everybody this is Jeffrey Munson with
local business Reno and we are here today with dr. bill at the Clearfield
Medical Group and today with our health and wellness tip of the day
Reno Nevada and Carson City and Sparks and all the other cities around so dr.
bill how about fallen and Yerrington and dr. bill here is awesome and he’s just really he
asked me if he could give these tips to people and and today we’re talking about
we did the libido for the guys and now we’re going to take care of the girls
because we don’t want to leave them yes oh hey girls especially since if we do
ours and we leave the girls out we’re going to be hanging out girl you
can’t watch the guys one because it will give all your secrets but the guys you
want to watch this one alright so talk you know they’re going to watch that
what’s your hang a piece of red meat out so as everybody knows by now our
practice is heavy it’s heavily and uses acupuncture which is putting needles in
different places to affect nerves to create changes in the body now you’re
not an acupuncturist. yes I am you’re a medical doctor medical
doctor that has an acupuncture I have been practicing any function for 29
years so are you are your medical acupuncturist. I am a medical acupuncturist. You are, okay. It’s kind of our official term.
so just so now I’ll let you know I was the fourth licensed acupuncturist of the
state of Pennsylvania. There we go good thing we’re in Reno Nevada. We are now.
okay so for the girls for your libido see I said it again I brought it
up okay okay so we’re going to use three points three points two are on the
leg two of them are actually on the lower leg okay the first one Jeffrey’s
going to use any many girls with us today but you’re like oh my leg I’d didn’r
shaved my leg so nothin so good that’s okay are you going to take your hand work
four finger press you’re going to find your ankle bone right here you’re going to
put your pinky right on the the ankle bone right in the center of
the leg right there where that falls on I feel so feminine we’re
gonna you know we’re going to get calls about their spleens six turn and tune
with my feminine side I’m a dancer if you’re somebody else
alright so spleen six we’re going to do that on both sides okay okay and that’s
going to call up your ancestral energy okay so it’s the pinky of the ankle it’s
that it’s yes this is called the medial malleolus at medical doctor world so
that the bone of the ankle here on the inside forefinger pressed all your
fingers right in the center right there and it should feel a little bit sore at
tender yeah if it doesn’t you just move it around a little, Is that my ovaries?
you’ll find it is your ovaries awesome so what do this do? was it
brings up your ancestral energy increases your keep me hello increases
like like a viagra for women in that natural way out there you go natural
there we go see you next on money I got only one wait we have to okay now you
remember for the guy so in the hand same thing for the ladies right at the center
of the palm right here wrist crease right where the where the palm means
right there okay but for the guys remember we had a push kind of hard
we’re rough until they’re a little bit rough for the gals we just want to kind
of rub it nice and soft. okay right and just rub it back and forth lightly to go and
again it brings up man the girls you know you’re they’re girls have the good
stuff the girls a piece of stuff. we love you girls ladies so just cut it just do
by the way guys if you’re watching this which you should be make that is in very
erogenous yes if it was a girl have the girl in you you you you can make some
time there absolutely.thank cool all right the ones on the leg a little bit harder
yes sir – or maybe the third one is also on the leg you’re going to put your hand
on her kneecap okay drop your middle finger as
as far as it goes you’re going to go down three notches one two three and then one over you’re going to feel that there yeah so okay so let’s be sure that’s one camera
shot ok so we’re going to go put your put your hand on that one or kneecap on
the outside of the bone if you go down you’re going to feel a couple of not
just hit at two three and then you’re going to go over a little bit and then
write about how to write like the entik swing this intern and you’re going to
feel that today right yeah so remember go the center the center of the inside
of the leg and technically the same that you have enough it’ll be that that is
good not going to turn her on guys that’s kind of helped her libido to lady
if you’re having any challenges because ladies do denote something oh well maybe
draw the ladies have the same issues right days have a penis use guy hello
guys good little things they do you know yeah you know it’s a common issue
unfortunately nowadays it’s I’m glad it’s not me well it’s out of the open
yeah they always there yeah so so those three things real quick three things
again so the first one was one way is medial
malleolus forefinger breasts center of the inside of the leg
okay I’ll cook outer part of the knee three notches down and over the center
of the outer part of the leg okay that’s stomach 41 if you want to look it up in
your book it’ll be here right at the center of the meat right here but rub it
lightly we don’t want to lean on one up at the end you’re going to end up being
sore if we if we wrote it you are so nice ro bit late so so you’re so girls
if you’re having trouble then you just can’t really understand it you could
call duct bill right call generally could help you if you need to show it so
you could be showing yeah it’s not you know giving me things I we’ve been
together oh my god sinuses or whatever it means I look at any fixes he shows me
the little tricks these tricks help these tricks help so use them and tell
your boyfriend just see once in a while oh all right that anything else I think
that’s it I think it is that was awesome so
anyways this has been with local business Marino and dr. bill
Clearfield Medical Group you know if you like the videos you know give us some
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so can anything else so we will see you again with some more tips and guys be a
good human and have a wonderful wonderful day
bill alright buddy awesome that’s a great

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