Introducing my new heart cable knit
scarf pattern! Hello, I’m Kristen and welcome back to my channel
STUDIO KNIT. My cable heart stitch pattern is really popular with you so I
thought you’d enjoy a project pattern using this stitch and it’s just in time
for Valentine’s Day we’re knitting with super bulky yarn and large needles so
this project knits up quickly and looks really impressive the finished size of
our scarf is 7 inches wide and then I knitted mine about 72 inches in length
so I did 12 hearts until I reached the middle and then I did another 12 heart
so you can totally customize the length of your scarf if you like this knitting
project and would like to see more please like up this video it really
helps me out to knit this scarf you will definitely need to get the
written pattern so I have it totally for free over on my website I also have
instructions on how to get the printable pattern on my website as well you’ll see
that I use a color-coded system both in the written and the chart patterns which
help you easily discern those six different cable stitches at a glance
knitters have told me that they love it and I really hope that it helps you too
for our materials we are using super bulky weight yarn that’s number six you
can do it in any fiber color of your choice I have links down in the
description below our knitting needles are size 11 which is 8 millimeter they
are just straight needles and you’ll want to have them at least 10 inches in
length or longer you’ll also want a cable needle scissors and a tapestry
needle oh and I’m also using blocking mats which really help make the design
lie flat and look beautiful I wanted to point out that it is not a reversible
pattern because the heart design only on the right side of your work however
on the wrong side it looks really pretty too there’s this nice smooth stockinette
design so if your scarf flips over it will also look beautiful on the wrong
side so just a little overview this pattern has 24 stitches that we cast on
and we start with just two rows of the garter stitch so you knit all the way up
until the mid point of your scarf however long you’d like it to be and
then it’s time to switch to section 3 which is knitting those heart pattern
repeats in the opposite direction and then once you’re done section 4 has a
row of cabling knits and pearls and then two rows of that garter stitch and you
simply bind off after cutting my yarn and weaving in all my ends I like to
block it to shape and these mats are great because they’re interlocking so
for a long piece like this I can continually block the entire scarf for
this long long length and I just first got it wet pinned it down and allowed it
to dry naturally for 24 hours now the edges were curling up just a little bit
too much for me so I finished it off by doing a little light steaming just on
the edges using a wet towel and my iron you also can add yarn fringe that’s
totally optional it looks great either way I added about 7 inches of yarn
fringe so you can do it however you’d like I did three strands and just using
my fingers I pulled it through the back of my work and then looped it on through
tied it off and once I had all of the yarn fringe on one edge I went ahead and
cut everything so that they were uniformly at the same length so you’ll need the pattern as I
mentioned here it begins with some knits and pearls and I’m going to be
demonstrating the cable stitches so that as you go along if you have any
questions on exactly what to do you can refer to this video at any time so the
first one we encounter is c4b that means that we take our cable needle
we take two stitches and we take it to the back our cable needle is in the back
and then it’s k2 from our main needle so holding that cable needle in the back we
are going to knit two stitches from our main knitting needle pretending like
that cable needles not even there and now we switch and from the cable
needle we are going to knit two stitches and if cabling is new to you this might
be a little bit of a challenge but I know you’re totally up for it just
systematically go through the pattern stitch by stitch and you will see you’re
pretty hard emerge it’s really cool now the next one is C for F that means that
we’re holding the cable needle to the front so we take those two stitches we
hold the cable needle to the front we pretend like it’s not even there as we
knit two stitches from our main knitting needle and then we take the cable needle
and sometimes it’s a little bit of a stretch and you knit two stitches
directly off your cable needle and then you just continue on with the knits and
pearls in the pattern here is how it’s shaping up this is our even row I just
wanted to point out that the even rows are knitting the knits and purling the
pearls if that’s something that you’re familiar with but it’s great you can
just go ahead and you don’t have to refer to the pattern you can easily knit
those knit stitches and right there you see those little pearl stitches
and you just go along on all of the even rows knitting minutes and purling the
pearls okay our third cable stitch that we encounter in the pattern is cr4 B
okay so that means cable right for back so taking two stitches and holding the
cable needle to the back and then because we are knitting we need to bring
that yarn through the back and off of our main knitting needle we are going to
knit two stitches right here from our main knitting needle and once we’ve
completed that we take our cable needle and we’re going to be purling two
stitches from the cable needle so we’ll bring our yarn to the front and this is
another one that requires a little bit of a stretch it can be a little bit of a
tight squeeze but you are in control of the yarn you
will make it happen and you just purl those two stitches right there off of
your cable needle okay we’re halfway there our fourth
cable needle it’s C outlaw rep so we’re taking the cable and we’re holding it to
the front and we’re going to be purling two stitches off of our main knitting
needles to begin with and then we bring our yarn to the back
because we are taking our cable needle and we are going to knit two stitches
from the cable needle and let’s take a minute to admire our work now already
after just three rows of our cable stitch our heart is starting to emerge
it’s the bottom part of the heart and let’s keep going so our fifth cable
stitch is cr3 back so we are taking just one stitched on our cable needle and
holding it to the back and then we are knitting two stitches right here from
our main needle and then we’re gonna finish it up with that one stitch from
the cable needle we take our yarn of course we need to
bring it to the front because this is a purl stitch and we purl it once right
here off of our cable needle again that’s another little tight squeeze to
accomplish that stitch and I want to show you right here in the middle you
know there’s that pretty little cable that runs up the middle of the hearts
and this is a stitch that we’ve already done but I just want to point out that
we are doing this twice to accomplish that and the first time is here on row
five okay final cable stitch to review so it is CR three F that is holding two
stitches on our cable needle in the front and then it’s just one purl stitch
off of our main needle right here and we’re going to bring our yarn around to
the back because we finish it up with the cable needle and it’s two stitches
off the cable needle this one’s a little bit of a stretch it’s not too tight so I
hope you are inspired to create this beautiful texture of interlocking hearts
for your next gift filled with love please check out my other beautiful
knitting designs and I will see you next time. BYE!

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  1. I used this cable pattern to make a scarf like this for my mother last year, she loved it!!! Can’t use it that often cause we live in Texas, but it sure looked pretty!

  2. I think that if people thumb-down a video, they should be forced to leave a reason why. This is a fantastic video and pattern. Thank you.

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