welcome to healthcare at home. Now a days in many people one weird problem
can be seen. This problem is seen among the people from
ages. But now i am seeing this problem everywhere. Many people are having this problem, that
is of one sided head ache. Which is also called cluster headaches. If you are having one sided headache, then
there is simple solution for that. You can get permanent relief from this problem
too by using this remedy. What you have to do is, If your left side of head is paining then put 6 to 7 drops of pure mustard oil in your left side of nostrils. If you are unable to put oil in your nostrils
then, inhale oil from your nose. Your headache problem will be cured. If you follow this regime for 5 to 6 days then your half headache problem will be cured permanently. Isn’t it a very effective solution. Anyways we always wish that you stay happy,
stay healthy, be busy and keep watching our show. Jai hind.

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