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  1. What are they going to I.d the kids? Lol I've seen some 12 year olds that look 17. Lmao. My fiance looked 18 when he was 14. Lol It's the opposite for me When I was 18 people thought I was 13 or 14. I'm almost 29 and people think I'm 18 or 19. Lol.


  3. you see, im 13. i want to go trick or treating, but im afraid people will think im older than i am and wont give me candy lol

  4. My mom wants me to stop trick or treating! She says I'm too old and I am only 11 years old. I am trying to enjoy the rest of my childhood before I reach age sixteen and my mom us screwing it by saying " your too old to be trick or treating at 11!" It hurts me and makes me feel like an old lady.it also makes me want to be younger than I already am which is a bad thing because u should love ur age.AGE IS JUST A NUMBER!!!

  5. I believe that 16 should be the age to stop trick or treating, you can drive to the store and get the candy yourself. I’m 14 and trick or treating this year.

  6. Who are the 66% of people who think that Trick or Treating should have an age limit, their minds must be corrupted or something.

  7. Nobody does it, anyway. Too scary. You get hit on Deliverance style at shotgun point. Always bring a bow and arrow with you. lol

  8. 108. With the following caveats. You must have a costume. And remember to say Trick or treat. Otherwise you get dental floss.

  9. Virginia is one of the poorest shithole state. No wonder why they would create this law. It’s easy as taking candy from a baby.

  10. one time i was trick or treating and there was this 16 yr old that came to the same house and the lady said 'I am not giving it to older kids. Sorry'

  11. Im watching this because my mom does not let me go trick or treating with my friends even though i am almost 13 and she also does not want to take me and my 5 year old sister

  12. Mean that should be decided by families personally for me after 12 I stopped trick or treating but I’m not going to refuse to give candy to an older kid.

  13. This is a super stupid thing to try and make a law about how is a teenager or adult trick or treating actually hurting anyone? I would rather encourage innocent fun over an having a teenager egg a house or a have random hookup at a frat house.

  14. So your telling me I'm gonna get to pay for saying trick or treat when I'm 16
    Your crazy I'm not doing that

  15. I am 14 and I am going Trick-Or-Treating this year. Free candy is free candy. Like if your older and you still go!

  16. I’m 13 and I want to go trick or treating because my friends are going. Am I too old to go? I’m going to properly dress up, I just feel that I might be too old.

  17. I don’t think there should be an age limit to trick or treating honestly.. if you love Halloween, you love Halloween and if you wanna go trick or treating, you should go 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ it’s dumb

  18. I’m 25 and I still go trick or treating!!! Haha jokes but I love dressing up as a character
    And going to Halloween socials 😍

  19. "by 16, you're old enough have to already been working" isn't that child labour? 16-year-olds should be studying for exams not getting stuck in an office or be out there washing cars the legal trick or treating age should be 18 cause thats the legal age you should be working.

  20. I personally wouldn’t think anybody could be too old to go trick-or-treating. It just doesn’t seem as if adults usually consider doing so. If you assume that someone is too old and therefore don’t know that person’s actual age, keep the thought to yourself. How old the trick-or-treater looks is none of your business!

  21. How old is To old? I don’t know but I’m Sure the nanny state will tell us.

    Oh? They did? Already? 13 and you go to Jail?

    How about flavors? Did they go from Jailing the children to Pretending to Help them? And to Think I was Born in Virginia,yuck

  22. How do they get the kids……will they depend on “see something say something” will you turn in the child who dares to dress himself in a Halloween costume and go with his brothers and sisters door to door trick or treating?

    The Nanny state has Ruined this holiday for me. What next? Christmas? Will you create a law forbidding children presents?

    And what Happens to the Adult who Dared to give a child of 13 Halloween candy? How long is Our jail sentence. 6 mos. for the child surly it’ll be 6 years for the adult.

    Hey Virginia…..did you Already Have child jails?

  23. I never knew it was a issue until I was 15 going for my last year and got a lot of rude adults, ruined my last year. My mom growing up had teens treating and didn’t bat a eye just a “here u go, have fun and be safe!”

  24. Last year (btw I was 11 when this happened so I’m 12 right now) I went to this house with candy already inside my bag right? Right so I did the usual trick or treat…the woman just stared at me and said: excuse me but aren’t you a little too old for this? After that….I went home and stayed indoors for the rest of my life. Fin

  25. If they wore a freakin costume no one would know their stupid age. I would like to ban trick r treating without a costume. That is just redundant. I'll still give em candy just in case they're vengeful ghosts but I know they're not.😡

  26. No TEENAGER should be allowed by law to trick or treat.
    In MY day only GRADE SCHOOLERS trick or treated and you would be laughed at if you were any older.
    But today's millennials were raised with no morals and trained to beg and steal instead of WORK and EARN.

  27. im 14 and gonna go trick or treating with my two friends then having a sleep over

    i live in the uk where there is no age limit soooo
    point to the uk

  28. I'm 16 and Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love dressing up and seeing all the decorations and just walking around having fun. I don't even care about the candy anymore. My little sister turned 10 this year and is in 5th grade, but because my mom doesn't like Halloween and we're all tall for our ages (10, 12, and 16) she won't let us buy costumes or go out or even decorate. My dad wants to go out on Halloween but none of us have costumes because we live with our mom. She's ruining Halloween.

  29. I remember when I was 11 or 12, (Halloween was always my favorite holiday so I would go all-out with costumes and get a group of friends) I went up to this old lady’s house to trick or treat. She proceeded to take a piece of candy, wave it around in front of me, pretend to put it in my bucket, and rip it away. And then she scolded me about how I was too old. Being a smol sensitive anxious kid, the rest of the night was pretty suckish. I avoided her house ever since.

  30. This has been bothering me and i really want to go trick or treating this year and i been upset about it thinking about what im going to do for Halloween and yes it's really hard for me should i pass candy out or go trick or treating i don't know what to because i don't want to miss out i want to have fun and go see scary houses to if others get lucky and i don't 😠 😠 😠yes that's not fair 😠

  31. Aw…
    I wanted to visit Canada/Usa around October to do this but apparently I will be to old when I get there ,_,
    Another childhood dream ruined 😛
    I hope they don't put a age limit at Disney too

  32. I don't care how old you are. As long as you're wearing a costume, your getting candy in that bucket. I'm 13 and I'm going 😌

  33. Yeah let’s get pressed about teen trick or treating oh well don’t get mad when we r having parties and drinking alcohol sense we r “alduts”

  34. Age doesn't matter. Nobody is getting candy at my house. I leave the porch light on to troll kids, but I never answer the door.

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