I want to show you an exercise that will work
on a bulge disc in the neck. With the bending and the turning and rotation, you can bulge
a disc in your neck which can affect your spinal cord or it can affect your nerves coming
out the sides. I’m going to demonstrate the exercise for you for your neck. You can perform
the exercise while you’re laying down, while you’re sitting or while you’re standing. I’m
going to perform the exercise in standing. You take two deep breaths, expel your last
breath, cut your breath off, try to suck in your air in your throat, hold it as long as
you can and then get a breath. You may feel some discomfort. You may feel some relief
in your neck where you have the bulge. That may be the disc pulling off of the nerve root
where it starts feeling again. The exercise follows like this. Breathe in, breathe out,
breathe in, breathe out. Stretch your neck like you’re being pulled to the ceiling, try
to suck in and then take your breath.

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