– You don’t look happy.
– We have to talk. Uh, o
– It’s about your health. Oh no. Is it really necessary?
– Just take a look at something. Really? What now?
– It’s on the web. Its great. Twenty-eight doctors and healers all speaking about homeopathic
remedies for all kinds of conditions. Homeopathic remedies? How much doctors cost
money? – Doctors and natural healers, too. And it’s
free. Nothing, just listen on your computer. So these guys are all speaking for free?
– It’s even interactive. You can ask questions and get answers.
There’s a catch somewhere. I have to take medication or do something.
– It’s all-natural homeopathic remedies. Energy medicine and quantum healing from really
great people like Dr. Bernie Siegel, a pioneer in alternative medicine; that great raw food-guy
David Wolfe, energy healers Jo Dunning, Maureen Moss, Dr. Judith Orloff; even Alison Armstrong
for better sex. It’s incredible. What about more sex?
– I said better sex. Interesting.
– Just go to ez.com/goodhealth. So the letter “E,” the letter “Z”
then dot com slash good health. That’s it? – Good health is one word.
Got it. And for doing this, I get…? – Your life.
I’m not comfortable when you’re logical. It’s kind of masculine.
– You’ll get over it. Okay. So ez.com/goodhealth?
– Actually the address is right below this window in blue letters.
Really? I know there’s a catch somewhere. – You’re the catch honey – my catch.
Okay. You win.

10 thoughts on “Homeopathic Remedies and Holistic Definitions of Alternative Medicine”

  1. We all love homeopathic remedies! It's called drinking fucking water. Stop scaming people, i loathe all those who get advantage of people's credulity, either fortune tellers or "alternative medicines".

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