Hey guys. Mi Ann here, beauty writer here at Refinery29
and today I’m going to Dermalogica Soho which is a spa in New York to get a high frequency
treatment. It’s going to help with inflammation. It’s going to literally zap my zits and
help kill bacteria. It costs about 50 dollars for every twenty
minutes of getting the actual service. I am a little bit nervous just because it
is literal electricity going over my skin but, I’ve heard it’s pretty painless so,
I’m actually very excited to see if it helps with any of the acnes that I’ve got going
on today. It was founded in the 1800’s by Nikola Tesla
whose a well known scientist. He used it to help more with like infections
cause that was before we had antibiotics. A French biophysicist realized in 1892 actually,
um, that it had an antibacterial effect on the skin um, and would help um with like skin
infections. There’s two different types of gas in the
electrode. So there’s glass electrodes. The gas is vacuum sealed into the electrode
so, we put the electrode in the actual current and we turn it on. The gas ignites. There’s either neon gas or argon gas. Argon gas is going to glow more of like a
purple or a violet hue. Neon is going to be more orange. As far as our treatment goes, it’s fully
customized so we’ll focus on cleaning up the breakouts, the redness um, I’ll start
with the double cleanse routine. I’ll take a closer look at your skin and
then we’ll get started. Hormonal acne, as a teenager, does start in
the forehead and then it literally will slowly progress down so,
That’s exactly what happened. Adult acne is typically along the jawline. So, we’re going to start the high frequency
portion of the treatment okay? I’ll treat the whole face of course but
I’ll just focus like you’re saying down on the jawline. Here at Dermalogica we place gauze over the
skin before we apply the current. It just allows you to get more oxygen into
the skin because that’s what’s jumping from the high of frequency itself into the
skin. Oxygen is what’s killing the bacteria. With the gauze, you get even more oxygen. We call it like a spark gap so, it’s more
beneficial. It’s also easier to glide across the skin. Alright, how’s your skin feeling? It feels good. I feel so relaxed. I think I fell asleep for a good minute there. No worries and you’ll definitely see the
breakouts that you were worried about. They already look a little bit better actually
not as inflamed. That’s the goal. Yeah. I’ll tone your skin now, put on some moisturizer
and SPF and then you’ll be good to go. That was so cool. It definitely didn’t hurt at all which I
was kind of surprised by because I expected it to have a little bit more zapping or tingling
sensations. My acne has really subsided. Now it’s day three since I’ve had the
facial and it doesn’t hurt anymore. it’s not as red and inflamed. I’m actually really happy with the results. I would definitely go back again.

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  1. The estetician iis saying some really stupid shit! Tesla was an electophysicial and what he did with devices that worked the same was was to bubble ozone through oils – if interested, read about "Tesla ozone therapy" or "Tesla ozone therapy". Lying about history and science is a really crappy thing to do! On top of this, these devices can be purchased for about $100, and as far as I know, bactria wouldn't give a shit about being electricuted with a small current. Why would bacteria not care? There's a technique using STRONG current to make bacteria take up DNA (called electroporation), and they handle it quite well. So basically, these people are lying and making about $50 an hour doing so.

  2. I noticed that you wear foundation even though you still have acne… can you recommend any foundations for people that have oily skin that won't cause them to have more pimples

  3. You can buy one if these on amaZon for 50$ I bought one and have had it for over a year I use it 1 a week and helps a lot but more worth it at home!!

  4. They always do something like this in my facial package and the package itself just around $15. So why is this so expensive? or is it a different procedure?

  5. Hard to listen to the esthtician, very knowledgeable but needs to stop talking like a kardashian. Very annoying sound

  6. Nice to see one of my 7th grade students from Alameda is doing great things. Watching you from kuwait where our work/teach

  7. I've always had 1 of these in my house. Very inexpensive. Great for acne or lymphatic drainage which helps with wrinkles/folds/jowls.

  8. I'm in esthetics school, and the gauze are simply used to help the device move across the skin, that's really the only reason for them. If your doing this at home there's no need for a gauze, your still going to get the same effect. Just remember keep moving the device, don't keep it in one spot or it can cause hyper-pigmentation.

  9. There are 2 types of high frequency treatments: direct high frequency and indirect high frequency. The one shown in the video is direct, it's great for oily, congested and blemish prone skin. With indirect high frequency, the client holds the rod with the current and it is put through their body. The therapist then massages, allowing the current to go through them too. Indirect HF is better for dry/mature skin and is used in Vietnamese massage!

  10. I really like your speaking voice. It really bums me out when some of the people on youtube I want to watch have that high pitched, overly loud, I just drank 10 cups of expresso voice…do you know what I mean??? Well, anyway great voice…great video

  11. How is the esthetician wearing piercing if she's doing a high frequency facial when I was in school that's the first thing they tell us not to do, no jewelry on us or the client because we can be shocked

  12. Not sure how I feel about facials, they seem like it's not backed up by science and way too expensive. If you have insurance I rather just go to a dermatologist and save money.

  13. Do natural popular natural acne treatment like Fopobiacne Secrets really work and if so, how effective are they? We've noticed many amazing things about this popular natural acne treatment.

  14. There's this dermatologist clinic in Korea where they treat acne. They do facials there to eliminate the acne and moisturise and do that zapping thing so that there will be fewer acne.

  15. try the pink pearl salon facial but it is in the united arab emirates I hope u can go & try it because I hade it is amazing

  16. It's a bit weird that they call out the alleged beneficial properties argon has for skin when it literally never comes in contact with the skin as far as I can tell… It's just in the electrode

  17. How often should you get a high frequency treatment. I've been doing every night almost. Is that to often.

  18. AC current doesn't go though the body rather it goes across the surface and that is where cleaning happens , the strength of cleaning is equal to power applied , problem is its going to hurt if too much power is applied and we need it , to go around this i developed very high frequency cleaner , because frequency equals power as well , so to keep it painless but still apply power , i bring the frequency up , that is the basic form , but off course different frequency's work best for certain applications . Depending on the problem , its not one size fits all . But anyways , nice video

  19. In my country this is part of regualr facial and the whole treatment costs like 20-30 dollars.. they are ripping u off.. and this works just on disinfecting the skin and thats it..

  20. Argon and oxygen =ozone which is an antioxidant…..
    Argon is in the electrodes
    And an oxygen cream or gel is placed on to the skin the gauze are there to help increase oxygen and act as a slight protection…. the

  21. Lady already had beautiful blessed skin. . Treatment was not needed. . But damn human nature we always desire for more and more and more. 😀😁.

  22. Excellent review, I got my Device from www.skinn-store.com (it was affordable) and it’s been working very well. Getting good results from it. High frequency devices are the way to go!

  23. Hello everyone my this device order has come to me 4 days ago. Turned it on applied everything was ok. But today i second time turned in on little bit worked later that voice of device has gone and didn't feel electric on my face. I am so sad..😢😢😢😢. what is the problem of my device 😭😭😭😭😭 please help

  24. I hear many people keep on talking about Fopobiacne Secrets. But Im uncertain if it is good. Have you ever try this popular natural acne treatment?

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