A lot of people find Amethyst works very well for that – I personally don’t. I find that Amethyst
amplifies it a little bit too much. When I have a headache or migraine I like to use a Smoky Quartz wand and make small counter clockwise circles, and hold that excess energy out. Because
most of the time what that headache or migraine is is too much energy up
toward the head. You can also use something like an egg, especially black Obsidian
works well to just sort of rub through your aura and pull the energy out. And again, you have to do this with intention. Or you might find something
like a good grounding stone, and visualizing that energy coming down out of
your head, removing that excess or unwanted energy. But some people find again that Amethyst amplifies things, makes it worse, but it is
a common suggestion. But a good pair of grounding stones placed
underneath the soles of your feet can work really well. So something like
petrified wood or Red Jasper or Black Tourmaline. And then what you want to do after you’ve placed those stones is intend and visualize that any unwanted or excess energy in your
head be drawn down through your body and
out of your feet. Now you don’t just want to take excess or negative energy out of your
body and send it out into the universe. You want to hold the intention that that energy, once it leaves your body, be transmuted or transformed into
something positive. Because I know a lot of people send it to the Earth or
something like that, but we don’t want to just send all of our
garbage into the Earth, right? I mean littering energetically is kind of like
littering physically. So we just want to make sure that our intention is that it’s transmuted into positive
energy. It’s good to have a visualization to accompany this, so something like a
bright white light or a rainbow or a waterfall – something like that. It just transmutes the
negative energy into something positive. And I really find that that’s what works
best for me personally.

6 thoughts on “Helping Relieve Headaches & Migraines with Healing Crystals (January 23, 2013)”

  1. I really don't use Amethyst yet. I'm not sure the stone is ready for me but I have one. My clear quartz point is very effective in clearing up headaches. I'm a newbie of a few weeks but I intuitively felt that I should use it in a way similar to what you described!

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