I got a neck loop! [Music: Holiday Brass Ensemble] Hello! So today I had a migraine. My brain still doesn’t quite work, but I can see now
so that’s good. Sorry about the lighting in this video, because I didn’t expect it to
get dark at 2:30 in the afternoon. I got a neck loop! I am hard of hearing, and I have
hearing aids, and I have been exploring all of the tech options that come with hearing
aids, so I will leave a link up here to my uh, I did like a review of like ear hooks
for listening to music, and I mentioned I wanted to try a neck loop. So I got one. Here
are my thoughts. How it works is I have my hearing aids in- well, I should, I don’t right
now because migraine, uh. But yeah, I put my hearing aids in, and then I switch it to
the t-loop setting and that’s how this works. It works through the t setting. My brain is
mush, just go with it please. It transmits music straight into my hearing aids which
sort of adjust it to my hearing loss, kind of, and it’s good as a concept. Ear hooks
are great, again, there’s that previous video explaining it and I’ll put it down in the
description below so you can watch this first. I got my neck loop and I like it. I don’t
love it, but I like it. It cost me about £15 with a little bit of postage but not that
much, and it came the next day. Totally worth it. I already had the adaptor thing for my
phone, so I could plug it in, because obviously there is no headphone jack because why would
there be? So I was using it with Spotify on my phone and I found that there was quite
a lot of interference and it was made worse by literally everything, and it was like listening
to a really badly tuned radio, and the- the bass of any song, even soft stuff like Dodie-
I don’t know if you listen to Dodie but she’s quite- her music’s really soft and there wasn’t
any need for the sound quality to be as bad as it was because they’re not bassy songs
but it sounded like it. And I was like “nope, this is terrible” but then my adaptor for
my phone broke. So instead, I started using my old school MP3 player. Not even an iPod.
Suddenly everything was crystal clear. I don’t really know why, but playing music through
my neck loop on this… Super clear, excellent sound quality, doesn’t get that much interference.
There are definitely pros and cons to having a neck loop. It’s much less fiddly than the
ear hooks, especially with my Vogmask on which attaches around my ears and pulls them- not
pulls them forward but it does tug a little bit, it changes the way my ears sit. And then
having glasses on, and hearing aids, and then hearing hooks- ear- and then hearing aid hooks
or ear hooks, whatever you want to call them. Having the hooks on as well was a lot, and
getting them to stay in a position that gave me the best sound quality very difficult.
I either had to have a hat or I had to have ear muffs or I had to have something just
pressing everything close to my head. So that I could hear it and have good sound quality.
So this gives me a little bit more freedom and it’s like one less thing to go on my ears,
it’s literally just put it over- put it over your neck like that, and change the setting
on the hearing aids, and it’s good to go. Another pro is it’s quite cheap. Not really
much else to say about that, it’s just quite cheap. (oops) Another pro, I guess a pro-
not really something I’m concerned with, but you can wear it under clothes if you want
it to be any more discreet than it already is kind of. Uh, it still works, and it still
transmits pretty well through under t shirts and jumpers and whatever you want to wear
it under, whereas the ear hooks, they do have wires that go all the way up to your ears,
but I suppose if you had the right hairstyle you could obviously cover it up and pretend
that they’re regular old ear phones instead of hearing aid hooks. I don’t know. Cons would
be that it doesn’t really work with my phone very well. There is a lot of interference
to the point where if I’m on a bus listening to music through my phone, I can almost hear
nothing, which isn’t what I’m trying to go for. Another con is if you want to get decent
sound quality you do have to listen to something on something else other than a phone, I think.
Another con I found out yesterday was so many places advertise or have signs up saying “hello,
we have an induction loop, we have a t-loop, just here you go” but it doesn’t work. And
more than it not working it screams at you. Like I was on a lot of trains yesterday. Yesterday
was a day, hence why I have a migraine today, but I was on a train and every single time
the train used its brakes the hearing loop screamed. I don’t need any help being more
deaf or more hard of hearing- harder of hearing? than I already am. Why would you not fix your
t-loop. And I have tweeted these companies as well, they don’t care. They literally don’t
care at all. They don’t acknowledge the tweets, they don’t say “Oh hello, sorry”, nothing,
because I don’t know, I guess deaf people just don’t rate in their accessibility but
accessibility and train stations is a whole other story. We’l talk about it another day.
It also works well for editing, but getting the sound levels right for this I have to
hold it right next to my ear. I don’t know if that’s a pro or a con. Unlike the ear hooks
it doesn’t come with an option for if you only use a hearing aid on one side. This kind
of assumes that it’s both because the ear hooks have one where you can have one ear
hook and one like regular head phone that goes like into your ear, but obviously this
doesn’t. You need your hearing aids to be able to use this so, there’s that. Do I prefer
my neck loop or my hearing aid hooks? I kind of prefer the neck loop. Just because it gives
me a bit more freedom to move my head like this, but honestly both are great, and I feel
like this is a little more robust. It doesn’t get caught on as many things as my ear hooks
do, uh so far both of them still work, I haven’t broken either of them yet so I- I guess I’ll
let you know when that happens, or if that happens. I will put a link to this down in
the description. Don’t forget to like this video if that has been in any way helpful
or just interesting for you. Drop a comment down below if you’ve tried either the neck
loop or hearing aid hooks. What do you think? What are your thoughts? Do you have a preference?
I want to know. Have I missed any of the pros and cons? Just let me know. Subscribe to my
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  1. Is your hearing loss from your EDS? Or is your hearing loss from something totally different, I heard EDS can cause hearing problems or total loss.

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