(upbeat music)>>Narrator: Every year in
the US, patients receive 21 million blood transfusions. What if there was a better
solution, with significantly improved outcomes?>>So nearly every surgical
procedure involves some degree of blood loss and traditionally,
we give patients blood from the blood bank. However, another option exists,
which is called Bloodless Medicine and Surgery,
where we use alternative to transfusion.>>Narrator: Techniques performed
before, during and after surgery result in minimized
blood loss, faster recovery, fewer infections and quicker discharge. Bloodless medicine eliminates the need for a blood transfusion,
thus avoiding the dangers of allergic reaction,
contamination and the possibility of receiving the wrong blood type. Before surgery, medication
and nutritional supplements increase hemoglobin levels,
which help your body handle blood loos during surgery. A process called Hemodilution
temporarily replaces a portion of the patient’s
blood with fluids, lessening the impact of blood loss during surgery. Tools and techniques during
surgery include anesthesia processes to safely lower blood
pressure, harmonic scalpels clot the blood while cutting the tissue. Cell salvage machines
collect lost blood, wash it and return it to the patient. Hemoglobin monitors reduce the
need to collect blood samples to be sent to the lab. After surgery, medications
and techniques can minimize bleeding and improve oxygen in the blood. Often after surgery, blood
must be drawn to run follow up testing in the lab. Microsampling requires
1/10th the amount of blood traditionally drawn,
reducing the amount of blood patients lose by almost 90%. At Johns Hopkins, our team
of highly trained experts have been providing patients
alternatives and peace of mind for years. (upbeat music)

8 thoughts on “How it Works: Bloodless Medicine and Surgery – An Alternative to Blood Transfusion”

  1. If I wake up in a damned hospital, someone’s ass is mine. If I’ve been given blood, I will kill the butcher responsible.

  2. I worked at a major hospital in Seattle, Washington as a CNA. Before we could be hired, we had to read 3 different doctors booklets about blood transfusions and how very extremely dangerous they are. They mentioned blood transfusions was ONLY meant if you are in an extreme situation, like a literal war zone with no access to water, then you can use other soldiers to give blood immediately. (That is why all the military dog tags have your blood type on them. I know. I was in the Navy.) All of us were shocked how bad they are. One doctors booklet literally said "Blood transfusions are like Russian roulette. Even if the patient survives, the problems they will have the rest of their life are many." Then, they made us sign a document stating that we can NEVER tell anyone, the patient or the family, any of the information we read!!!!!!!! 95% of the people we gave blood transfusions to DIED. The booklets also mention that just because you have the same blood type as someone in need only matters very little.
    And, one nurse showed us at different times patients invoices for blood transfusions. The ones without insurance got charged $50.00 a pint while the ones with insurance got charged $500.00. One man who was dying from brain cancer and was rich got charged $ 1,500.00 a pint!!

    For years hospitals LIED saying that you can store your blood for your own surgery weeks ahead of time!!! People got diseases like hepatitis and AIDS! The people sued and won but you never heard that on the news.

    Why do you think hospitals and surgeons are changing to bloodless surgery? The real reason is that their hospital's high costs of millions of dollars a year in malpractice insurance drops dramatically. Also, I personally know hematologists. The truth is: no matter what -blood starts dying and only has a 24-36 hour lifespan. Go online and READ what hospitals ALL over the world are changing to bloodless surgery.
    The fact is too: your body makes new red blood cells all the time. There is a counter somewhere inside the body, doctors think it's inside the brain, that counts your body blood cell level.
    I am trying to find the article in which a surgeon said " The reality is surgeons will now have to practice excellent surgery instead of the slop style. Because blood was available, we didn't really care how many blood vessels we cut. Now we have to be more precise."
    I eventually became a Jehovah's Witness. Not only because of this but more importantly, the other religions I attended do not practice what they preach. I recommend to all to go to JW.ORG and watch the free videos. Especially the ones of scientists, doctors, etc experiences of what they have to say.

  3. https://youtu.be/qxnDqUcVdAU




  4. I was a DVT patient,I use anticoagulation tab revaroxaban,due to deficiency of red blood cells,my leg' blood clot dissolve before the time, now what I could do,& I M so weak.& Also A patient of kidny infection sore throat &,low immunity.I also eat multi vitamins, calcium, Iron,etc supplements , but all in vein.& Now I became a patient of easy bruises & Internal bleeding,so therefore I can't walk since 2018, No what I could do, please tell me about the good medicines so I could be improve my good health.

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