Hey friends. So I’m answering some questions over
the next few days about a recent social media post that I made. You can check my feed and see
it where I basically said that, a huge disservice has been done, with our cultural messaging
around our bodies. Primarily the two messages that say number
one only bodies of a certain size and shape are lovable. And number two, Oh, but don’t worry about that because you
can change the size and shape of your body through exercise. And what I suggested is that these two
beliefs work together to completely cut us off from the ability
to trust our own bodies. And it is my theory based on experience
with thousands of women that we have to first love and trust our bodies before
we can face any of life’s problems. And one of the most common
questions that has come in so far, and I’m going to tell you about a
specific person’s because I think it, it will help make it clear is related
to how this impacts our health. And the person said to me, Jen, I agree with what you’re saying in theory, but I know that my doctor gave me six
months to try to regulate my blood pressure through diet and exercise.
And if I don’t do it within six months, I’m going to have to change. I’m going to have to take a
blood pressure medication. I’m super young and I don’t want to be
on blood pressure medication for the rest of my life. How does what
you’re saying fit into that? So I said in my post that our c ulture
tells us th e only bodies of a certain size and shape are lovable. But what this person is asking me is
Are bodies only of a certain level of health lovable? And the answer to that
is no matter your health, there’s no healthier you could get and
there’s no sicker or moving away from health that you could get that would make, that would change your body’s
worthiness of love and respect. Your body is worthy of love and
respect no matter the degree of health. This person’s measuring health
based on blood pressure. And we know that’s an
important number to look at. So I’m not saying that you shouldn’t do
things to work on that blood pressure. What I’m saying is you should do them
through the lens of love and respect. So instead of saying, my body will be worthy of respect whenever
I get this blood pressure thing under control and I have to kind
of whip it into submission. When you approach it by saying, I, I trust my body and the
messages it’s sending me. And right now one of the
messages it’s me is that, through high blood pressure, is that there’s something
going on I need to figure out. I believe that we know movement
helps impacts blood pressure, but I believe the way movement impacts
blood pressure can be so much bigger than the messaging you’ve been given. It’s
not just the physiological change, but it’s also the changes that happen
in your mind. By moving your body. You could also identify, Hey, are there things that are contributing
to a chronic level of stress that I experience that as I start to move my
body and connect with it and tune in to what my body’s saying, I hear
those messages better. Um, it’s, it is this fundamental belief that
whatever’s going on with your body, whatever signals it’s sending
you, whether that’s in health, whether that’s a gut instinct, whether
that’s an intuitive hit, whatever it is, that there’s a physicality
that you can trust. There’s a physical messages that come
from your body that you can trust. And when you approach it
this way, when you say, okay, body, you’re letting me know through high blood
pressure that there’s some stuff going on. Let’s figure this out. Let’s take a 10 minute walk every day
and I’ll pay very close attention to you while I walk. Not a 10 minute
walk while I listen to a podcast, a 10 minute walk where I connect
with my body and I start to just ask, what could be going on that’s
contributing to this? Let me know, body, give me the signals. This approach is so powerful, not just for your health and wellness, but for every single thing that you’re
facing. Which job should I take? How do I need to communicate this
difficult message to somebody that I love? Which dream do I follow? I’m looking
at a to do list that’s impossible. There’s no way I can get all these
things done. What should I do? Your body can help you decide. It has so much power. You have so much wisdom in your body. Um, and you by approaching
movement through this lens, by approaching our health through this
lens, you have the power to see it, but it has to start with love and respect. Your body isn’t going to be more worthy
of love and respect when your blood pressure is different.
It’s, it’s already worthy, already today. My main program that I work with
women on finding this self-respect, this by changing our body image, changing how we see our body and learning
to pay attention to the signals that the body is sending us, is
my Mindset Mastery Program. This is a mindset issue. There is movement to
be done with your body, but it has to start with what you’re
thinking up here. When you say, I have six months to
change my blood pressure, I have to walk every day versus Oh my
body’s sending me a message with my blood pressure. I trust it. I trust there’s
something for me to learn here. It’s completely different. This is a mindset issue and there’s so
many thoughts and beliefs buried in your subconscious mind that
have to be unpacked. I do that work with women in
the Mindset Mastery Program. There’s a sale on that
program through Monday. The 28th I think is
Monday. Um, it’s $50 off. There’s two options. A self study option.
If you’re like power, you’re good. You can power through and
keep yourself on track. There’s also a coaching group
option. That’s the coaching group. I already know a lot of the
women are repeat clients of mine. They are amazing. We would love
to work with you in that group. There’s a sale on both
of those through Monday. The information is at
healthymoving.com/mindset or you can send me a direct message here
on my page and I will happily send you information. I’d love to answer more
of your questions about this concept. I have a couple more. I’m going to be
doing these like informal quick videos, um, over the next couple of days in minutes
where I can squeeze them in so that we can chat about this concept and
how to begin to embody this.

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  1. I agree. Loving self comes first before anything else. It all starts there. This might be a little intense, but I'll share it anyway. I recently created a sensual poetry series that does touch on this subject in a poetic way. You can see a previous episode here : https://vimeo.com/204113209 Season Three premieres Jan. 2020. Peace!

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