33 thoughts on “Having Pain? 3 Products We Would Buy Again 100x Over to Help- (HUGE Sales)”


  2. All of these seemed to be amazing, pain-relieving products. It's just a shame that it is mostly directed to the U.S. market…

  3. I like the fact that some of the products have discounts but how come no discounts or sales going on with your popular booyah stiks?

  4. Sorry these products would not help my pain.My pain comes from my left knee. Which has been a tkr on 12/6/16. And fell in 2017 sometime and had a long illnesses and had surgy on it on10/8/2018. It is swollen and still sore no pain pills or acetaminophen helps. Been therapy and ice still hurts. Any ideas!!!!

  5. YES!! Thanks B&B, looking forward to ordering a thermotex for sure. Maybe even a mattress. Happy Thanksgiving!.. and thanks again for the Black Friday deals to help us be pain free.

  6. I just started up seeing my physical therapy team again. I usually go once a year for a "tune-up" as I do a physical therapy routine at home. I got to show the head PT your latest shoulder video with the stick. I asked him all kinds of questions. He said that their practice is started to email patients videos tailored to their conditions. I just got a workout sheet. I would have loved to have gotten videos. Maybe the videos are coming.

    I love my physical therapy practice. The staff is great. It is always a great place to be. I am glad I feel you helped in continuing my care as I was reminded to keep up my weights (and I should have kept up the bands). Thanks.

  7. Bob, what weird thing happened to your hair to make it so weirdly weird? Have you been demonically coiffed? Decent, moral people shouldn't see your hair that way. Have your pate exorcised, NOW!

  8. There is no infrared device that "penetrates" 2 inches into the human body except by conduction. This is a slightly modified version of the "Anodyne Therapy System" whose penetration claims are less ambitious and have been extensively disproven.

  9. What is the name of the individual cell cushion for wheelchair bound patients? My uncle has MS & is bed ridden/wheelchair bound he’s frequently sent to the ER with bed sores & skin issues. I’d love to get him one & see if it helps

  10. There's infrared mats with jade and other stones and gems, I bought one from Healthyline. I got interested in these after watching Bob and Brad. I would really recommend these, they penetrate deeper than a regular electric heating pad. I wish I could afford a really big one, but they have smaller ones that cover your whole back.

  11. Incredible. First- you guys remind me of Click and Clack! So much fun and INTERESTING to listen to!
    I just found you guys today, which is amazing, as I am at just at the end of my rope with chronic pain (following a surgery last year).
    Somehow, Google knew, and recommended your channel- just as you did this pain episode!

    I’m totally hooked on your videos, and have learned so much, in just a few hours!
    Having been involved in sports for years, and always keeping a gym membership until recently, I thought i had a good grasp on proper ways to exercise… but apparently, I’ve been doing so many things the wrong way- or the hard way!

  12. I bought the Platinum heat pad because of your recommendation. I like and use it many times daily. But over a month of use, I feel no additional relief in my thoracic arthritis, so I’m not sure it was worth the high price. The extra strap to make it into a backpack-type fit fits too snugly under my underarms and is, therefore, not comfortable.

  13. LOL! Brad you have the model walk down pat. Thanks for the product recommendations. I may not buy a lot of products but I enjoy hearing your recommendations.

  14. My elbow has been stiff, for a couple of days.Is it because of the cold rainy weather. And what can I do to relief the pain and stiffness?

  15. Bob and Brad your discount code didn't work on 2 different products. The pad didn't even apply the $30.50 off from clicking the link.
    I tried Wednesday and then again today, Friday. Disappointed.

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