100 thoughts on “HOW I DETOXED MY BODY IN 2 DAYS (before & after results) ft. VS Pink”

  1. That detox only makes you loose weight ( mainly water) , thats why you looked toned, u loose weight and it reveals ur muscles, and ur rips

  2. I NEVER comment on videos, but I don’t understand why everyone is hating on her so much! Especially about doing a juice cleanse! I have seen SO MANY other YouTubers try juice cleanses, some lasting more than a few days. So why the heck is everyone hating on Haley for doing one. I personally appreciate the message in this video and the maturity Haley has to take care of more than just her body, but her mind. She is literally the OPPOSITE of a bad influence and genuinely cares about mental health.

  3. everyone stop coming at her omg she’s having a detoxing few days and that’s good bc sometimes u need it if ur so tired and stuff and juice cleanses r good for u soooo

  4. I remember watching your environmental video which was really great massage, but detox videos like this can really be negative on several ppl, I’m sad that you posted this content, I hope ppl actually realize that detox videos like this can trigger a lot of ppl or can actually harm ppl struggling with self love

  5. I know you probably don't mean any harm, but detox is a myth perpetuated by diet culture, and Victoria's Secret is a transphobic and fatphobic company that make their products in sweatshops.

  6. Fal kanalımı ziyaret edin arkadaşlar hemen abone olabilirsiniz 👇👇👇👇


  7. I think the only problem that people should avoid doing is stop spreading the hate on others people life. She is doing whatever she feels great doing, none of it is your business. In fact, theres nothing wrong with drinking juices only for 2 days, it only happens for 48 hours and doesnt mean that she starving herself tho. I just can't put up with comments saying she should stop, lol, i think peple who saying those should be the ones that stop watching this video 😀

  8. PLEASE do not do this, it is S O unhealthy. Hailey you are better than this❤️ guys you are perfectly fine as you are

  9. U tried to be eco friendly saying u wouldn’t forget about it yet u thru it out in the trash when it’s supposed to be recycled, no hate but u should try to separate them to make the trash separating jobs easier

  10. omg stop with the comments this is for when you’ve been eating really bad and you want you body to feel better after. don’t come for her, if you don’t like it don’t do it. PERIODDDD

  11. I love you Hailey, and I understand this is something you tubers have done. But you need to think clearly and know who your audience is. I still obviously will watch u but this doesn’t look healthy and juice cleanses actually do nothing, it just leaves ur stomach empty, doesn’t tone you, you don’t gain muscle, you don’t feel better, if anything you feel dizzy because you haven’t been feeding your body correctly. Be kind to your body I love u

  12. i feel like theres a lot of negativity in these comments and I totally get it,,,, but also some of us do wanna know some quick ways to look and feel great for a night eg. formal, like obv it isnt sustainable, but if u wanna look really good for one night then it is pretty helpful !! 💕

  13. but shes already skinny before like what is it gonna do girlllll even though im sure that isnt ur intentiont his is how to bring our confidence down 🙁

  14. i have anorexia and i can say doing this for a youtube isn’t helping to help prevent them. you go around praising body positivity but you’re part of the reason body issues exist. fine if you’re skinny okay i don’t give a shit no one does this video is not praising a healthy mindset.

  15. here's a tip if you want to be toned: workout and eat healthy! that's it. you do NOT need to starve yourself, or get a super expensive massage every week. just eat good foods and be active. your body will detoxify itself naturally. DO NOT FOLLOW THE BS IN THIS VIDEO. hailey, do better.

  16. I don’t think you realize that you have a lot of younger viewers who are gonna see this and think they need a ‘detox’ which is so wrong because the human body detoxes itself naturally. You need to understand the type of content your audience wants, which most of us are normal people without extravagant lives and go to schools. I understand you’re just trying out a trend with no intention of harm but to me this video comes off as being sorta oblivious of reality and promoting a very unhealthy mindset. This is only coming from a place of love because I absolutely love watching your videos especially school/college ones. But please be careful in the future and understand when you have such a big platform, the impact you have on impressionable viewers is quite large.

  17. people in the comments are being so annoying about this video your fatass wont die from not eating for 24hrs especially since she was getting tons of nutrients from her juices and if you have a disorder get off all social media you should'nt expect some teen in cali to play doc and do what she does only because it works for her 💋nice video hayley you seem like a chill person

  18. U said you’d link the VS items but ya didn’t and I literally can’t find the acid wash joggers on their website K

  19. Lmmfaooooooooo!!!!!!!!! I’m standing here in my kitchen and see this skinny ass stomach on the thumb nail that says before and after🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 girl,,,, you are skinny.

    Lmao…. 🤣🤣🤣💀💀

  20. gaza geldim.. kıvrımlarım daha belli olsun diye gittim detoks suyumu migrostan aldım düzenimi kurdumm ama annem lahmacun yapmış … özür dilerim eylül başka sefere artık … deniycem ama ddsdfgh

  21. Okay, I don't quite understand why all of you are hating on Hailey! You clicked on her video and chose to watch it. She chose to detox her body and not at all during the video did she claim this was compulsory. I did research on everything she did in the video including the obvious Exercise, Clean Eating and meditation and also Juice cleansing, Lymphatic Drainage Massages and whether or not it was safe to detox the body. The main thing that most of you seem to be concerned about is the Lymphatic Drainage Massage. the heart continuously pumps blood through the blood vessels, the lymphatic system relies on the movement of muscles to transport the fluid through the lymph vessels. Lymph can build up in particular parts of the body causing swelling or 'bloating'. Lymphatic massages can reduce swelling and improve circulation throughout the lymphatic system. Next thing is Juice Cleansing. Fruits and vegetables are very rich in vitamins and minerals so, drinking juices can introduce extra nutrients into the body. Juices are rich in anti-inflammatory compounds that may boost the immune system and help a person feel more energetic and can also help improve digestion by introducing healthy enzymes that make the gut work more efficiently.
    most of you would know the effects of exercise and clean eating maybe even meditation. Meditation is a way you focus and improve your emotional and mental state and can also lengthen your attention span.

    All these factors are true if you would like you can research and look into information about these particular categories.
    Understand that you are beautiful no matter what, but, Hailey chose to do these things to detox and take care of her body. She seems happy so I don't see why you would want to lower her self esteem.

    Just remember to be kind to everyone, just because Hailey is an influencer does not mean she isn't human. she has emotions and a heart which you could possibly be breaking right now.

  22. Your video about not eating meat and why it is good for the environment is the reason why I haven't eaten any meat since June 6th and I wanted to thank you for making me realize that I don't need meat to be healthy, but that it is good for the earth to not eat meat <3

  23. im actually quite sure these detox diets are actually a form of fasting diet, its not really removing any toxins? or wouldn't you already be really sick if you were filled with toxins? this is more like a cleansing diet, eating intensively clean and minimally and lots of hydration. its not a bad thing, it is beneficial, but i feel like this is misinformation, its not a detox method.

  24. Right away this caught my attention because I am both "clouded in the head" and not happy with my body, but then I realized that stuff costs money which is something I don't have

  25. Girl doesn’t know the next thing about health. Sweetie you’re not a doctor you’re not a nurse and you are not doing anything but promoting anorexia and toxic diet culture. This is not healthy

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