Health is not a destination
but really the most incredible relationship that you’ll ever be
in, in your entire life. When I am able to sit with
somebody who’s going through something, and inspire them that there is
a path to vitality, that makes my heart sing. When I was 21, I became the
youngest woman to row across the Atlantic ocean. I really just honestly wanted to
know what I was capable of. We didn’t really know what we
were doing. We just did what we needed to do
to get it done. I learned a lot about myself in
this process and this was a life lesson that
came at a very, very high cost. When I was on land, I had this
internal voice that was like, something doesn’t feel right. I
just didn’t look well and I started to get lumps in my
left-hand breast. At age 23, I was diagnosed with
early stage breast cancer. Like, how can I row an ocean and
then be defeated by my body? This experience, it literally
pivoted my entire life. I went to school for holistic
nutrition. I traveled the world. I was on a quest to understand
the pathology of my body and the distance between disease
and illness. For me really to experience
wellness again was five years. I was hugely motivated through
illness and what I wanted to inspire was people not having
to walk that path. I founded my company Nectar
Juicery. Nectar ultimately is a
manifestation of my values and my lessons learned during
this period of healing. We’re helping people understand
that food is medicine and starting a conversation
with your body. My magic ingredient has been
curiosity. The curiosity to continue to
discover my own wellness, the curiosity to lean into the
things that scare me. Fear is a good thing. It saved
my life many times but I don’t allow it to be the
decision maker. It’s just there to say, Tori
pay attention. I’ve built a life that is
aligned with my values that allows me to express my
creativity where I get to really do what I
want to do. My fuel comes from passion and
I’m on a mission.

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