In addition to canine acupuncture
practice, I often do the performance horse, race horse. That’s
probably about my 30% of my practice. Occasionally we’ll do acupuncture
for the bird—the bird that has behavioral issues. Actually, we have 80%
chance to stop feather picking for the bird. And occasionally I also use
acupuncture for reptiles like turtles, snakes, and alligators. Also, sometimes
we use acupuncture for zoo animals. The most excitement for me is to treat elephants.
That’s probably about, my first case was actually about 20 years ago. The
elephant is big and I tried to use normal needles, but I could not get in.
So I had to get kind of creative, I used hypodermic needles. First goes through the
skin, and then there is a hole in hypodermic needles, so acupuncture
could go to that center through that hole and able to reach the acupuncture point in
elephants. I’ve treated probably a dozen elephants. Primary for them is shoulder
arthritis, there are some feet problems, there are some immunodeficient
problems, actually all those 12, there are about 12 elephants that
actually respond to acupuncture very well. Initially, the elephant
could not raise up, but after 5 or 6 sessions, the elephant
can raise up, they can raise up at my level. Initially they can barely raise
up from the ground, so we know actually elephants do better after
acupuncture. In addition, some animals, some of my students actually use acupuncture
for fish and also for ocean animals like a dolphin for instance.

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