So what are hemorrhoids and how do you
get rid of them? I’m going to tell you all of this and more in this week’s
video now believe it or not hemorrhoids are actually an important structure that
sit in the anus and prevent leakage so in their normal state we all have them
hemorrhoids as a condition though are very common and it’s suspected that over
80% of people have suffered from them now the symptoms do vary from patient to
patient the most common symptom is fresh bright red blood past after a bowel
motion and itchiness around the anus caused by mucous from the hemorrhoid the
third symptom is where the hemorrhoid prolapses so it gets larger and can fall
out of the anus and it looks like a bunch of cherries now after a bowel
motion it may go in by itself or the patient may have to push it back in
background done now let’s move on to prevention and treatment now the
long-term results of getting rid of hemorrhoids is heavily dependent on
preventative factors so you will have to make lifestyle changes to prevent it
from coming back so hemorrhoids are mainly caused by a
lack of fiber and as we get older we need more of it if you’re not getting
the fiber in your diet your stools are going to be harder they’re not going to
retain more fluid so you’re gonna be pushing and straining more to get them
out now this pushing and straining may cause inflammation of the blood vessels
in and around the anus which is known as hemorrhoids so your next question is how
do you increase your fibre? Well it’s quite simple eat foods that are rich in
fibre so for example eat more vegetables eat whole grain rice whole wheat bread
whole wheat pasta even baked beans they’re massively high in fiber what I
will also do is I’ll leave a full list in the description below for you to
check out and read for more information now the other preventative factors that
you can modify include drinking more water so six to eight glasses a day
drinking less caffeine and alcohol when you’ve got the urge to go to the toilet
go to the toilet don’t wait just go lose weight and exercise more often now I’ll leave
more information on all of these plus more in the description below for you as
well now there are some factors that you can’t change for example genetics
pregnancy but making changes to the factors that you can will help reduce
the risk of you developing hemorrhoids in the first place and also it’ll help
reduce the risk of them coming back now let’s talk a little about treatment now
there’s various different creams ointments suppositories that are all
available from your pharmacy without a prescription and it can help to reduce
the swelling and helped reduce discomfort now generally
speaking there’s always two things I look out for in these preparations a
local anaesthetic which is going to help numb the area so you don’t feel as much
pain for example lidocaine and also a steroid which is going to help reduce
the swelling like hydrocortisone for example but always make sure you speak
to your pharmacist first before you purchase any of these so they can make
sure it’s suitable and safe for you to use they can also give you some really
helpful tips that you might not be aware of it’s also important to remember these
treatments should only be used for five to seven days and also when you use it
make sure you apply it after you’ve emptied your bowels that way you’ll stay
in the right area for longer and it’ll have a better effect
now treatment should be combined with the lifestyle changes we mentioned
earlier if you’re still in pain however speak to your pharmacist about taking
paracetamol in addition to these and also I would advise everyone not to take
non-steroidal anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen as this can actually make the
bleeding worse now constipation can make the pain worse and some medicines can
actually cause constipation which is going to make your pain worse so for
example codeine codeine causes constipation so I wouldn’t advise you
taking it the hemorrhoid pain if you still need something to help loosen the
stools laxatives are an option and I did make a video not long ago about
constipation and laxatives I’ll leave a link up here and in the description
below for you and as always with all medication always read the information
leaflet and speak to your pharmacist to make sure that you’re safe and suitable to take it
I really hope my tips help you in this video but please remember if your hemorrhoids don’t go away after five to seven days you’re in a lot of pain they keep
reoccurring or you’re pregnant then you will need to speak to your doctor I’ve
also left more useful information about hemorrhoids that I’d recommend everyone
to read in the description below see you next week mainly caused by a lack of fibre
and as we get older we need more fibre if you’re not having enough fibre I’ve
said fibre like five times now fibre fibre fibre (LAUGHTER) six to eight glasses a
day cutting down your caffeine and alcohol intake I can’t remember the rest
this is a really big list (LAUGHTER) I’m gonna struggle with this drink more water cut down your
caffeine and alcohol intake hey guys thanks for watching this week’s video make sure to click that like follow or subscribe button now to stay up to date with new
weekly videos

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  1. Hi have talked to my doctor but he keeps saying there’s nothing he can do, what do you recommend now??

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  4. I have a hemorrhoid and I on occasion have to do a mineral oil enema. It normally helps after I have tried adding fiber, drinking more water, and eating healthy. Sometimes adding fiber or taking Metamucil doesn't help, at least in my experience.

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  8. Morning buddy. I've had it for three days now an I'm using Anusol ointment, but as yet it still hurts an keeps me awake. I've not been to my gp yet. Should i go, as i feel restless, an tired all the time. Thanks for any help.

  9. Hi can you please help, I think I have developed hemorrhoids over the week because I have had constipation problems and bloating as well but I tried a laxative tea called “smooth move” at night last Thursday and my stool started coming out liquidish the next morning I took prune juice and was going all day liquidish stool. The next day I only drank 6oz of prune juice to help me go and the day after I stopped taking everything all together to see if my system would get back on track (keep in mind tho that I started drinking lots of water and eating more fiber foods) by Monday I was taking type 6 stool by I could only go while squatting. Well that Monday It’ was around 10am-12pm I went to the bathroom and pooped a bit more out since the morning at 6am that day . That was the last time I pooped because after that last bathroom session I felt like I had to poop more but nothin would come out so I strained and couldn’t push anything out but it felt like I had something stuck there so I used a wipey and felt a bump on my anus (it was like a filled up water ballon, squishy, and bumpy) so I freaked out and took a pic and it sure looks like hemorrhoids. The day after I tried pooping again but didn’t strain to much and again felt like there was something there to poop but couldn’t push anything out so I decided to take a video and you can clearly see that whenever I strain to push the Anus clutches up and begin to turn purplish not allowing anything to pass by. IM SCARED SKMEONE PLEASE HELP

  10. Whatever the remedies you are talking about is only temporary treatment you couldn't get completely rid from this…..
    Tell me any permanent solution after which I can eat anything with out any fear…….

  11. I have internal and external hemorrhoids…
    The external hemorrhoids makes it near impossible to exercise as walking is extremely hard to do which makes it harder to pass stools as youve said exercise is important… ive had constipation for over 5 years ive always had troubles consuming liquid and im a sterotypical gamer so i dont really move around all that much, ive had internal hemorrhoids for about a year or 2 and ive had the external for about 5 days… the exteral was a massive wake up call for an extreme change in everything i do except for exercise as ive mentioned its impossible to do ive had multiple visits to a doctor about it so i know sort of what to do but this video helped alot
    The pain is the equilivent of having 1 papercut per second on your asshole
    Ive legit been only eating fruits vegetables and drinking only water, i just want it ober with so i can get back to normal life

  12. Piles

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    Vick’s is the answer to shrink them clogged blood

  14. if you want rid of piles, every morning before you drink or eat anything squeeze half a lime into a third of a cup of milk and drink it after about 7 days piles are gone its niot nice to drink as it curdles the milk but trust me it works. everyone i know who i have given this remedy too says it worked a treat everything can be healed naturally. throw those creams in the bin

  15. Must watch to recover your piles / bawaser treatment at home / Urdu

  16. Check out these simple home remedies for Hemorrhoids –

  17. thank you for sharing this valuable information. The video is full of knowledge that you need TO KNOW MORE CLICK HERE-

  18. This helped a lot. Believe it or not but I'm a kid and I have hemoroids. I'm so scared but this helped me a lot. Thank you!

  19. I do all of these tips and I still get them lol …. they don’t hurt they’re just ugly … they used to hurt though .

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  28. What does a "Mixed Mild Hemorrhoid-uncomplicated" mean? I had my PEME last week, and although I did passed it and I was cleared for everything, the doctor did leave a short note in regards to the anus-rectum section.

  29. I just pooped earlier it had blood after i cleaned my butt i checked there was no bleeding i think it came with blood is that hemorrhoid i also itch my butthole since it kinda wet

  30. I had a hemorrhoid come on fast and strong about 5 months ago. Didn't know what was going on till I searched the internet and YT. It was painful and didn't know what to do. Then about three days later, it all of a sudden felt a lot better. The next time I went to the bathroom, I realized that it had burst and blood everywhere. After 3 days it stopped bleeding and everything has been fine since. Keeping fingers crossed.

  31. Dear friends, piles or hemorrhoids takes lots of time to cure. First things you should do is to follow the instructions in the video that you saw. Second the most important one is, apply turmeric powder mix with coconut oil. Mixture should not be very thick. Now dip a small cotton ball into it and squeeze the excess oil. Thereafter keep the cotton ball on the outer layer of your anus and insert it half inch into the anus opening and keep it overnight. Keep doing this till you get complete relief. Lastly, believe me this work very well, the moment you apply the mixture the pain vanishes and after a couple of weeks later your problem will be solved. I have used this home remedies and it worked on me and it has no side effects as you are using natural ingredients. Good luck.

  32. A pain-free, itch-free life, what a difference lol. Melissa Thanderski's site could also help you, who knows?… just try searching for her and browse the first couple of paragraphs to see if it can something that will help you out as well.

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  34. I have them on the outside they are very painful ,
    even if I have diarrhea and my stool is stool they still hurt

  35. I am so scared to get constipated again because I have one right now and it hurts a lot, but what will happen if I have to poop? I feel like it’s gonna hurt a lot and I’m going to start bleeding again, and then I will have more hemorrhoids. I don’t know what should I do 😓😢

  36. Apply sudacream or any other type of nappy rash cream around the hemeroid and then push in oh and don't forget fibre fibre fibre

  37. a lump poking out and doesn't hurt but its irritative I think I have a hemorrhoid I was kinda scared I thought I had a tumour on my ass😂😅😅

  38. Hi! Glad to see your videos. I have a question that should people with haemorrhoids go to the gym? Hope to see your response!

  39. guy you will feel a hemorrhoid when you use a bathroom if they is pain when you poop just know it can be tear or hemorrhoid or just that fast food xd

  40. I when to hell after surgery them now is worse than before I have been bleeding for months and months I have a horrible anemia, my diet consists of salad veggies, and water milk kefir and at this moment I am really scare I bleed so much and I am just scared.


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