This is the deadliest animal in the world. Mosquitoes kill hundreds of thousands of people
each year… the most vulnerable people: children, pregnant women… No other bite kills more humans… or makes
more of us sick. So what makes a mosquito’s bite so effective? For starters, they’re motivated. Only females bite us. They need blood to make
eggs… And a pool of water for their babies to hatch in. Even a piece of trash can hold enough. At first glance, it looks simple — this mosquito
digging her proboscis into us. But the tools she’s using here are sophisticated. First, a protective sheath retracts – see
it bending back? If you look at a mosquito’s head under a
microscope, you can see what that sheath protects. And inside *there* are six needles! Two of them have tiny teeth. She uses those to saw through the skin. They’re so sharp you can barely feel her pushing. These other two needles hold the tissues apart while she works. From under the skin, you can see her probing, looking for a blood vessel. Receptors on the tip of one of her other needles pick up on chemicals that our blood vessels exude naturally and guide her to it. Then she uses this same needle like a straw. As her gut fills up, she separates water from the blood and squeezes it out. See that drop? That frees up space to stuff herself with
more nutritious red blood cells. With another needle, she spits chemicals into us. They get our blood flowing more easily, and give us itchy welts afterwards. And sometimes, before she pries herself away, she leaves a parting gift in her saliva: a virus or a parasite that can sicken or kill
us. There’s nothing in it for her. The viruses
and parasites are just hitching a ride. But this is what makes mortal enemies out of us
and mosquitoes. They take our blood. Sometimes we take theirs.
But often, not soon enough. Good. You’re still there. . These are the
larvae of Culex pipiens, a.k.a. the common house mosquito here in California. Gross, right?
Well, you can avoid them by emptying your rain gutters. Pet water dishes too. While
you’re at it, subscribe! We have so many more science videos coming your way. See you next

100 thoughts on “How Mosquitoes Use Six Needles to Suck Your Blood | Deep Look”

  1. I have three the only villains here are them My mind:we should put them in jail or tiny cages Donald trump we need help although I don’t like u ????

  2. What if my skin was venomouse and my blood poisoness to only bugs?

    Edit: would I be a helpful form of life to this planet?

    Edit2: and spiders are not bugs, they are a highly different catagory of being and they dont have wings. Good bugs will not be affected, so come at me butterflys! Butterflys, bees, any of the good bugs that are harmless and friendly unless you bug them will be fine, yet bad bugs would die, moths are stupidly halariouse, so those must be kept.

  3. Wait… mosquitos had already started to kill people?

    I thought they just started to……


  4. Deadass I was beating off and a mosquito landed on me I schmacked it but I schmacked my wee wee in the process and now I’m in so much pain my right ear has been ringing for 30 minutes straight

  5. They hold the secret to pain free injections why have we not unlocked it?I would LOVE to trade the pain of the needle for the itch of the saliva

  6. I just had a transparent mosquito to land on my arm and it wasnt a new born it was the size of i guess an adult i would say but i cant find anything on it anyone know of this type?

  7. I'm a letter carrier and mosquitoes have taken plenty of blood from me recently. I feel so violated and my blood is not even going to a good cause just for her to make more parasites. ? ? Sick.

  8. You can kill the virus with a hair dryer, the dryer heats up to 140 degrees and it evaporates the toxins and kill the virus. You also get rid of the itch.

  9. My daughter looks at mosquito bite

    Me: I will put something on it

    My daughter: It doesn't hurt of itch but it is a mosquito bite from my dog

    Me puts something on it

    My daughter: Thx dad

  10. I noticed I had those babies in my bowl of water and it has a plant and I saw them swimming and I threw it in the sink I was like ewwww.

  11. You don’t have my respect mosquitoes. And when I’m done none of the mosquitoes will still be alive. I hope no one remembers you.

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