(fun music) – I love it so far (laughs), I like it. – I literally couldn’t (laughs). (fun music) – What’s up, everybody? Welcome back to our channel. – I’m Shawn.
– And I’m Andrew. – And we’re The Easy Fam.
– What up? – Today, I have something
really fun planned for Andrew. I did this because pregnancy is no joke. It’s kind of awkward. Your body goes through so much craziness. Trying to get used to your new body is like a whole thing in itself. And the guy just kind of sits there and like watches it all
happen for nine months. So, before I show you this, please press the subscribe button. Turn on the notifications. Comment down below if for some miracle and reason YouTube gives
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– And comment there. It’s not as big as I would’ve liked it. But.
– What (laughs)? – I got Andrew– – Oh, my gosh.
– A belly. – Gross.
– I know. – It’s an innie too. – My belly does not feel like this. – It feels really soft and squishy. – Does it feel like mine? (fun music) – No, yours is way harder. Yours is way harder. – If you ladies have ever
used sticky boobs before, it’s literally like a giant sticky boob. So it’s silicone and you peal the back off and it’s super sticky so
he has to wear it all day. – That’s what we’re doing?
– Yeah. – Oh! – I’m gonna make you try on
some really tight clothes, work out, try to sleep. – You’re excited for this?
– Yeah. – All right, let’s do it. – Take your shirt off, baby. – Okay, get a slow mo clip of this. (slow music) I’m excited, I don’t
think it’ll be that bad. – Well, it’s not gonna be as bad as what we go through obviously. – Bro.
– Don’t touch it. Don’t touch it. – Why don’t we just do
it without the sticky? – Because that’s the best part. Pull these down a little bit. – How much? I don’t wanna flash the camera. Don’t rip all my hair off please. Oh, it’s cold! I love it so far, (laughs) I like it. I could get used to this. Babe, this is my new bod goals. – [Shawn] Bod goals? – Yeah, I think I gotta just
drink a little more beer. This is awesome. It feels amazing, I’m not gonna lie. This doesn’t feel like my body. Is that how yours feels,
like not your body? – Yes (laughs). – I just wanna do this all day. Now I get it. In all the pictures, you kind
of just wanna go like this. – See, and then it’s
the awkward thing like, you don’t know what to
do with your shorts. – So true, I mean, I get it now. – Do you put it under?
– Such a dilemma. – [Shawn] Or over. – Yeah, like that feels weird. This just doesn’t hang on, you know? Comment down below, whose
belly do you think is bigger? Mine or hers? All right, let’s do this thing. – All right. – I look pregnant, straight up. So what’s first on the itinerary here? Should we try sleeping first? – Yeah.
– Okay, I’m ready. – Okay.
– Let’s go. – [Shawn] So I need you to
pick up Nash’s stuffed animals. – Sorry to interrupt, Nash. Look how cute he looks. Okay, (laughs) hold on. There’s two ways to do this,
either balance or deep squat. That was good, that was good. – [Shawn] It was good. – Here you go, buddy. – Okay, next up. I sleep on my stomach naturally. And that has not worked out for me. So I need you to lay flat on your stomach. Try and get comfortable. – [Andrew] It’s so heavy. Actually it’s kind of relaxing. It neutralizes the spine, you know? – Well, you are squishing your baby. – [Andrew] Ah, it feels good. – I can’t. So the only options when you lay down are, you can go facedown. But you gotta prop up a leg to keep enough room for the baby. – Oh, and kind of push it on the side? – [Shawn] Uh-huh. – Okay (laughs). Okay, show me other techniques. – [Shawn] You gotta lay on your side. – It’s definitely harder when you got a center of gravity right in the middle. Okay, so this is how I would sleep. – (laughs) Yes. – Ew, it feels gross. – [Shawn] And then, you
gotta test this sucker out. – Ew, it’s weird, it
doesn’t feel like my body. (fun music) This thing is awesome. I’m in on this. Whoa, whoa, wait, I can
set my belly on there. – [Shawn] You’re supposed to have a wedge under your belly. – Ah, it feels so relaxing. (Shawn laughs)
I like this. – [Shawn] My go to these days, I don’t really like the pregnancy pillow. I do this. – Okay (laughs). – Get a leg under. – (laughs) And why do you
have the one on your back? – You’re not supposed
to sleep on your back. – Oh, so it prevents you from rolling. – So if I roll over. – Why can’t you sleep? So many rules. I feel like we may do a video on all the things you should or shouldn’t do. – There’s a major artery
that the baby can press on if you lay on your back. I think it’s called the vena cava. It cuts off blood flow. – Very scientific. All right, let’s practice getting up out of bed the way you do it. Okay, so what are we doing? – Arms up. – We’re just kind of flailing? – (laughs) Yeah. – Okay.
– Focus. If this were real, your abs wouldn’t work. – Look at this thing (laughs). – I need some sort of machine that deactivates your abdominal muscles. – Contraction simulator, bring it back. – (laughs) Okay, ready? – All right, so what are we doing? Arms up and just throw ’em? – Yeah, ready? – One, two, three. Okay (laughs).
– Was it hard? – It’s definitely way different. All I wanna do is just rub this thing. – Try this, lay back. – I legit feel like pregnant. (laughs)
This sucks. – Yeah, you gotta spread your legs. You need room for the belly to go. Okay, lay back.
– Okay. – I was at acupuncture
last night, legs up. No, more.
– Come on. – Now try to sit up. – Zero chance.
(laughs) Really (grunts). – I literally couldn’t (laughs). (Andrew laughs) I couldn’t do it. – Why was he mean like that? That’s so horrible. – It wasn’t, he helped me out. – [Andrew] (grunts) All right, let’s go. – Yeah, the technique is,
you definitely gotta roll. – You know what we should
do for pregnant for a day? Is I should eat like a
pregnant lady for one day. Just eat all the time, that
sounds like a good plan. – I don’t eat all the time. I have a hard time eating. – Carbs, carbs, carbs, whatever I want. – [Shawn] That’s the first trimester. – If I’m pregnant for a day, you gotta fulfill my every wish. If I want Chick-fil-A, you
gotta go get it for me. – No, you need to find
yourself a husband for that. We’re both pregnant today. – Okay, okay, what’s next? – Figure out the pose. – Oh, gosh, yeah, this is very important. Shawn’s been doing this in every picture, and I don’t know why. Why do you do that? – Because if you have like
an outfit, it goes like this. – [Andrew] Yeah? – And then, you just kind of look large. So then, you gotta cup so people know. – So it’s more like a signal, like I’m not actually overweight. – And it’s also like a pride thing. Like, you’re just like. – But, you know how like
sometimes it’s annoying? – Rude. – Why did they make this
an innie and not an outie? – Actually, mine will become an outie. – It will?
– Yeah. When it gets big enough, it’ll go pop. – I kind of like outies,
you know what I’m saying? – That was really weird. – I don’t know (laughs). So here’s the pose. Right here, just cup it like a football. – You gotta have one like on
top and one like way under. You’re like squishing though. Don’t squish them. – [Andrew] That’s what you want me to do? – No.
– Okay, got the pose down. I feel good about that. Wait, boys sit high or low? ‘Cause this sits low. – They say boys sit low. – So this would be a boy, right? – Yeah, should we try working out? – Okay.
– Okay. The basic moves I really
struggle with these days. Start with just a burpee. – First of all, burpees
are awful by themselves. – Hand release burpees. Well, try the regular, being very gentle. And I’ll show you how I do it. (fun music) – It’s gotta be like this, right? I don’t know, I don’t know how you do it. – No, you try to do it naturally. – [Andrew] Just normal? – [Shawn] Yeah. – Ah, God, I hate bending over (grunts). Okay, you gotta go wide legs. – [Shawn] Why are your legs wide? – Yeah, you gotta go wide in the legs. – So, the way that I had to do it. – Shawn’s been very creative
with her working out. – So you have to find a ledge. And my chest has gone up,
so my belly can hang on. – Oh, kind of create a little space? – Yeah. (both chuckling) – But still, you gotta go wide legs. Oh, yeah, that’s way better. That’s smart, babe. Whoa, smart. Do you do any core work? – You can do core work. But here’s the first one. You’re on all fours. (Andrew groans)
(Shawn laughs) – It just feels like my
back is just arching. Is that what yours feels like? – Yeah, all you do is breathe out. When you breath in, suck in
your stomach and your abs like your spine as much
as you can so (inhales). And hold it. And you hold it for
like as long as you can. And you just do sets of that. (fun music) – Do pregnant people
have low back problems? – [Shawn] Yeah. – [Andrew] I feel like them, I get it. – And then, I do bird dogs a lot. Which are like these things. But like sit ups and
stuff, you really can’t do. You’re not supposed to. – It literally throws off your whole balance with this thing. – Okay, next time, go grab a weight. – I don’t feel like an athlete. – I hear everyone say you can’t lift heavy when you’re pregnant. If you lifted heavy
before you were pregnant, you can lift heavy. – Pro tips from SJ. – And you do front elbow squats. (fun music) – The bottom, it just
pushes against everything. (Shawn laughs) The core feels way different
and the bottom of it does. Let me see you do a double squat. Soccer ball? – [Shawn] Yeah. – All right, show the pros. – You gotta spread real wide. – Her squat’s still way
better than mine is. – Do it, try to do a legs together squat. (fun music) – Oh, right there, that’s all I got. – Yeah.
(Andrew laughs) Okay, now try rowing. – It’s gotta feel weird
having been so mobile, having such high flexibility
in your core your whole life. – Well, that’s the weird part. Like with gymnastics,
mobility is like key. So the days where I would even show up to practice like bloated and feel a little bit
immobilized, was like a nightmare. This isn’t a nightmare, this is awesome. But also like– – Changes the game. I get, more than anything, why the hand’s always on the stomach now. – Yeah.
– I get that. – ‘Cause that’s usually
a good resting place. – Shawn sits like this
sometimes, it’s pretty cute. (groans) Sitting down. – [Shawn] (laughs) Yeah, try some first. – [Andrew] I can’t. – [Shawn] You gotta try it. – Ah, it feels like
everything’s mashing up. The baby’s not doing well in there. Ah, that’s what feels right. – [Shawn] Yep (chuckles). – Get your toes out, knees wide. – Yep (laughs). That was when I first
noticed it, was rowing. I was like, this is weird. It was like eh. – We worked out this morning. And Shawn was an absolute champ. You’ve been really good about it. – Thanks, it’s been awesome. Try the toes to bar. – Oh, gosh. – (laughs) I do not recommend
this for pregnant women. – Do not try this at home. I legit don’t know if I’ll
be able to (laughing). Wide legs everything is
what makes it feel better. – Right now, I should
probably not do toes to bar. – Yeah, do you run? Do you like to run, or
do you mostly a walk? – You can run, but it feels weird. – We’re gonna bypass that one. – Running feels really weird ’cause like you have so much pressure sitting on like your bladder. I feel like I’m gonna pee myself. – Really?
– Yeah. It’s like having a weight
just sit way down there. And every time you run,
it’s like ta, ta, ta. – It doesn’t sound nice.
– Yeah, no. – [Andrew] I see you’ve
walk up the stairs plenty. What’s the way you do it? – [Shawn] I walk up sideways now. Outside of the belly. – [Andrew] Like this? – [Shawn] (laughs) Like that. – Also, I just wanna hold it up. And support it so it
feels like less weight. That’s how you do it. I’m out of breath.
– No. – You are, you’re out of breath. – I was gonna say. You get really winded really
easy walking up the stairs. So run the stairs three times. – No. – And we’ll have a conversation. – No, no (laughs). – Go.
– No (laughs). I didn’t sign up for this. – This is pregnant for a day. – No, you don’t run up the stairs. I’ve never seen you run up the stairs. – [Shawn] That’s what it feels like. – [Andrew] I’ll do it twice. – [Shawn] It feels like
walking up the stairs once. (Andrew groaning) – Hold the belly, hold the belly. Hold the belly. Yours doesn’t jiggle (panting). Broke a sweat, that sucked, okay, okay. – Okay, now we’re even. – Ah, it burns. – Wait, are you too tired? Should you take a nap real quick? – Yeah, (chuckles) yeah. That would be my favorite part
about pregnancy, nap time. – Yeah, but it’s not like we
nap because it’s a luxury. We nap because there’s literally like– – Do you see this spot
right here on the couch? – You have no energy. – This is not staged. This is Shawn’s, it’s where she’s at. – I nap there or I nap in the Lovesac. But, no, you’re not
napping for luxury, Andrew. You’re napping because it’s like– – Growing the baby. – [Shawn] Survival. – I feel that, grow that thing. – [Shawn] Gentle. – Grow that thing.
– Gentle, okay, food. – [Andrew] Oh, can you
make me your granola dish? – I was gonna say, what sounds good? – [Andrew] Oh, this. – Granola sounds good? – [Andrew] Are you gonna eat it all? – Just kidding, it’s
gonna make you throw up. What else would you like? – (laughing) Ah, you’re cute. Do we got any fruit? – [Shawn] No, that makes you too nauseous. – (laughs) How about toast? – [Shawn] Maybe not. I don’t think it sounds good right now. – Can I just binge eat
Chinese food like you have? – Maybe, let’s see. – Too early for Chinese food. This feels great. – The first trimester,
this is pretty much it. – Croutons from the OG. This is it? – [Shawn] Uh-huh. – Those are delicious though. – [Shawn] They are good. – Yum. – Otherwise, the only
other option you get is– – She’s cute, she’s better
at being pregnant than I am. Nash, are you gonna be clinging to me like you are to mom when she’s pregnant? – You can eat a watermelon. – Watermelon, what? First of all, what happened here? – [Shawn] I took a spoon to it. – Who eats watermelon like that? You’re psycho. – [Shawn] I know. – [Andrew] Honestly, that looks not good. – [Shawn] That’s disgusting. – [Andrew] Is that mold? – [Shawn] Yeah, probably. – [Andrew] Can we talk
about on a serious note? – [Shawn] Yeah, what would you like? – (laughs) Chicken. – No, chicken sounds nasty. We could do burgers. Burgers have been a good staple for me. – I’m down for some burg. What are we doing? – [Shawn] We’re trying on clothes. – [Andrew] I feel like you’re
just ordering me around. – [Shawn] Yes, where are your black jeans? – Give me one second. All right. – [Man] Whoa. – The legs kind of fit fine. But I’m concerned about
this top button here. I’m not sure it’s gonna. – [Shawn] Yeah, this has to go. – [Andrew] I can’t imagine it being actually your stomach though. – [Shawn] I can’t button my jeans anymore. – I’m gonna try a button
up shirt real quick. I’m gonna see what it feels like. (fun music) Oh, it’s barely there (laughs). Is it gonna be able to do it? – You can usually make it work. It’s just a matter of comfort. – I feel the whole shirt just
tugging, begging for life. Here we go. – Okay, now we’re going somewhere. We’re going to like a wedding. And you like drop your bag, go grab it. – In the jeans? – [Shawn] Yep. – Nightmare. You would just be like,
honey, can you pick that up? I feel like it’s either gotta be this, which is a pretty risky move, (grunts) or. (Shawn laughing) Then I think I’m done, okay, there we go. – Okay, I need you to take your socks off. – With the jeans on? – [Shawn] Mm-hmm. – Gosh, I’m frustrated right now, at life. – [Shawn] Okay. – I’m about to sweat. – [Shawn] I need you to
put your socks back on. – (laughs) Okay. (both laughing) (grunting) I can’t. (Shawn laughing) (Andrew groans) – Here, do you want me to hold you up? – [Andrew] There, okay, I got it. – I saw your technique. You need to really work on your hammys. I do it this way. – I’m breaking out in a sweat. Oh, yeah, uh-oh. (Shawn laughs) I’m just gonna throw it
and hope a toe hooks on. (panting) Okay. I can’t do it. (Shawn laughs)
Ah! (Shawn laughs)
There, okay. I hate this. (Shawn laughing) Okay, I’m not tying them. I get it, I’m not tying
them up, I’m not doing it. – You have to.
– I’m not doing it. – (laughs) You have to. – [Andrew] This is awful. – You have to. – There, I’m just gonna
hope that this works. (Shawn laughing) Okay, this should do it. Gosh dang it. I’m not tying them up. – You gotta tie one. – [Andrew] It’s too bad. – Just tie one, you got it (laughs). – [Andrew] You’re enjoying
this way too much. – It’s my life. How are you gonna get the
other hand down there? – I don’t know, I’m still
trying to think about that. I’m buying time by just
playing with the laces. – Oh, no. – Oh, no (laughs). That could’ve been the
worst case scenario. (fun music) It’s so much pressure on your stomach. Okay (sighs), there. – I was gonna say, now
think about it this way. You just have a belly on top. – Yeah. – Now think of everything, all the belly that you have inside. Like, you can’t really squish it. – That’s true. (fun music) – And then, at a wedding,
you gotta put on heels. – That sounds awful. Isn’t that already
stressful for your body? – I should make you take a bunch of sodium tablets and swell up. – Isn’t part of pregnancy, you kind of get a little more horny? Should we practice that? – Babe.
(both laugh) – That’s the second question
we’ll comment on today. Okay, I get it now. The crazy thing is, if ever there was a time where you would want coffee to start your morning, just to like get you through the fatigue. I feel tired right now because I can’t use my
body like I want to. Or at the end of the night, when your back hurts
and your feet are sore, and you had just a tough day physically, to have a glass of wine, you can’t have either of those. – No, you can’t have
coffee, you can’t have wine, you can’t have sushi, like raw fish, you can’t have soft cheese,
you can’t have deli meat, you can’t have sprouts. – Holy smokes. Well, here’s the thing, I feel like– – All I want is a cocktail,
I want a margarita. I want a glass of wine,
I want a great latte. And I want some sushi. – That’s a pretty good list of things. I’m gonna have to watch this clip later to get her all those things
when we have the baby. – Bring it to the hospital. – The crazy thing is, even though is all like on the outside and it’s not actually my organs, it was super invasive to my life. – This is just superficial.
– I know, I can’t imagine. – We did an ultrasound not too long ago, and my ovaries are like up here. – Crazy, it’s pushing everything around. – They’re supposed to be way down there. – So mad respect for you.
– Thanks. – Thank you for carrying our child. – Oh, my pleasure. – You’re doing a great job. – You did this to me. – You’re better at this than I am. (Shawn laughs) And you’re the real MVP. – It is funny though because like, five months of feeling
immobilized by the belly. But it’s like, by the
time you don’t feel sick, or nauseous in the first trimester, you start to feel good, but
then, your belly changes. – So it all kind of just sucks. – No, it doesn’t suck, it’s just weird. (laughs)
Really weird. – Thank you for watching this video. – (laughs) Yes. – Thank you for putting my through this. I get it a little more now.
– Okay. – I can have empathy. – What other like things
can I put Andrew through so he can appreciate what all it is pregnant women go through? – I needed this, this was good. This brought us closer together. – So you’ll like massage my feet more now? – Well, let’s not get too crazy. If you haven’t yet, hit
the subscribe button. Hit the like button. And we will see you next time. The East Fam, out. (energetic music)

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