Hello, in this video, three health experts are going to give you their tips to get through Diwali while keeping track on your health regime. Five diet hacks that will help you stay healthy when you’re eating out. Number 1, have a lot of fiber. The more fiber you eat, the better your stomach will function and it will give you room to eat out and not feel too much discomfort. So look at having five portions of fruit or vegetables during the day. That will help your stomach clear up. Number 2, have water, lots and lots of water. With the amount of alcohol and junk food, fried food that we have, our body is dehydrated. And with the weather, in Bombay, if you’re in a city like Bombay, then 3 liters of water is a must. Number 3, have fennel seeds. So just keep some in your bag and have a spoonful after every meal. That’s again after a heavy meal, it really helps you just, sort of, calm down. You can even make a tea out of it and have it. It tastes really nice. You can do that. Number 4, which is something you should do irrespective of Diwali or no Diwali, have a cup of curd every day. Homemade, fresh, cow milk curd every day. It’s fantastic. It’s a probiotic. People usually think that it is good for digestion only but it actually helps you stay awake, stay alert, focused. It’s excellent for your entire body. So the 5th and last point, very important, is that you just manage your carbs better. So for Diwali parties, weddings, whenever you’re going to be indulging or when you want to indulge, on a particular day or for an event, just reduce your carb intake in the hours before that particular event. So say you’re going for a dinner, just skip all the roti, rice, potatoes, pasta, just skip all of that through the day. So your get all that calories to go and indulge at night. After the party when you come home and you feel that you have a heavy stomach, you can practice vajrasana, for 5 to 10 minutes. It’s the only asana that you can do with a full stomach. So it will give you a feeling of a lighter stomach, it will enhance the digestion so then you can go to bed with a lighter stomach. The day after, or the following days, if you experience acidity, you can practice all the asanas that massage the internal organs, like twisting asanas or everything that stretches the abdominal region. You can practice bhujangasana, ardha matsyendrasana or moutain pose, but don’t practice any forward bending asanas because they will give you more acidity. It will create reflux from the stomach to the food pipe and the mouth. If you want also, you can try this pranayama which is sheetali pranayama It is a breathing exercise in which you curl your tongue like this, and you inhale and then you close your mouth and exhale from the nose. This will give you a nice cooling feeling right away. If you experience bloating, you can practice pavana muktasana. Lying on the floor, bring your knees to your chest. This is a posture that will help in liberating the gas that is blocked somewhere in the bowels. And finally, if you want to relax, in the afternoon or before going to sleep, if your sleeping pattern has been disturbed, you can practice abdominal breathing. One hand on your stomach, feel your stomach going up and down, before sleeping. It will calm you down and put you to sleep nicely. So I’m here to discuss with you about 3 homeopathic medicines that you can try taking before Diwali, during Diwali and post Diwali. There is this medicine called Nux Vomica. You can start taking 4 to 6 pills of that, in the morning, in the afternoon and at night, 3 times a day basically, 2 days before Diwali. So that by the time you come to Diwali you’re nice and rested and your stomach is nice and balanced. So basically Nux Vomica is good for acidity, for gas, constipation, for a tired feeling, lethargic feeling. If you sleep late at night and you wake up feeling drowsy and uncomfortable, Nux Vomica will balance it all out. So besides Nux Vomica, there is a medicine called Arsenic. Arsenic Album. You can take that if you are experiencing a lot of burning in your chest or if you’re feeling nauseous, or if you really can’t sleep at night because of your stomach, just take some arsenic and it will help you rest. The 3rd medicine is a medicine called Ipecac. Ipecac is very good for nausea. So basically you can take, as soon as you’re starting to feel little bit uneasy in your stomach, just take a dose of Ipecac and then after 2-3 hours repeat it again and in the night before you sleep, and you’re sorted for nausea. So these are the 3 medicines that I would suggest that you try during the festive season. If you enjoyed these tips and you would like a personal plan, you can log on to healthconcept.in and find all the wellness plans on the website. Thank you for watching, Happy Diwali !

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