Hi everyone! We’re here in Anytime Fitness right now I got a lot of requests of how do my workout or what I do when I’m in the gym. So for today, our focus will be the Miss Universe Workout and I got a special guest for today. He trained me before when I was going to compete for the Miss Universe I met Coach Mark here in this gym and we trained here, so everything happened here. After we finished training and after I won, he flew to Australia But he still trains through an app. He created an app, so there he gives me workout routine which I need to follow he can also monitor me through the app. Today we’re very lucky because he flew from Australia just to be able to train me. now keep in mind guys that I am not really feeling 100% conditioned today Hi guys! This is Coach Mark And he’s the one who trained me for the Miss Universe competition. Coach please tell them the story of how we met. It all started with Carla, she referred Pia to this gym. and Pia came here, back in 2015. I think we prepared for 4 months prior to meeting him, he was not a pageant fan, doesn’t know anything about pageants and he doesn’t train models or beauty queens. In fact when he met me, he didn’t know that I was going to compete in Ms. Universe and then I asked Pia: “What are you preparing for?” for me to know your goal and when. then I asked her midway the training, assessed her again, Coach: “By the way, what’s in January?” Pia: “uuhm… you know in Las Vegas…right?” That time, we thought the competition is going to be on January. it turned out to be earlier. it was moved to December 2015. after that I said the Ms. Universe will be in Las Vegas. so at the back of my head, I was like… “She’s only going to watch the Ms. Universe, she needs to workout for that?” My questions to her was like.. “what are you doing in the Ms. Universe event?” “What’s in Ms. Universe?” Finally she said, with the expression in her eyes, “it’s me…it’s me right…I’m going to compete right..? ” So I was overwhelmed that I am going to train a Ms. Universe I enjoyed so much… that.. that’s how we started ‘coz I didn’t feel that he is going to treat me differently from his other clients. whenever I have some mistakes, he will really tell me. At that time, I don’t have enough resources so he really trained me well, helped me, he supplies me with shakes that I need, or whatever I need to add onto my diet. he monitors my diet thoroughly He looked after me. I really enjoyed so much My trainings on walking and Q & A will be useless if i can’t pass through the swimsuit competition. First, it should be swimsuit, after that, evening gown then the Q & A even if my gown is pretty, even if my answer is great that’s all nothing if my body isn’t perfect, first and foremost! Pia booked my flight, to make this possible. that’s how much you mean to me so Gazini messaged me, she asked for some advice about diet and fitness I told her what I did… but if you want to learn more or know more, I can refer you to my trainer It’s not a generic programs or preset templates that if you download the app, there are ready exercise routines I make sure that you do all of the exercises. he can still look after me no matter how far he is. so anyway, let’s start! am I ready? am I ready to struggle? okay, I’m ready.. the warm up is crucial. make sure you do your warm up before engaging in any physical activity that’s only the warm up. how was I able to do that everyday? A full body workout. Let’s start with your legs the leg exercise that we’ll do is a dumbbell squat we’ll do 12
repetitions and then we’ll do time based body weight for 30 seconds we’ll do the second set the other way around we’ll do time based. So you’ll do the squats for 30 sec and then i’ll give you the weight, you do 12 reps. your goal is to the back to back exercise it increases your heart rate, more calories you burn second set,
just to keep you confused because if you do not anticipate, it’s difficult so you can go back to that, then again time-based, i’ll give you the weight, 12 reps. good? clear? the workout is so difficult, even I am sweating.. or is it hot? are you counting, coach? yes it’s 6, even if you replay it, it’s 6 it’s definitely 6 now going 7 3 Pi. already 9. It’s Ms. Universe workout, not Instagram workout. if only it’s an Intagram workout, it’s gonna be easy will never surrender you do your back, the primary muscle will be the back but at the same time, you’re doing your arms as well since your biceps are also functioning and then the other way around again. Your second set is time based. and then I’ll give you a rep based exercise. how many reps? it’s gonna be 12 reps always. that’s our rep range Gazini, please do the reps for me coz I can’t do it anymore. please do it.. for the country.. I’m done with the legs personally, I’d say my legs are weak because my legs are slim so for me, this is the most painful part, the legs. our next exercise after your back if you notice our program started with the big muscle parts legs, back, and then chest we’ll do push. the function of the push is you work your chest and your triceps at the same time. and then what’s next? then 12 reps of push ups before if there’re 5 reps left and then i feel weak already, our counting would be fourth runner-up, third runner-up, second runner-up if I stop, I’ll only be second runner-up first runner-up! and then the last.. Miss Universe! that makes me energetic! guys please be nice to the girls it’s really not easy then people will just bash us? hours here TRX community goes well again
Yvonne all came from a chocolate yeah totally
that was exciting I’m not a novel instructional program and eggs would
push after that with no core exercise for the poor fine beasts monocular I’ll
give you 30 seconds for each exercise and I’ll give you and then okay and lastly you will do your cooldown confusion happiness sadness brain under
sedation I’m bad imma lay my recovery now man I
don’t know what I’m still big and boom a nickname
it was about 1:00 so Medina overwhelming ownership over say it’s been a while
since I did work out with this type of intensity
although I do work out and I’m regularly but not in this like level usually made
you comfortable Purina for water it you intensity numb out work out but since we
decided that today we’re gonna do something like a Miss Universe training
we took it up a notch and I have my name in there and then I’m gonna work out you
know what happened so potentially guys and Danica moments not alike are not
given adorable that is I think I’m workout someone like this
aren’t meant to be pretty in Telugu Toto a mahine of Telugu sha la
luna bomb Paris aaronanddeana monophonic Miss Universe training now if it’s
countable then maybe you’re not doing it right
the guy in a submissive any coach Community College a rapper or Latika
it’s not challenging your I’m not a knight in that word whether your
progress will be slow so and I want to be clear that exercise
there is no such a thing as exercises for male and female so when they did not
want exercise neither give ela when I combine exercise when we combine
exercise so after you might get in further Miss Universe also he doesn’t
wanna be an exercise where the Canon suitable the exercise for you make sure
you get a personal trainer to guide you must 11 Alejo execution how to make it
safe for you guys how to make it effective for you
always consult a personal trainer for you to be assessed and to know the right
so Yoanna any work Manami pneumonic the memory is si on
here of telegram what train I realized like it may look so easy
blabbers onto the pero sobre made of telugu movie like that
girls muttering heat up the Panetta video you guys every become Dean at the
white Vincent’s everyone but after twice the power fellow Gong intense so I guess
like another like side not another thing that I can share is that be nice to the
girls so anybody was watching this right now I hope it kind of windy man echoing
society at least Mauritania na hindi Telugu model in vinegar the island of
Moroccan women are representative latina society Sebastian indeed analogue in
aquatic accessory and in a part up to second year starting to happen like
before I guess we can punish you these girls and you know say all these nasty
things online so I not take into consideration really the time the sweat
of blood and the tears that they put through making themselves look good to
represent all of us that we need allegation by the way so be nice to the
girls I mean our Starbuck I better be some also salute path bugging me bite
Pattaya and another say okay yeah so maraming salamat lately so
much for watching all of this I don’t machine all your comments and
suggestions in fact letting it go that you guys wanted to see what I do in the
gym so this is a nice feeling so pay up keep on commenting keep on sending in
your suggestions anything we read all of them as we take them in consideration
for our next vlog I’m so happy that a lot of you have subscribed
mr. price to order our nominee new voices and uh no no no mama first ents
block or so maraming maraming salamat I’m glad to be starting my blog here at
my youtube so thank you so much guys and don’t forget to like respect the Sevilla
don’t forget to Like and subscribe to my channel don’t forget to subscribe Macromedia the most likely babu saheb
doe and let us know what you want me to do
next and also Salama thank coach mark for agreeing to do this vlog with me I
just ruined ideas Sabra the three dimensional right away and do me but
Pasha all the way from Melbourne just to bleep well well to be able to do this
vlog with me and also the three Passini so
maraming salamat thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us and
making us Miss Universe ready you

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