There have been a lot of studies, I mean thousands of studies about the impact of alcohol on the brain. And I’ve kind of boiled them down to a simple list, and. This is your brain on alcohol. It is slower, you’re clumsier, you’re dumber, you’re irresponsible, you’re unpredictable, you’re immature, and you’re impulsive. And, if you wanna know why that it’s true, let me, let me show you your brain. This is the healthy level of brain activity. And what we’re seeing here with the colors. All of the green, the yellows, and the orange. This is electrical activity in the brain. This is parts of the brain talking to each other. When you drink, this is what that brain looks like. When you drink as much as you do, even these little patches… Are gone. Are not here. Now that starts happening at .05. Whew. At .08, you’re legally intoxicated so they say you can’t drive. At .10, this is just over the legal limit. You have slurred speech, poor judgment, your coordination, balance, and motor skills are impaired. You’re uninhibited, you have slowed thinking, and emotionality. That’s at .1. At .2, you just add all of these things on to this. So you have all this plus, you’re disoriented and uncoordinated. You have double vision, you have blackouts, and you don’t inhibit your aggression. You’re vomiting and your gag reflex is impaired. So you’re likely to choke on your own vomit. So you have a risk of choking. At .25, it’s all of this plus, you have mental, physical, sensory, all severely impaired. Possible loss of consciousness, and now a high risk of choking on your vomit. We’re not to you yet. The last time you were in the ER, you were .35. Which is all of this, plus tremors, memory loss, and possible death. But now your breathing and heart rate start to decrease. You’ve got so much toxic alcohol in your brain, that it starts shutting down the respiratory system. The part of your brain that tells you to breathe. Your heart rate decreases, you lose bladder control. You’re lying in the floor, passed out in a pool of urine. You lose bladder control. Possible death, is 50 plus percent. That’s what you were last time you were in the ER. Time before that, you were just above .4. Now there’s, it’s not just decreasing, you have difficulty breathing, your heart is slowing down. This is the level that is accepted as lethal. At .4, you are supposed to die. So you can go three or four days, and your blood level… We can check your blood and it comes up .00. But your brain is still toxic ’cause you have alcohol poisoning. Well that’s certainly a wake up call. I’ve never had this explained to me in this manner. It’s just, it’s gotta stop. For my children. I’ve got to make a change. And I’m desperate for help.

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  1. No matter how they try to sell it to you, alcohol is dangerous to you. It starts from a little sip and then progresses to you losing your life on a sad deathbed. I know this because I saw alcohol kill a family member

  2. Dr Phil should have shown cerebellum scan because that's the area mostly affected by alcohol and all the symptoms of intoxication is from the that particular brain area due to abundance of GABA receptor. Also he should have evaluated for Korsakoff syndrome which is clearly shown by him in the show.

  3. thats why i will never drink alcohol….NEVER…people are talking to me like :,,Hah youre saying that right now…but later…" I have seen it with my own eyes how alcohol works…how it makew you blind to truth…i wont go that path…not even on celebrations…

  4. Umm duh DR Phill. This is why I drink. I prefer my brain have less activity. Frankly I’m tired of it telling me what to do all the time

  5. My best friend died at 40 from cirrhosis and my ex husband's ex wife drowned in her own vomit at 37.
    My sister moved in with me a few months ago because her kids couldn't deal with her anymore . She starts drinking beer for breakfast and ends up taking shots of vodka by mid afternoon. The neighbors get to see her stumbling around in the yard falling over herself when they come home from work . Then she wonders why she aches all the time . She's 55 now but looks around 75 . She been going back a forth from one son and his wife to the other and his wife . The wives can't deal with her and I don't blame them but I don't want to deal with her either .

  6. Dr Phil. LSD has very high success rate when it comes to helping alcoholics. Please look further into statistics and how it's done. This drug once taken at the right dosage with the right therapist will help change his mindset and push him out of the craving need for alcohol.

  7. This is just what happens to the alcoholic. Alcoholics also affect the lives of those around them and in many cases destroys them. And this is the biggest untold story about alcoholism.

  8. How is alcohol legal and marijuana is not?

    It’s a rhetorical question, we all know pot is federally illegal for a ton of reasons, one of which is that you cannot overdose on it. The government loves when the population takes themselves out. That’s why they let big pharma push out billions of opioids for the masses, because they knew the consequences but the idea is “if someone dies from an overdose of medication or alcohol, that person was among a certain class of low lives”. Since marijuana is impossible to OD on than use fear mongering (the refer madness era) that it will make you crazy and you’re gonna kill everyone in your house than jump outta window and die. The worst thing I ever killed when high was a pint of Cherry Garcia ice cream. I was so sick the next day, a drank a litre of Diet Coke with it too. This was 20+ years ago and I still can’t even handle the smell of chocolate & cherry together.

  9. I applaud the friend who took the right step to bring help to this man…ur a gem of a friend very rare…i wish i had friends like u..

  10. I was a severe alcoholic (and addict) for years and currently in recovery. I’m only 28 years old and now have colonic inertia, fibromyalgia, fibrocystic breast disease, thyroiditis, periodontal disease, and a GI disease. I keep getting very strange illnesses now the longer I stay sober. My doctors tell me that the main culprit is alcohol and pills. This isn’t a joke—it isn’t funny. Drugs like alcohol WILL destroy your body, if you’re lucky enough to survive it.

  11. That chart stufff is a con job, stats can be written whatever way one wants them to look. That guy is an alcoholic, no biggie, Alcohol is an addictive substance, period, if you abuse it you will become an alcoholic.

  12. I gave up alcohol Jan 1 2019. 0 drinks in 2019! Sticking with it. It’s super hard the first few months, but it does get easier

  13. I dated an alcoholic once. It was the scariest person I've ever dealt with. He was violent, blacking out, couldn't even function whatsoever. It was so crazy bc I always thought alcoholics could withstand more alcohol before they would get drunk. But this guy would change after only THREE BEERS. Not to mention, alcohol is one of the only two substances that are likely to kill you during detox. The other being benzodiazepines. Alcoholism is one sad disease.

  14. Lol. Maybe all this is true for some people, but I can drink all night and literally none of this happens to me. Guess I got good jeans.

  15. Я вегетарианец и противник алкоголя, поэтому я могу найти лучшее применение моему уму.

    Томас Эдисон

  16. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest spend some time in the south and it's extremely difficult to route for Rural white people from the South but somehow somewhere this guy has crept into my heart and I feel for him for his children and his ex-wife I hope he scores a W for his family and himself

  17. Dr phil thinks hes so smart with his words. well he doesnt have any hair like the wise gentleman. Dont you wish you had hair, dr ophil. DYou need help

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