At the core of left-wing thought is a denial
of painful realities, the denial of what the French call les faits de la vie, facts of
life. Conservatives, on the other hand, are all too aware of the painful realities of
life, and base many of their positions on them. One example of this left-right difference
is the differing attitudes toward human nature and responsibility for evil. When liberals
blame violent crime on poverty, one reason they do is that ever since the Enlightenment
the Left has posited that human nature is good. So, then, when people do bad things
to other people, the Left argues that some outside forces — usually poverty and, in
the case of non-white criminals, racism — are responsible, not human nature. Why? Because people on the Left find it too
painful to look reality in the eye and acknowledge that human nature is deeply flawed.
Another fact of life that the Left finds too painful to acknowledge is the existence of
profound differences between men and women. There is no other explanation for the denial
of what has been obvious to every previous generation in history — that men and women
are inherently different. This denial is certainly not the result of scientific inquiry. The
more science learns about the male brain and the female brain, not to mention male and
female hormones, the more it confirms important built-in differences between the sexes.
Yet many people, influenced by left-wing thought, believe that girls are as happy to play with
trucks as are boys, and boys are as happy to play with dolls and tea sets as are girls.
Why do they believe such silliness? Because acknowledging many of those differences is painful. For example, feminists and others on the Left
do not want to acknowledge that men are far more capable of having emotionally meaningless
sex than women. Therefore, feminism has taught generations of young women that they are just
as capable of enjoying emotionless sex with many partners as are men. The fact is that
the great majority of women are deeply dissatisfied with the hook up culture and yearn to bond
with a man even more than they yearn for professional success. But feminism came up with the famous
and false phrase, “A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle” to counter
the painful reality that most women feel incomplete without a man in their life — just as, I
might add, most men feel incomplete without a woman. Ironically, however, most men have
no trouble acknowledging this. This is what the notion of Political Incorrectness
is all about. The very definition of “Politically Incorrect” is a truth that people on the
Left find too painful to acknowledge — and therefore do not want expressed. To cite yet another example, why are many
young black males in prison? The reason is too painful for the Left to acknowledge and
therefore it is politically incorrect to say it: Young black males commit a disproportionate
amount of violent crime. And why are there speech codes on virtually all college campuses?
Because the Left doesn’t want to hear facts or opinions that cause them pain. That’s why the Left developed what it calls
“trigger warnings.” A “trigger warning,” as defined by the Oxford Dictionary, is “a
statement at the start of a piece of writing, video, etc. alerting the reader or viewer
to the fact that it contains potentially distressing material.” That’s why the Left constantly
speaks about being made “uncomfortable” and about feeling “offended.” Being made
uncomfortable or feeling offended, is, after all, painful. Take the left-wing bumper sticker idea, “War
Is not the Answer.” The painful truth is that war is often the only answer to great
evil. Nazi death camps were liberated by soldiers fighting a war, not by peace activists or
by peaceful dialogue with the German regime. But having to acknowledge the moral necessity
of war is too painful a truth for many on the Left. One might say that Leftism appeals to those
who wish to remain innocent. Growing up and facing the fact that life is messy, difficult
and painful is increasingly a conservative point of view. I’m Dennis Prager.

100 thoughts on “How Do You Deal With Painful Truths? Left vs. Right #4”

  1. My 12 year old daughter said to me today, "dad I have a friend who says she is liberal and she gets triggered sooo easy. " It was soooo funny because I never talk politics with my daughter which means she is smart enough to see the truth. I was a proud dad today.


  3. Hahaha this shit is comedy. Do conservatives really believe this stuff? I have to know. I feel like going cross country and talking to people. There's just no way people believe this stuff.

  4. Not about the video: this is my sister, if there is a bad trait women have, she says men do it too. Shows u she generally thinks females r better than males and wants females to be better than males

  5. damn, that part about war has blown my mind. the only improvement i would have proposed for this video is that a woman should have represented prageru, because it would sound more authentic when he said that many women are dissatisfied with meaningless sex

  6. I don’t have issues with Liberals in general, though the one thing I hate about them is that they think they’re always right and they think they can change the world. Though I have an issue with leftists

  7. Human nature is one of the biggest.
    But their biggest problem is their absolute defiance to admitting when they are wrong. They would rather everything burn than admit they are wrong and try to fix it.

  8. Dennis why do you never talk about the evil committed by your people in Israel? I love the messages you put out and I am conservative but on this one it seems like you have a rule for the' and not for me mentality.

  9. Cant men be feminnin
    And why are you acting like lgbtq explain
    And you avoided the n word like being offended by a white male saying the n word

  10. The left don’t know the meaning of U turn metaphor. Means, whenever pointing fingers at others, Make a U turn and blame yourself first. Don’t like to be blamed? Then take responsibility and get your act together.

  11. Though truth can sometimes hurt, it should still be preferred over a lie that may feel great. If I have skin cancer I don't want my doctor to tell me it's a harmless rash, although it may give me temporary relief from the truth, the truth will enable me to have a longer lasting positive effect on life. So if you're a Snowflake that is emotionally melted by the slightest hot topic, grow up, hear the other opinion and think it over on the points of logic and not emotion. Then, without screaming or crying simply have a reasonable talk about the topic with those who differ from your point of view. Maybe everyone will learn and find it a healing process rather than a destructive one.

  12. The truth does not care at all if you believe it. It has power beyond anyone's belief. A lie needs you to believe it . It has no power until you do.

  13. Conservatives claim that human nature is inherently flawed? Yes, of course, how else do you think we could justify capitalism, free speech, gun rights, and other political programmes that encourage individual choice and responsibility?

    Classical liberalism demands optimism. It's not like Hobbes was a monarchist or Hitler read Schopenhauer, right?

  14. The left are such a sad group of people. I know they'll never wake up to the truth, but i do wish that they do one day.

  15. It's so funny how a few of old friends were so far on the left but when they had to pay bill and be independent, they mostly came to the right. I still make fun of them about it now. One told me she got hit with reality check

  16. I find it totally contradictory that colleges insist on blocking micro-aggressions yet seem to condone macro-aggression (I.e. Antifa)

  17. I disagree with the universality with which he appears (at least in the context of this video) to paint the behavioral differences with men and women, but do acknowledge that it can be helpful to acknowledge patterns. It can help us understand other people's behavior that come from different backgrounds than us, but I certainly hate it when parents try to enforce stereotypes.

    Now this video didn't call for enforcing stereotypes, but it did mention the idea of "male brain" and "female brain." In fact, I really appreciate research that demonstrates that there are no hard, reliable lines between the two, and debunks the idea of an objectively "male brain" or "female brain." It actually really helps when debating certain types of trans activists. (Not that they listen.) I just believe that if a girl takes up hiking as a hobby, she shouldn't have to worry about having a partially "male brain" or whatever.

  18. Making it left vs. right is starting to make their differences really foolish.

    Either we label the left wrong (forever) or we keep on debate in circles with them,

  19. I love the video, and I agree with everything except the part about young black men. Black men make up a ridiculous amount of the national prison population. Many are arrested for victimless crimes. And in places such as south Carolina, where the Confederate flag was being flown in the 21st century, racism most likely still exist.

  20. If the left thinks there is no difference between men and women then neither feminism or male privilege can exist

  21. You guys we need to remember that united we stand divided were done. Remind every liberal that you love them and care for them and truly want the best for them because the way this is headed is extremely scary. We need love and compassion we can’t focus on our differences. Is only a matter of time before a civil war breaks out if we don’t fix this quickly.

  22. And transgender people are not necessarily born that way. People's brains can change because of behavior. It is called neuroplasticity. Of course, liberals don't want to think that any transgendered person could become that way because of anything other than being "born that way."

  23. The left are completely insane, everyone with an IQ over room temperature can clearly see this.
    If you vote left, you are dead to me.

  24. If you feel incomplete without another person, then you are not complete in yourself and, therefore, not mature enough to have a relationship with another person.

  25. If you check out the demographics you see a general shift from left to right as people get older. The young idealists on the left usually change their stance as they gain experience of life's realities.

  26. The left wants to remain CHILDREN. They believe the world is a Never-Never Land where if they just believe in fairies hard enough, they will NEVER have to become adults.

  27. The first step toward the philosophical belief of innate goodness was the philosophical belief of innate neutrality. Tabulate Rasa or blank slate. The idea that we are born innocent, blank slates that both good and evil must be taught. I find this slightly more believable.

  28. Just as dennis prager himself said, "the left is utopian".
    In utopia, it is common to see a world without pain or the worries of truth and reality. Take The Giver which presents a world where much of reality is manipulated, for example, color itself is removed from the society present. This shows a world that denies reality to abolish pain or suffering, and the left strives to achieve such a society, however the very definiton of utopia, is "no place" and their goals, unreachable

  29. Stick and stone will brake my bone but word will never hurt me . Mean it just words now Taylor swift sing stick and stone never broke my bone but word hurt her that the left way of thinking. Everything backward

  30. This is pretty much dead on. They are like spoiled little children who dare not come out of their privileged little bubble world. They wail hysterically and call you bigoted when you call attention to anything they deliberately avoid noticing.

  31. War is never good but sometimes it is necessary. They can handle that because they’ve never had to fight for anything in their mollycoddled life.

  32. 4:50 What are you talking about…

    My life is pristine, a piece of cake and full of chill moments… I guess I'm conservative no more…

    If life is Messy, difficult and painful, which forces you to work around those 3 arguments, then what's the point of preserving life, which seems to be a flawed product. It will make more sense both morally and intellectually to simply stop reproducing, saving our children from this misery and finally cease to exist.

    We share this world with so many other species, they can do well without us.

  33. 4K dislikes from left and "debunkers" of Prager U like pot-ass-holer and the nearly balding hbomberguy who hates PJW but acts worse than PJW.

  34. A great video Mr play praeger once again pointing out the truth the ones that don't want to listen to it it or in denial it's just a shame that this is not on the main screen Campus and the places of learning then we may be bringing out a more balanced people out into the main screen he would have a balanced for you about everything and not in Dr nated by communist or socialist views

  35. I hate hookup culture I want something actually meaningful but tbh most gay guys don't seem capable of monogamous relationships

  36. I seriously don't understand why people are so hell bent on claiming there are no differences between Men and Women. Men and Women are different, but that doesn't mean one is inferior to the other, the differences balance each other which is why men and woman generally work well together….

    what a pointless waste of time trying to make everything the "same" you miss the beauty in what is different.

  37. True equality and freedom cannot be found by naively breaking out of any and all types of traditions as the leftists suggest, but by attaching to traditions like religion, security, money and family that are acceptable for our human nature and memories for many of us.

    It is through wealth that we have true equality. It is through law that we have true freedom. It is through order that we are given a real opportunity. It is through unity that we have a true liberty. 🙂

  38. Listen, if anyone claims to be telling you the “truth” without citing any data or evidence, then they’re probably lying.

    I mean, I could just as easily say that conservatives are living in their own bubble of religion and outdated ideas, and that leftism is breaking society out of that bubble.

    What makes you right and that statement wrong? Well, the statement that is correct is the one that’s supported by the evidence.

    Take, for example, the fact that black men make up a disproportionately high amount of the prison population. The data shows us that black people receive longer sentences than white people, even when all confounding variables are controlled for. They’re also more likely to be pulled over by cops. By the way, most leftists don’t say that racism directly causes black people to commit crimes. They usually say that the racism of the past makes it more likely that blacks are in poverty today. After all, the biggest predictor of your economic position is your parent’s economic position, and black people were forcibly prevented from achieving a high economic position until the 60’s.

    Also, did he just do a racism there? He said that “black people commit more violent crime” right after dismissing poverty as a cause for crime, and saying that it’s just human nature. Therefore, the natural conclusion is that Dennis Prager thinks that black people are naturally more likely to do crime.

  39. Liberals will be the first to lead America into the 2nd Civil War; and will also be the first to perish from its harshness…

  40. The left refuses to believe that there are bad people in the world. You have to have a very nice life to be able to believe something like that, which is ironic because they're the ones who are constantly claiming victimhood and oppression.

  41. This was a great analogy, very observant from an physiological stands point.
    I firmly agree with this analogy, most – if not all – of the point factors I feel were shared through my observation, it kinda brings validity to the interpretation I make.
    But it goes without say that it's still only an opinion – and to a leftist – interpreted as sexism and bigotry.

    Nobody knows for sure what drives the human psychology in matters like this. Even coming from someone with a PHD in psychology, and known to be the best in the study of human behavior. It doesn't take away the fact that we are only spectators looking from the outside.

    The issue with this dilemma is that it is only a problem for people because a problem is what they are looking for to validate their bitterness, unhappy with their life that can't come to terms with accepting responsibility and it's the best solution they can find for being angree and hateful while redirecting that anger and hate away from themselves.
    It's important we take responsibility for ourselves, when we come to terms with that we don't see the world as bad.
    These people who can't come to terms with that reality fail to do so because they dont want to accept that's their faith, accepting it would mean learning to be okay with it but they just won't because they know there is much greater things to achieve in life and dont like their outcome.

  42. Well actually, The left can acknowledge painful truths. All pragerU refers to is the FAR left, the one's without a funtioning brain.

  43. You are traveling in the dimension of Sight and Sound where the real and the unreal collide but you are nearing the borders of their reality
    Zone, all will be painfully clear.

  44. I've many times wondered… "Why is it that liberals tend to sound like children when they're explaining their opinions and beliefs, and their counterparts sound like reasonable adults?"
    Thank you, Mr Prager, for breaking it down for me.

  45. Agreement on truth is fundamental to civilization. We can respect our partisan opinions based on the truth we all agree upon.

    All it takes is for one side to ignore the truth to dissolve civilization.

    For example: slavery. We all agree that slavery existed in America. We all agree in opinion that it was evil. But one side forgets that America ended slavery. And because they forgot that, they have the opinion that the country is evil.

    Another is Jim Crow, lynching, and segregation. We all agree that it was horrible injustice. And America ended it. But one side forgets that America ended it and believe the country is evil.

    Child labor. Women's Sufferage. Native Americans. And so many more. All of these we have come together to solve as a country because we accepted the truth of their nature. So what is it?

    Are we the country that had slavery, jim crow, lynching, child labor, women who couldn't vote and poor treatment of Native Americans? Or are we the country that has worked to correct those wrong doings?

    Short answer: we are both. And that is the truth.

    So we must fight for the truth. Fundamentally our country try will crumble without it. We ought to be willing to die for the truth or else the truth will die to us.

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