100 thoughts on “Heck: A ‘Painful Irony’ Trump Pardons War Criminals And Demeans Vindman | NBC News”

  1. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2017/01/19/obama-grants-330-more-commutations-bringing-total-record-1715/96791186/

  2. Lying fake news media and the Liberal Dems are treasonous corrupt crooks to Global Oligarchs worst than Ukraine. And should be tried for treason, corrupt lying Dems are “Not Above the Law”.

  3. How many blonde women, children, men and oldster humans did your Jewish NKVD general ancestor murder in the Holodomor in Ukraine, Jewish Vindman?

  4. Denny Heck spins some nice propaganda here. Bravo. Someone getting injured in combat doesn't make a saint or even a patriot. If it did then we could just create patriots and saints and all our leadership choices would be so easy.

  5. Gotta love how military is all of a sudden okay to Democrats.
    Look back to what they've called various military personnel that worked with president trump.

  6. Who is the war criminals? The seal? The green beret? They got more patriot in their little toe than this vindman fool could produce in a million years. Any congressman who would say such garbage should be censured and removed

  7. This man glasses are telling him what to say disgrace to us real Conrad’s which you are not to us USA Marine Corp Trump 2020

  8. War criminals, you hero's right COMMRADS, NBC must work for China and Russia now because they shame heroes that fought enemies and lord a man who just rents a uniform.

  9. Obama let out drug dealers, people busted with 50lbs of Coke, fun like that , he promoted perversion and started the be a transgender” we’ll pay. These are the snakes of Barack.

  10. Top military officials didn’t want Trump to Pardon those guys. There’s a reason the military has a separate judicial system , but Trump and his cult followers don’t respect that.

  11. Wasn’t that supposed to be phrased in the form of a question?
    I wonder what they will try to impeach him for next, ‘cause this ain’t workin’ lol!

  12. What about Joe Biden and his son making all that money from Ukraine ?
    And there is a video Joe Biden telling you ( he threaten to hold a billion dollars if the prosecutor didn't get fired in Ukraine and go ahead and call Barack Obama and see if you still get the money! ) that needs some serious thoughts and looking into !

  13. Is NBC News American! This vindman.. wounding or military service has no bearing on the judgement of what he says or how he acts. Democrats’ logic would be….let your daughter marry a military veteran …no matter what kind of guy he is!!! You guys are dangerous and misguided. Amarica deserves better. Vindman shows insubordination to the president of the United States! and frankly more allegiance to Ukraine! Where HE WAS BORN!! Did you report that fact nbc? And, Ukraine wanted him to be THEIR Defense Minister!! Did you report that? Seriously democrats, we had to put up with obama for 8 years. You doing this tantrum against President trump is UNACCEPTABLE AND UNAMERICAN! You should be ashamed. I bet you cheat at checkers too? Just want what you want. So spoiled and immature. Grow up democrats.

  14. UNDER OATH MEANS NOTHING TOO THESE PEOPLE THEY ARE TRAINED IN HOW TO LIE!!! REMEMBER HILLARY AND HER “BRAIN TUMOR” all she said was “I don’t recall” “i don’t know” “i don’t think so”

  15. Being in the military doesn’t shield you from scrutiny. Vindman is no exception, even his superiors said he has bad judgement.

  16. I don't care about his millitary record, he's snitching out his commander-in- cheif , this scum bag need to take that uniform off and find that bomb that missed his so it can finish the job it failed at. This soldier is scum

  17. Jesus you Trump lovers will literally stare at the evidence and deny til your dying breath. Every other normal person already sees what went on

  18. nice clip nbcnews 😂🤣😅 I sustained injuries from an attack yet I return to duty that same very day.. so you didn't sustain any injuries so you weren't close enough.. sounds like BS. This guy is a phony #magaveteran

  19. Is this guy trying to get an oscar? He sure has a lot of feelings doesn't he? Wait, aren't they supposed to be dealing in facts?

  20. Interesting that why Ukraine offered Vidman job not once but 3 times??? If he will strictly cut them off in the first place they will not offer him two more times. Iffy guy. No wonder why his boss and prior boss and co- workers questioned his credibility. Even more, Vidman fool himself by tell them world that he is smarter than many others.

  21. They sit behind a desk like a coward and ask these men & women to protect and serve this country then want to lock them up when they do their jobs.you people are sick in the head.

  22. Did this asshat really just claim that Dumbocrats represent the Constitution!? They've done nothing but attack our Constitutional beliefs since I've been of age to vote, and I'm 43! Also, WTF are you calling a war criminal!? Getting a pardon means that he is, in fact, NOT a war criminal. Plus, a general that was on the call said he found nothing wrong with the call. are you going to talk about his service and dedication, or will you be slandering him next? I will NEVER vote Demonrat again in my life! I don't care if they run Jesus against Satan, I'm just going to presume that Jesus is an imposter, since the real Jesus would NEVER back a party that stands for over 60 million murdered babies.

  23. NBC fake news alert! This is how real news and real whistle blowers look https://youtu.be/XT7dKD62ap0

    Now you’re a little less dumb!

  24. Trump got called out for witness intimidation with his personal Twitter account, so now the intimidation comes from the official White House account. Good lord, enough is enough. Pardoning war criminals and smearing war heroes, starting with John McCain and now LtC Vindman. It won't end until Trump is gone. The Republican Party always claimed to be the party of patriots, the party of military pride, the party of law and order. Now it's the party of cowards and criminals.

  25. “The Obama administration has presided over the most draconian crackdown on national security and intelligence community whistleblowers in US history,” said Jesselyn Radack, a whistleblower herself and a national security attorney, at an event last February in Washington, D.C. to support the imprisoned whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling, a lawyer and former CIA employee. “The Justice Department has used the antiquated Espionage Act as a bludgeon to threaten, intimidate, silence and imprison whistleblowers for allegedly mishandling classified information.”

  26. Gallagher is a war hero being smeared by anonymous “whistleblowers.”

    Sounds familiar. 🤔
    I sure hope the Dems are forced to eat crow.

  27. What did you expect from baby hitler criminal himself. Of course a criminal pardons a criminal. Either way it doesnt matter much they'll both still burn.

  28. ***Retired Army Officer Remembers Lt. Col. Vindman as Partisan Democrat Who Ridiculed America****

  29. This Democrat is always trying to stroke the witness's Egos and talked about their history and their parents to get them to say what he wants.

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