it is time now to concentrate on you prepay nurturing and casting brushes outside of your mind a master of generated energy this poem body mind and still and collect deann energy and ways of healing above and beyond it is also in the united with your higher self this aspect of him carballo who you haha picture it is you know that loves you of contentment in compassion this fall of energy is moving to the song connecting with a sparkling visiting deletions well-being and miraculous healing you may see this ball of energy
expanding growing larger engulfs all the energy that it can through the soil this is a danger higher aspect of your
personal creating and a cleansing in and three this ball of energy from seoul there and you are and stops at the time good waves but the crown jewel
incredible and why but as a dance that easily this energy ball now move moves end to you and begins to commune nervous system this energy lou used herein tires skeletal muscles and the lacks is team any areas that are intention of frustration are now you may notice the moslems between your lines the charm on some and children must go a relaxing even module echo and release any tension that is being held shifting deep area and t into consciousness relaxing i mean with jan twenty all the functions and systems in this wonderful boldly energy is also working incident and redirect the too greedy your oxygen going into your respiratory system and connecting through all the plants speed body transferring throughout this city that
too system information that is going to reconnect your mind body and spirit to miraculously found cents that would be balance today too the aspects opulent lifestyle as well it’s your and fumes with a great year consciousness disobey and awareness other healthy lifestyle uh… these molecule moving in you you blood vessel at purifying each and and regarding that sparkling energy is piggy backing on
december began nineteen miraculous healing and did not creating harmony balance in mobile to the including relaxed energy and releasing any attention but you may be love is safe inside of your body break down into the marrow inside iran themselves robotic systems your immune system is also as this bargaining source like energy jubilant no disinvestment facility and the appended as you judy berman and deep area in june insisted dealing in any manner excuse me as you are connected to the divine simpson won’t we and your height theory of mine that isn’t perfect harmony sources but the reality and with d and power consciousness that exists using in pure as is the urinary system declines as the at be enough to light immunity system disconnect ting in communicating with them all the and the skeletal system strengthening you may know this picture drifting a minute consciousness intermittently taxation if your physical the unmanned wherein and your spiritual connection and energy this way chest system enhancing and strengthening all over system so they worked you’re drifting g there the skeletal muscle relaxing even all the muscle that continued pa and to work for you in on your g_a_t_t_ expiry their relaxing releasing tension i’m conder unworthy releasing uh… tomas systems near the system is communicating with
the rest of the poor through this incredible source energy pinkerton of heightened healing and miraculously experiences in to you conscious awakened state fifteen t very handy enough light is moving inman trujillo entire body and hence in europe with love compassion well-being and back intercom in the sky now this energy move roots outside seemed to be connecting with fewer external energy parking and his already functioning is now mary anchor brecht ng anything that is out of
town bringing it back in time columnists and gentle wave from the top of pure this energy that is waiving meeting in
and through your body now is being preferred the crown shock crap it’s clemens tune purify allowing made the connection into higher to move in and through your body like a weed of consciousness cleanses and heal your party clinton tourist spot marks potential and abilities to completely contract dempster make a deal and in new york electromagnetic body energy systems breath of life teaching everything consists of once connected to the blanks but just searching through your entire
body is bringing so that the endocrine system achieves home mistakes the immune system was functioning cleansing impure bringing back harmony to all of fuel they communicate with you hard to function and how to cure easily and jam through your power releasing carbon time any toxins out here evaporating any negative energies that
are blocked inside of your body now any muscle tensions that her heart and
time releasing so that your vertebra and now into preference and as you treat your body bull just and realignments in
even to better protection so that your vertebra and took your hips the energy biggest around your body is now moving into your third uh… the muscle between new york times on
your forehead it is a light criticism and you may see a lot compound stoop and on this line you mean and it’s that prepare is certain spots on this line had the energy it’s that prevention from having all all the good ceded lands in the power and see them being gently lift it to me from your consciousness now on the line towards the future and see annie lines that are preventing phenomenal well and end laughter and love inside so that you can see ur future line cleared artist wave of light and and and she s but all good is attracting into your futures this ball of energy the source energy once industry to communication to those who branching and speaking words of love and compassion are attracted to you and spoken with ease with company with love from compact his energy is fall at the energy clears
this happen for convenient fully and comfortably re-balancing with the food and so that they are home connected with each other this part of that it’s down the heart shock circulation pumps yes analyze this plugged in with the consciousness absorbs for this search in the heart shock right letting go to any bo as that is now so that you can move in june this fall to complete it’s incredible peeling ballif energy that has been program it is enhancing your digestive system making strong we sell you were in town were debenture exterior protecting me an airline weekly communication your vision and remind connection on on the like you know consciously this energy palm down will develop them enhancing your central or pins strengthening creating balance within your home so that your emotional body this spring harmony merger dinnerware entered exterior that you are income of your emotion moments the chief thing positive feelings men funds in your side in your mind peacefully income joy is gone arnott and netball negative xviii and humiliation are releasing into that and that this high awareness and thinking serves you well to be in figure in our world as well as your
exterior so that when you see yourself you see the radiant smile this ball of energy is connecting motion to your power center creation losing in the end through here percent is in balance and harmony with your
emotion so that you need to are loving peaceful minds and on time through to perhaps gymboree n and nurture as you do even deeper and deeper into the mind on this and you know this renton is your example upheld feeding on that’s huge is
arm the keeps u_n_ on in this time is no raising its treatments and and
energy body to adjust to the news frequencies in in the unit in is keeping the fund with abundance of well the money coming in july houston
comfortably messages creativity of all admission demand and volume because media company the years through the great and as you breathing and so arson creation it connects to your oxygen moves through your entire signature your nervous system balancing the endicott and expelling this through the air hearing system and through the digestive system alzheimer and simpson’s so that optimum and well-being is miraculously you may notice of feel that you’re lifting and scientific
content and you may notice the chip on his
opponent flight and energy and as you look you may notice area does that have black against anuj blockages that do not allow this source flow when you see these area focus on these energy in the energy that is focused in entities arian releases this tent city reading and flowing through me behind with high mending as they are being program by the source upon that protection and clients and through your it is activating inside your memory of ancient bodily function student homeschool and that you enhance these bodily
functions daily routine of disciplining yourself with healthy activity and acts of snow wonderful organic healthy food vegetable m_-two growth exercise as you see your body colo your skin becomes fraction includes greedy and your smile with to life mastering you’re shocked chris no are completely
now your harm announced with source of all and solution it is now going deeper into your song pure find your soul protecting nor in you from any harmonic frequencies better exterior to your bakken that may be causing with all these electromagnetic energy new rb protected encoded binders stores there is no connecting with the hardest of the
planet feel the source of giving you the new treatments and
substance antique eat healthy foods and exercise and rammed through the trees it’s the female with ease and comfort as your respiratory system greens in
oxygen utilizing tickets altaf without endu and as you’ve done mariko speaking mta the energy that is infront every step the chimney that’s cascading around japan through the u_n_ people who feel is strengthened to have a although miraculously complaints that life has to from here and even in new york challenging that you’re honest home and c_e_o_ only they could in yourself understand that through your experiences
trial and tribulation beatable need teaches you and string love and compassion in and three your energy strengthening your mind body and spirit barring complete mt sinha at which a higher conscious the seat of his enhancing your body too and will soon u_n_ detention and bring you completely back in town credit too and put them out surging and and through your
consciousness now your body is the to heal itself miraculously as it has a new program that it is uploaded mt the nervous system it is connecting with your emotional
button calming your nervous system releasing all the people that day now futures but instead let’s drink competence feels so good inside if you’re talking
now and that this love and compassion
medicine enjoy you know resonates out interior exterior protecting and loving the consciousness of almanac in this context behind and seem to believe in the bomb and yet can protect yourself some of those things that do not serve
your body mind and spirit well that you are able to make decisions and
he’s been comfortably based the church so is stronger but your soul this strong it is time now for what it is keeping me to do and anytime that you use this to remind yourself and exterior when mary in new york lee balancing in your complete control of your emotional dance with this week competent it is time for you now to move into a
few using incomplete with great success and high end with wonderful financial abundance
easily coming to you unfolded experiences of resisting yes is renewed so that it comes end to your peeing in
your wellness center your ci inside with strengthened happiness chilliest in success union system now isn’t working and his evil to purifying the system you must give the tenants system all the systems in stature dated if it’s not have sweet uncomfortable it is instant tristen and how wonderful it is exercise observing the nature and she ncnd brilliant now it is time to come down continuing physical names chile nafta one too terry creating panic colin all of this information discomfort in houston center a few been and that you will remember this act all time now opening your uh… hands and being present namin este

86 thoughts on “Healing the Body, Mind and Spirit Guided Meditation”

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  8. I had problems with back pain lasting well over a week, while listening to this meditation I felt a warm sensation almost numbing across my back,,, awoke feeling well improved…
    going to meditate again as the healing is fantastic,. thank-you. wishing all Health, Wealth, Peace, Love and happiness.

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  20. Sound quality was too bad for me. I couldn’t relax with the white noise in the background coming and going. (Waves) I think it was supposed to be.

  21. At full volume here. Shame you never turned UP the recording levels, and let US choose the volume. Way too quiet-yes i tried head phones. Is it a copy from the old cassette method? Been at/in/keen on this game for 30 years. What I do hear is well informed. Yet distracting on the quiet parts. A shame really.

  22. Your a beautiful soul. Wow, your healing voice just brought me to the most loving peaceful state. It is not just your voice, I feel your healing love thru you. As you said you may may be feeling yourself leaving your body, I was hovering over my body. Thank you from the bottom of my hear. Actually from my whole heart & being. Can u tell me what that songs are or the singing voices In the background. They have great voices. I have no idea what he’s saying, but it doesn’t matter. Blessings and peace to you.

  23. What an amazing experience! I use this guided meditation in particular because it takes me to a place where I find myself so comforted like the way I felt when I was around my grandmother who was the one person I went to when I was in pain (when I was young) or needed assistance in any way. My grandmother who has parted from this life, would pray for me when I was in pain as a child (I’ve suffered from headaches and other chronic pain my entire life). While in meditativeI can feel a strong sense love and peace! I’ve tried several other meditation “you tube” videos and others are good too but for some reason For some reason with this one, I can feel my spirit lighter and better! I would definitely recommend anyone to try this one! Thank you! This may sound weird but I want to just meditate all the now so I can hopefully feel my Grammy’s presence all the time too!

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