Hi I’m Dr. Ilana Smolkin for healthcareforpets.com I’m here to talk about herbal therapies and nutraceuticals for your pet. Herbal therapies and nutraceuticals are becoming more and more common in both human and veterinary medicine. Herbal therapies can be what we consider Western herbals and those are things that you may even have in your spice cupboard or your tea rack. Things like camomile, fennel and turmeric for example ginger. Chinese herbs are another sort of branch of herbal medicine. Nutraceuticals a term that kind of encompasses anything that’s “natural” that used to help you or your pet. There’s a little bit of overlap between that and the herbals but often I think of nutraceuticals things like your omega-3 fatty acids, glucosamine things like that aren’t a true herb, they’re not really a plant extract but again something that can help support your your pet’s health that’s not a drug. Lots of conditions can be treated herbally. I’ve seen great success and practice with Cushing’s disease and being able to treat them with herbal therapies and gastrointestinal conditions so diarrhea, vomiting or just poor digestion in general, skin conditions, and even temperament issues so anxiety and sleep disorders all sorts of things can be treated with herbals as well a lot of these conditions can use herbals primarily although sometimes herbs are then mixed up with traditional medicine or Western medicine to try and get that better effect so for example IBD often will still need steroids with treatment but herbals can sometimes make those take effect quicker, sometimes get us off the steroids faster or sometimes we see patients that have kind of basically reached as far as their they can go or a plateau with traditional medicine and we can’t quite get them back to their great health and herbs can help take them there the rest of the way. Although I see more and more herbal therapies being offered online or at pet stores, I think there’s a few points that are really really important for us to keep in mind. 1.) Depending on what country you live in, regulation not quite there yet as far as herbals go so you want to make sure you’re getting herbal supplements from a really reputable source because we need to make sure that what you’re getting is what you’re getting. Is there really that herb in there? Is there really that amount in there? It hasn’t been substituted out for something else? Because herbs can be dangerous if the wrong one is taken. For example here in Canada the regulatory body for herbs even distributed through a veterinary clinic is still optional for companies to buy into whether they want to or not. Another important point and something I here absolutely every day in practice is that its natural therefore it’s safe. That’s not true, think of arsenic, arsenic is a natural chemical that’s found in the cherry I don’t want to take any arsenic do you know so just because something’s natural does not make it safe you need to discuss what supplements you’re giving to your pet, with your healthcare with your veterinarian, or with someone who has training. Not every veterinarian is going to have training in this so they might need to take some time to do some research or to refer you to someone that does have this type of training. Another great example that I see is tea tree oil, people use that on themselves all the time and love to use it for wound healing but it’s actually toxic to the dog and I’ve seen some pretty bad complications from its use in the dog. Natural therapies can also interact with a medication that your pet might be on, sometimes herbal medicine or natural therapies can lessen or damper the effect of that medication, or sometimes it can heighten it and potentially make it up to a toxic level so that’s why discussion with your vet is so important so that they know exactly what you’re giving. Now I absolutely don’t want to scare people because I love herbal therapies and since I started this training and doing this herbal therapy I’m really been able to heighten the kind of conditions they treat and it gives me other options when we’ve kind of run out of ideas with Western medicine or potentially come to a roadblock in our diagnostic process. Maybe we know there’s kidney disease but we can’t get it any further than that and even with referral they couldn’t figure out exactly what’s going on. Well just because we can’t find the specific drug that might help sometimes supporting that, that system with an herbal therapy can be really helpful and I’ve seen great success with that. But again for the best care for your pet it’s important that this is done with a healthcare professional and that you don’t take matters into your own hands. Or that you find a veterinarian that is trained in that because it can be different between humans and animals. To find a veterinarian that’s trained there’s lots of options out there, there’s certain licensing body or organizations that you can go to to try and help find a practitioner that is registered and licensed because what’s most important to us is your pet’s health here at healthcareforpets.com

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  1. Let me tell you something sister if you're eating the traditional diet you're getting Arsenic and it's already in your water so it doesn't matter what you eat but if you're eating animal flesh you are getting arsenic if you're drinking tap water you're getting are so if you're eating vegetables that have been watered with water that contains heavy metals then you're getting them to so all this let's bring somebody in to be our parent let's bring somebody in to be our supplier is really self-defeating because the ultimate goal and the ultimate Liberation cuz nobody really wants free dumb is to grow it yourself now that's time consuming I realize but we need to educate ourselves and what better way than experience all of this fear-mongering and talking about steroids there are plants that have steroid like attributes that actually assist with information gingers one of them licorice root is another dandelion root I mean you got to know your herbs you can't just say oh well you know you're going to hit a plateau and well then you're going to have to go to the chemical and synthetic versions which aren't even bio-available because they're not compatible with human biology so it's essentially like a placebo because if your body rejects it and it alerts your immune system which it's going to you're going to have an adverse reaction and you're going to dismiss it as being something else your body is much smarter than any physician I don't care if you're a veterinarian I don't care if you're a so-called Specialist or general practitioner your body Trump's everyone because its main objective is to survive at all cost but if you continue to repeat putting abusive substances in your body whether they're legal illegal hidden or intentional you are going to eventually wear your immune system down and it will begin to malfunction that's when you get into trouble when you try to outsmart your body because you weren't listening to it in the first place and it's been talking to you the entire time

    How do I know that I'm a psychic and my specialty is your body some people might say that's a medical intuitive I think that's a little excessive I know that when a person comes into my sphere whether it's energetic or physical they imprint on me and my body is now there's and I can into it things that are happening inside of them and it's usually the most prominent thing that needs to be addressed this has been going on for the last 3 years and I've been intuitive my entire life

    animals are highly sensitive to anything that is not from nature anything that has a chemical derivative anything that is synthetic and he isolate and this is when they become unnatural and that's the difference between natural and unnatural it's the whole chemical structure not and isolat and if it is isolated it isn't more powerful it's actually more volatile sell whole plant Whole Food that is raised in a way it is in Harmony in accordance with the way it was intended to be and it's a plant is healthy and the soil is nourished the plant will never become diseased and therefore it will never be attacked by any pest which is meant to as well as fungi remove that which is weak from nature so that those that are strong and adaptable will thrive you know what I'm saying

    and let me just tell you there was a time when I was in such a bad way financially and there was no vet that would see my dog that had been run over at 55 miles by a truck he had a broken femur that was splintered terribly three dislocations in his hip bone that was attached to his spine at one time he was urinating and defecating blood everywhere and screaming while he pulled himself with his front legs and circles and not one Healthcare professional cared and their charges were ridiculous I did not have a choice but to employ herbal medicine I took him for x-rays after 5 days because I had no vehicle and I had to travel an hour and a half to event that I had once use before who was willing to do a payment plan with me same bandage what you can buy at Walmart in various colors was used to keep the leg in place in order for healing to take place or at least for no further damage the cost of the surgery would have been exorbitant within three weeks he pulled the bandages off within another three weeks he was running as if he had never sustained any injury it was amazing and I'm so grateful for that experience I was terrified I could have made a wrong judgment call I could have thought I was doing the best thing I pulled the plug thought I wouldn't do it because something inside of me something greater than myself guided me the trust and he would be all right

    I'm not suggesting did everyone take matters into their own hands and you must do your homework before you start to deploy any type of medicine but the original word for drug was herbal medicine if you trace it back

    85% of today's allopathic or Western medicine is actually derived from a main active constituent of a plant medicine which may or may not have been been created in a lab meaning it was synthetic which means it's ineffective and even the ones that are and they add synthetics to it it can't compete or compare to the whole plant medicine because the sum because the sum is greater than the parts

    I'm not in anyway minimizing the importance of having Health Care Professionals who are trained in certain things that put take a while to learn but it isn't impossible if a person's passion is present then they can literally teach themselves anything without paying an exorbitant amount for tuition or trusting someone who doesn't have anything invested in them at all but to collect money whether that be by retail or by services

    ultimately when people have something you're passionate about they would do it without expecting anything in return because it isn't work to them it is their hearts desire it is their true passion it is what they're meant to do therefore it doesn't fall under enslavement IE work. What we are really searching for is stability sanity safety security and serenity and money can never affordance those things because they can't be purchased only the Illusions can be and then they're put into place of the real thing

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