Hi, guys. Today what we’re going to look at is one
very powerful exercise that will improve your walking, improve your hips, and your low back. If I had to put money on what we are asked
the most about in Z-Health, it’s usually the hips, the pelvis, and the low back. In our level one program, we spend lots of
time working on mobility, because walking, running … A lot of your basic human motions
revolve around how well you can control and move the hips, the pelvis, and the low back,
particularly independently. In our level one program, it’s called “R-Phase,”
we spend a lot of time working on basic hip motions … Trying to help people figure out
where their pelvis is and how to control it. Once you have the mobility back, now we need
to work on strengthening. To do that, we’re going to look at two different
exercises today. They have the same shape. One is going to be the easy version. One is going to be the harder version, where
we are going to use a Step. For exercise number one, we’re going to
work on having both knees locked. The idea is that I’m going to lock my right
knee and lock my left knee. In this position, I’m going to hold onto
something. You can use a chair, you can use the wall
… In the beginning. Eventually you to be able to do this without
holding on, but this is the starting point. Again, both knees locked, and all I’m going
to do is focus on lifting up my left hip. Again, lifting up my left hip, trying to pull
my left foot above my right foot. Then, I’m going to push down. Lift up … Push down. That’s the basic idea. Now you want to focus on driving your right
leg down to the floor to make the lift happen. I like to have people do 10 to 15 repetitions
of this. Another possibility is, just get in this position
and hold for about 60 seconds. In this position you can also now start to
play with letting go, seeing how well you can control the pelvis … Another thing to
be aware of is rotation. A lot of people in the beginning will rotate
their trunk. We want to keep everything in a nice, straight
line. That’s version one. Version two, once you’re able to do that,
is you want to go to a Step. It can be a nice exercise Step like this one,
it can be a phone book if you remember what those are … Not the one in your phone … Anything
that will elevate you off the floor a little bit. Once again, hold onto a wall, particularly
in the beginning, or a chair, and we’re going to start in the same way. Everything is going to get nice and square
and lined up. Good, tall posture, lock both knees … Now,
I’m going to drop that hip toward the floor, and foot toward the floor, and then lift it
back up. Once again, toward the floor … Lift it back
up. Most of the work that you’re feeling should
be on the stance-leg side. You will have to constantly remind yourself
in the beginning not to bend the stance knee. People want to do this, and all kind of crazy
stuff. It’s a very small, isolated motion, but
as you do it and as you start to gain strength, what you’re going to figure out is you’ll
feel differently as soon as you’re done with the exercise. A quick reminder of what we’re doing here
… We’re going to do two different versions of the exercise, assuming that you don’t
get fatigued. A lot of people in the beginning will want
to start with version one, where you’re basically … Feet are on the ground, and
you’re just working on lifting that foot above the other foot, keeping the knees straight. The idea here is 10 to 15 repetitions on both
sides, a couple times a day. Once you’re feeling confident with that,
I then recommend that you add a step, a phone book, or something else into the mix, and
you’re going to repeat the same process, only now you’re going to do your standing
version on the floor first, and then add the step so you’ll total about 30 reps on each
side. These areas get worked a lot so they need
a lot of strength and endurance. My recommendation is, do a little bit of a
walk, do the exercise, and then walk again. Notice what kind of freedom you feel in the
hips, the pelvis, and the low back. It’s a fantastic exercise. Once again, you’re aiming for 10 to 15 repetitions
on each side, or maybe a 30- to 60-second hold. Do it a couple of times a day. Your hips, your pelvis, your low back will
thank you. This will not fix everything in your legs
and your hips and your low back, but it’s a great starting point in combination with
the mobility that we already teach. If you know anything about Z, you know we
also talk a lot about the eyes, the inner ear, and reflexive control of posture. A lot of those things also play a role in
tension through this area. If you need additional information about that,
we have a lot of blogs and information available, so check that out. Thanks.

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