My name is Franco Vescovi and
I’m gonna introduce you to DipCap. It’s the newest way to rinse, dip and clean
your tattoo needles when they get dirty so you don’t
cross-contaminate your colours or tones. It was invented by Joe Moya,
tattoo artist and redesigned and brought to life
by Bishop Tattoo Supply. Get yours on or an authorised reseller near you. This is how I DipCap. Tear the label off, squirt a small amount
of water on top of the sponge and push down with your finger until
the water is fully absorbed. After rinsing, gently wipe your needle
on the DipCap foam. Whether you’re doing colour
or black and grey DipCap allows you to keep your tones perfect
by eliminating cross-contamination How do you DipCap?

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