Hi and welcome to knit with Hannah I’m
Hannah and I’m here with Knitting natter to help you learn to knit the easy way this doesn’t look like knitting does it? well I am NOT knitting today but I am
tidying up my knitting needles I have had my knitting needles in a large case for a long time it’s got a zip on it and it’s long enough for a 35 centimeter needles but I actually have so many now I have them in wood and bamboo I have my old
metal ones which I just do not want to get rid of I’ve I love them so much
because they’re different colors they’re really beautiful to just look at and
that made me think that why have I got them hidden in a zip top bag? why don’t I
just appreciate them every day? so what I have now is these wrapped up together so I know that they’re a pair like this. I have them in a beautiful jug that I found
when I was on holiday I went in a shop we were walking past I saw it in the window and I thought I want that jug It was very, very unlike me actually shabby
chic I’m not a shabby chic kind of girl but it just appealed to me because of the pattern that had been painted on it and I yep just went in there and said that’s for me I’m having it and I knew what was gonna do what I was gonna do
with it all of my needles are stood in that now whilst they’re wrapped up as pairs so I’m going to show you how I’ve done that as you can see I have a little book of paper here a friend sent this to me it
was just she’d had it for a while and knew she
wouldn’t use it herself she realized that I’m a paper freak sometimes I just have too much which makes me wonder why she sent it to me actually but I’ve got it out and I’ve used it and this is how I’ve used it I’m going to actually, that is a
beautiful one I’m gonna take that I’m going to cut it into strips nothing fancy I’m not getting the ruler out and drawing the line first I’m just going to cut that there we go that would do I do have a few more pairs of needles to do once I’d done a large majority of my needles I suddenly discovered quite a few more that was sitting around somewhere so I do have a pile to go through and sort and I would do that later today I think right now this is fun isn’t it finding the end of the sellotape! there we go so you just need a
couple of pieces for each pair of needles there we are so just take one needle and wrap the end around it like that and then that piece
can go there and then it’s just a case of wrapping
that one next to it and I will take that snip that off I’m actually going to make that piece of tape smaller and that’s nice and cozy there it’s not overly
tight but it’s not loose it will stay on there it’s not going to lose its
shape there, I just move that up there slightly it’s nice and taut but that’s a small pair so you can see a little bit of the pattern but not a
great deal but you’ll see it more with this there we are
so this is five point five millimetre needles I’ve been doing really large
pairs so it looks fabulous as that single piece of sellotape left I’ll just cut myself another piece but because it’s a lovely grain on the wood and the bamboo the needles that I use I just thought I’d really like to appreciate
them especially as it’s part of my life that’s something that happens with me
something that I do something that I use on a daily basis my one worry about
putting them in a vase like this like a bunch of flowers or something was actually that they get dusty but because I’m in and out of them so often then actually they that hasn’t happened they’ve been like that for a couple of
months now and I move them about I’m rummaging in them so much that I just can go in there and use them and they haven’t had that problem and I really
like seeing them waiting for me in the corner of the room there we go then I
will show you a photo at the end of this if I can I’m getting to grips with
editing this video I’ve been doing this for since March 2017 and it’s it’s early
2018 now so I I’m really enjoying editing this what I would like to know is do you have any questions? if you have any questions that I could answer there
and then I’d really love to do make videos for you it’s I’ve really
enjoyed this year thank you so much for being part of it so I hope that’s been helpful if you’re a new knitter and you’re just starting to build up your needles collection then I hope that’s helpful for you you could put them in a colourful glass or a smaller vase rather than a jug but I really do think it’s nice to have them
in the corner of the room and appreciate them rather than having them sit, like I
have for so many years in a zip-top bag where I can’t really see them and I
forget how much I love knitting just if I miss it for a couple of weeks and the
needles aren’t there waiting for me then I then I forget right I will think of by
then if you are a new knitter and you might like to sign up to my beginners
mistakes PDF it’s a series of PDFs and a series of emails to just help you start
your knitting avoid the mistakes that might go wrong it’s just one of those
things that happens that there’s always whenever you’re starting something new
there’s a few things that can stop you dead in your tracks and I’ve put all
those together and believe me I’ve made most of those mistakes myself! but just just pick up on those tips and it will
really help you as you get going as a knitter okay that’s the link if or that
is below and there’s also the link for my website KnitWithHannah.co.uk thank you so much for joining me today I hope you’ve enjoyed how we’ve
moved slightly away from knitting but we’re still talking about the tools great thanks for joining me I’ll see you again soon happy knitting!

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