for cats/ dogs? More in depth, why some are more harmful than others, etc? I have been trying to find a solid answer for months and everything seems a little wishy-washy. Love this video as always! The animations are super fun 🙂

  5. hey there, could u do a video on german shepherd's back legs problems? I would love to hear your opinion on this matter. How to support your dog for example? I've been giving my dog a syrup with Hyaluronic acid (it's for dogs only) and I see his legs have more strenght now. It's recomended to give your dog for at least a month. So I'm doing that and then we will take some break, and then repeat when needed.

  6. What? Surely that's just common sense! Ooh wait… I forgot your on about yanks.

    Hydro peroxide in the UK is used only for hair bleaching. We have strict rules and it's banned in cleaning products. That shit burns as well, why the hell would you use it for cleaning?

    I steam my wood floors with just water because of my cats. And there's no bleach in the house as I'm scared of transfer as my Arya walks on everything and is always grooming her paws. I have an eco friendly washing up liquid as I've caught her drinking out the sink when filled. And she licks the shower floor so I have to rinse that well. She's a grub obsessed with water.

  7. My cat had decided that rolling in a rag with car wax, the day before I got married, was a totally normal and okay thing to do. So then I had to call my vet, who told me to wash her with water and dean dish soap and pray to all the gods that she wouldn’t scratch me to kingdom come and make me walk down the isle all battered 😂 luckily I had back-up in the form of my mother and a sister who were willing, and able, to control my already grumpy cat while I washed her. We all walked away without being scratched or bitten, the cat didn’t smell of car wax anymore and was breathing normally again. That was 13 years ago and the cat is now 14, and never rolled in anything weird ever again. She learned her lesson. Silly kitty.

  8. 1) "holistic medicine" is a scam, 2) essential oils are toxic if they get on your cat's skin, there are a number of recorded cases of this.

  9. Yes! Hydrogen peroxide is not good for wounds. If used multiple times a day over a few days, you basically turned a wound into a chemical burn. Soap + water. I also use witch hazel to clean wounds. Instead of Neosporin, I use a salve of equal parts honey (raw, do use on infant animals or humans) & coconut oil. It's antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, & gives the skin a nice environment to heal.

  10. For me I hate this whole idea of “essential oils help me why can’t I give them to my pet”. Tea tree oil is so toxic to animals! I like essential oil diffusers for the relaxing smell, but I won’t even use it in the same room as my pets.

  11. I kid you not, I once had someone on Facebook tell me that I shouldn't ask a veterinarian for advice on animal nutrition. I mean, isn't that a part of animal health and something a vet would know?

    I can't see vet school being like this " yeah so, we are creating the curriculum for our veterinary school. Is it really necessary to teach them about nutrition, which is an essential part of animal health and something a lot of people will ask about?"

    " Nah, they don't need to know that "

    Now. I'm not in vet school, I'm a vet tech student. And while that most certainly is not the same thing. If I've had to learn about nutrition in my schooling. I'm pretty sure vets, who are more advanced, would know about it too.

  12. Also don’t just leave random stuff around your house, if a cat or dog consumes chewing gum it can be extremely dangerous as it has xylitol in.

  13. I have a cat that unwrapped and ate Halloween candy. It was hard to make sure she didn't get any because she would sleep in drawers

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