71 thoughts on “Holmatro Testteam – 720 bar oil injection caused by damaged hose”

  1. I remember my old boss (ex-electrical engineer) telling me about a guy who decided to feel for a pinhole leak in a hydraulic line, the jet of fluid cut him to the bone.

  2. Wow negative comments on a safety oriented video, I hope they never have to go through an injury like this in their lives. They won't be sarcastic and bitchy then.

  3. Here's one to watch out for on drilling locations in winter when steam is being used to heat tanks:  watch out for substitution of water hoses for steam hoses.  Sometimes, whoever's in charge, if they are out of steam hose, will use water hose instead.

  4. I once worked with a guy on Forklifts, one of the pipes blow and the oil went straight through his cheek and teeth. He died couple of days later from the oil in his blood.

  5. This isn't any joke. We had a high pressure machine that ran at 10,000 psi and removed the scale from cast iron in our foundry. A pin hole broke through a 2" hose and hit an electrical box. It cut through the 16 gauge steel and immolated the controller and wires inside. It looked like a laser had been fired at it because it was such a clean cut. Had a person been standing next to it….

  6. Same problem with common rail diesel engine rails… always allow to pressure down before going anywhere near them.

  7. I work with diesel. I know of only one person to have atomized calibration fluid into their finger at 1600 bar. He didn't tell anyone because he'd only just got over having his skin burned off his hand from hot wax for nozzle dipping and felt embarrassed. He had three tiny holes in his finger. Woke up in the middle of the night with his arm in agony and white as a sheet (and he's black!). He had to be put on a drip for three days. Good times.

  8. '
    best use 2 strong gloves while working on it…
    not like this video with move shake shake…
    stop watch this video at 240

  9. I'm a junior fire fighter that check and tests our holmatro on a daily basis. one of my seniors keeps saying to use gloves and helmets for check and test, but if all holmatros pushes fluid at 720 bars the gloves i got wont be able to do shit for me

  10. I heard them ballistic gel arms retail for over a $1000. Unbelievable when you can pick up a rubber fist from the sex shop for under a 100 bucks

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