Aloha and welcome to Hawaii now patients
dealing with chronic pain can experience a number of stressors including where to
get help and from whom here at the Rehab Hospital of the Pacific patients can get
all of their services under one roof pain can be very limiting for patients
in their daily life some patients aren’t able to work
because of their pain so the goal is to be able to treat pain effectively to
reduce suffering and reduce the limitations that the pain symptoms have
on a patient’s life hi my name is dr. Nicholas Muraoka I’m the Medical
Director for the Comprehensive Pain Management Program at the Rehab Hospital
of the Pacific we will provide patient with a diagnosis where their pain
symptoms are coming from and with the patient come up with the appropriate
treatment program we also offer targeted pain injections to try to treat the
source of a patient’s pain but we also can offer some of the more advanced pain
therapies spinal cord stimulators medication pumps we also have
acupuncture massage therapy aqua therapy in all to just offer patient kind of an
ala carte treatment option so that they can choose what works for them the goal
of a lot of physical therapy is to give patients the tools that they need to
maintain their symptoms kind of over their lifetime
a lot of the patients that come to see us in our pain clinic they are on high
doses of medications they don’t want to be on these medications they come to us
looking for alternative therapies when they come to see us they are in a lot of
pain they’re not happy they’re miserable so they’re coming to us at a kind of a
vulnerable state so for us to see them come in and then go through the pain
management program and get treated with all these therapies and see them
progressively getting better is really motivating and rewarding for us and
that’s what makes us really enjoy our job that idea of a one-stop shop where
all the treatments that are available under the same roof I think it one
provides convenience also it helps with communication between the different
individuals involved in the patient’s care we can send each other emails or
notes on progress of the patient and in all I think it just provides more of a
cohesive treatment program for the patient for anyone interested in our
pain management program visit our website at
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