Graphene has a high surface area and this
enables a lot more drugs to be loaded onto its surface This could potentially reduce the side effects
of associated with the current cancer treatment Graphene also has a high acidity in terms
of chemistry, pretty much anything can be attached onto its surface enabling a specific
and precise targeting for drug delivery.

3 thoughts on “How can graphene be used for cancer treatment?”

  1. I'm naturally skeptical of anyone making claims like the ones that were made on graphene for cancer treatment and detection and specific drug delivery. But this stuff really looks like it could fulfill some of those claims. We need more research.

  2. Since Graphene is Vantaa Black it will boil water at low temperatures making it a disinfectant. Will that allow it in the blood to kill supper bacteria using a very simple UV light to heat it? In treating cancer could it be used to increase the energy of the reactions like a light based catalyst?

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