One question that I get asked a lot is whether
there is a particular formula that a person can take for colds and flu. Ultimately, it’s
always best if herbs are prescribed by a practitioner trained in Chinese medicine, acupuncture and
herbs, but there’s certain formulas that are pretty easy to take when we’re dealing with
a situational short term issue. So, unless you have a serious medical problem or are
on prescription medications, these are formulas that you can probably take on your own if
you’ve got a local outlet for these things. So for colds and flu, one of my favorite starting
points is gong mau ling wong. This is a very simple formula that can be used for pretty
much anything associated with colds and flu. When we start to get more focused on specific
symptoms, sore throat. What I like to talk about, swallowing razor blades, is a very
common problem. So trunjin pinalang is a commonly used formula. This is a tough one because
it’s pretty bitter tasting. So have your water handy when you swallow that. For the first
24-36 hours of a cold, one of our more famous formulas is yin chow jadeupian. These are
just small tablets that can be taken for that first “I think I’m catching something but
I’m not quite sure”. Somebody just sneezed near you and you want to take some precautions.
Even before airline travel. Another formula, it’s easier to get kids to take sometimes,
is banlangun chong chi. Which is actually in small individual serving packets. And these
are actually sugar extractions of the herb. So we add this to hot water and it makes it,
because it is sweet, it’s very easy for children to swallow sometimes. If you’re diabetic or
worried about blood sugar issues at all, I don’t recommend this. So, if you are dealing
with colds and flu, make sure that it’s safe for you. Ask a practitioner or just keep these
in your medicine cabinet so that they’re handy for when you need them.

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  1. I don't understand why you don't show a closeup of the bottle, and spell the name in the description of the video.

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