Hi y’all, I’m Fi Simler, I’m a yoga
instructor and digital marketer in South Florida and I just got approved for my
medical marijuana card. When I first started this process I didn’t really
know what to expect or what the first step was so I’m going to share with you
the process that I went through and hopefully it will make your life a
little bit easier if you are considering this path for relief. Step One: This is a really good tip that I’m going to give you. In order to get your medical
marijuana card you will need to apply with a $75 application
fee to the state of Florida. I did this before I even went to see a doctor and
I’d recommend it because it just expedites the process, so that’s what I
did. You can go on – you just basically search “Florida medical marijuana.” The
Department of Health website will show up. You can make a username, pick a
password and then go in and pay your $75 fee, and from there you have to save your
username and password because that will be your account to apply and submit all
of your information to, and that’s the account that your doctor will also have
access to to get approved eventually. Step Two: So you’ll want to find a
certified medical marijuana doctor. In South Florida there are many. I’d
recommend Dr. Weisman, and he is at Concierge Cannabis Centers. Here’s the
little information booklet that he gave me. It’s SF concierge.com and I’ll put the phone number at the bottom of this screen. So I expected just to go in and have somebody say, “You have chronic pain, that’s great, here’s your certification or your approval.” What he did was above and beyond that. He gave me this booklet, which has some
information, FAQ’s, how does medical marijuana work in your body…just
some like, physiological information and also some of the dispensaries that he
works with in the back with some coupons. Most importantly, it has this journal in
it which you know – he leveled with me, he said, “It’s a moving target what will
work, so it’s good to keep track of what you take, when you take it, how much, etc.” All of those details are important because it’s going to change sometimes
and everybody’s body is different, so I really appreciated that he told me that
and I’ll definitely use this journal once I get started. Step Three: Okay, so you’re going to have to get approved by the state of Florida. So everybody knows that government stuff takes a little bit, but it shouldn’t take
that long…maybe like two or three weeks. So a hot tip is if you’ve moved recently or
for some reason if your address on your license isn’t your current address –
change that! Make sure to go to the DMV website and update that because that
will stagnate your application. The Medical Marijuana Use Registry is
connected to the Florida DMV and actually your license picture will pop
right up when you apply, so if you don’t have that updated, your application will
stall you’ll have to fix it anyway, and go back and it’ll just take – like, mine
took like an extra two weeks to do this – and I had to call and say, “Hey it’s
taking longer than it should. I already made this change for you guys,” and I
think I kind of got lost in the shuffle, so don’t be me! Once you you know go to
the Florida Health registry which is MMUregistry.FLhealth.gov so you want
to go and hopefully you’ve already made your username and password. Here you can do the whole process – apply and also check on the status of your application
once you’ve applied. Again, you know, give it a couple weeks. If it for some reason,
is stalling and you can call the hotline be the phone number is 1800-808-9580 Yeah, I have that memorized. Be
prepared to be on hold for like 20-30 minutes, and sometimes you’ll call and it
just won’t go through. Don’t be discouraged just call back. I’m sure they
have a high volume of calls so you just have to be kind of persistent put it on
speakerphone, do whatever you need to do but someone will answer, they always do,
and they’re always like, actually very courteous and helpful, so just be polite
and be patient and be prepared to wait. Once you go on, you will see these giant
green checkmarks if something is good and something in all red font if it’s
not good, so it’s pretty straightforward. You’re going to have different tabs – it’s
going to be the homepage, your profile, your card, and then an option to change
password and log out, so everything’s pretty straightforward. Here you can also
have access to your patient number and your card number – you’ll want to have
that kind of on hand in case you need it for a dispensary or what have you. Step Four: Card Approval Time! So once your card gets approved, you will get this email that says, “Medical Marijuana Use ID Card Application Has Been Approved.” It’s
pretty straightforward. You’ll see the Florida Health logo at the top of the
email and inside you’ll receive a note that says that you’ve been approved for
the Medical Marijuana Use Registry. You’ll also have your card ID number in
there and your patient number, and you’ll say – it’ll say your card is valid from
the date that you get this email for 365 days after that. So pretty, pretty
exciting to get this email. You can use this email if you want to go to a
dispensary you don’t have the physical card. Also in this email it says that
this email served as – serves as a temporary identi – verification which
may be printed and used and that the card itself is being processed and on
its way. So you will get a physical card but you’ll definitely get the
email in digital form first. Step Five: Visit your first dispensary! I’m here outside of Rise Cannabis and I’m about to go in and see if they can help me. Step Six: Get Your First Products! So I went inside and the staff members were really knowledgeable and helpful. They basically – I walked in, I filled out
some paperwork…the first page was just some basic information – contact, etc. The second page was more about my medical history and why I signed up for a
medical card. You turn that in when you go in they also ask you for your – either your
email with your patient information and your ID card number or your physical ID
card and your driver’s license, which they hold on to for a little while while
they’re processing. It takes a few more minutes the first time you go in so that
you can be put into their system, and then you basically go in from the
lobby to the back and speak to one of the staff members, tell them what you’re
looking for…I said I was looking for relief from neuropathy and muscle pain
due to my fibromyalgia and also anxiety and depression relief. Hey y’all, so I’m going to share what I bought the first time visiting a medical dispensary. I
ended up going to Rise Cannabis in Deerfield Beach and they also do pickup
and delivery, so that’s good to know. Their staff is super knowledgeable, it
was clean and professional in there, so I definitely want to go back. The first
thing I bought was a 300 milligram high CBD low THC tincture it looks and
feels like a premium product. The product design is super sleek; this is from The
Feel Collection. It says “Feel Healed” at the top and it looks and
feels like a premium product – like an expensive perfume or something, so you’ll
see that that nice gradient continues on the bottle and the recommended dose is
half a dropper. You’ll see that the dropper when you open it goes up to a
full milliliter and is marked at every .25 milliliters. Every half
dropper will give you 10 milligrams of CBD I believe. And because this is an
11:1 CBD to THC ratio, you’re getting less than one milligram of THC
per dose, so I honestly didn’t feel any psychoactive effects. I took it a little
bit ago and also last night and that’s great because that’s what I wanted. So
purchase number one…and purchase number two – I got a vape. So this is the “Rhythm”
vape and the variety is “Heal.” Again this is high CBD, but unlike the tincture
which is a super high ratio of CBD to THC this is about a 1:1. The CBD is
slightly higher, and you’ll see I’ll go ahead and open it. There’s three sizes
when you go into the dispensary – I went ahead and bought the biggest size, which
is a full gram. It comes in this protective case and these toppers come off. This is
a sleek, reusable battery. I’m pretty conscious about what I put in my
trashcan and how much waste I create. I’m very environmentally conscious, so I like reusable batteries versus disposable, which you’re just gonna toss and create
more trash. So it’s about six, seven inches…discrete, black, sleek – I like the
design and it comes again with the battery and the free charger. Smells
great…I have a visitor coming in a little bit, so I’m not gonna partake, that will be for later, but again thank
you so much, Rise! I had a great experience, and if you have any products
that you’d recommend or any comments please let me know and thank you so much. Happy healing!

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