Did you know that ants leave a scent on their
path so that they can find their way back to the ant house? I’m Isabelle Simon, your
personal and workplace wellness consultant, and today we’re going to learn how to use
herbs to get rid of ants. This is a very simple step. Look in your kitchen cabinets. Open
it up and let’s try to find if you have any of these: peppermint, garlic cloves, red pepper,
chili pepper, black pepper, or cinnamon. If you have any of these or maybe even all of
the above, you are in luck. Ants hate that scent. It actually covers their own scent,
so they stay away from these. What you want to do, say you see some ants by your windowsill,
sprinkle any of these — a little bit — by your windowsill. You may want to also sprinkle,
let’s say you have black pepper, sprinkle black pepper around the foundation of your
house so that the ants won’t even come into your house in the first place. That disturbs
them — the scent is too strong. They don’t like it, so they will stay away from whatever
areas where you sprinkle any of those herbs. That is as simple as that. I’m Isabelle Simon,
your personal and workplace wellness consultant, and today, we just learned how to get rid
of ants using herbs.

4 thoughts on “Herbal Alternative Medicine : Using Herbs to Get Rid of Ants”

  1. THANKYOU soooo much! It sure is a LOT better than chemicals.
    Would you recommend peppermint oil for wood that is infested with ants for many years? Do you think that would work? I cannot tolerate pesticides. They'll kill me before they will kill the ants!

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