One question we get asked a lot in the clinic
is how do I relieve lower back pain with exercise or how can I get rid of low back pain naturally. Exercise is a great tool to help relieve back
pain and sometimes just being active like going for walks or keeping moving helps to
keep your natural endorphins and little bit of physical endurance and you’ll feel better
but more specifically for back tightness there are some tools that you can use to help with
low back pain. So I’ve had questions about can I use my
tennis ball or pressure point ball to help release tension and the answer is yes. So when we use something like a pressure point
ball, this is a pressure point ball that’s got a little bit of a squish to it or a tennis
balls much cheaper and you can use this sort of device and put it into tight muscles to
help release tension, so when we put the ball behind you at the wall you can basically put
it in between the spine and the wall and lean back to get a little bit of pressure into
the ball and first off just doing a little pressure point, if you have a really tight
spot, just lean in, it might be a little bit sore, shouldn’t really be hurting a ton
and just do a little bit of pressure trying to get it to relax then if it starts to relax
you can do a little bit of rolling using the ball up and down the wall to try to help release
tension in the muscle. So as long as this isn’t increasing your
pain it’s a good tool to use one of the small balls to help relieve low back pain. The other thing you can do is sometimes we
do some exercises with a big exercise ball to help work on strength and mobility, so
there’s a number of exercises that we can do, unfortunately on the video it’s hard
to show you what to do. We need to know more specifics about your
situation, so give us a call to set up an assessment and we can show you a few exercise
to help relieve low back pain or check out our website, there’s many videos and references
there for your use as well; it’s at

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