[Music] [Music] all right how can I help you today Oh hand pain for real you sure not surgery you’re so gentle oh just check this right here right here ten years that much pain yeah Wow I became a left-handed because it hurts too right oh wow that’s really wrong okay let’s take care of it sees what we learned in this cup acupuncture let’s do that and I’m gonna do this for him okay so remember the scalp so this arm coming down here so I’m gonna do this he’s really on the hand so I’m gonna do this clean it up and I’m gonna tell pay for our shirt okay this one I wasn’t sure so I have to do it tender here right here which one more here check this one better one how about here there’s one more more how about here no or here this one yes okay so you remember how much pain you have over there right okay this thing’s yes ten years of pain so I’m giving three needles breathe you’re doing great job okay all right now can you feel your hand from one to ten how much pain you have good you’re so healthy your healing power is really strong so we can use this for treating the hand how are you doing that’s pretty good yeah nice great thank you thank you so treat yourself every day yeah that’ll be awesome thank you so much you

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