(Another peaceful day at the gym) Extend your arm. (Nervous) – Miru. / – What is he doing? Oh, InBody. His body got nicer. I thought I got under 10%. (Now it’s Seongsu’s turn) It keeps going up. (His fat percentage is increasing rapidly) – Your inspection is complete. / – Darn it. (Miru and Dongeun finish their checks as well) I feel like Dongeun’s numbers went up as well since she ate so much. (Their inspections are complete) I checked the body fat percentage of my employees. I need to control their pace to prepare them for the competition next March and April. I was worried that they’d remain the same, so I checked their body fat percentage. (The employees bring their results with them) Give it to me. (Let’s see…) (Their body fat percentage goal) (5% for men, under 12% for women) (What are their results?) Seongsu… (Nervous) Aren’t you gaining too much fat? (His goal body fat percentage is 5%) (Currently, he’s at 15.7%) You need to lose some fat. Yes. He used to have that kind of body. It really looks Photoshopped. He became a completely different person. His body got bloated. Miru, is something going on? Are you operating a restaurant? – What’s his number? 17%? / – 17% Oh, my. – This is the same person? / – Yes. It was May of this year? (The best plastic surgery is a diet?) – His chin is different. / – Isn’t that So Jisub? It’s a completely different person. There are lots of people who are different. You’re getting fatter. – Lose some fat. / – Yes, sir. – Jeongtae… / – Yes. (What are Jeongtae’s results?) – You need to gain more weight. / – Yes. I understand. Oh, he needs to gain weight. I want to increase his level but he can’t eat so well. (Jeongtae can’t eat very well) Kim Dongeun. (It’s time for Dongeun’s anticipated results) She ate a lot. She ate noodles and so much other food. She ate a lot at the temple stay as well. (There was more than that…) (She made a shrimp graveyard at a buffet) (She ate the beef tartare by herself) (Did she take care of herself after all that food?) (I hope that he doesn’t yell at me…)

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