Hi folks I’m Bob Schrupp physical
therapist. I’m Brad Heineck physical therapist. And together we are the most famous physical therapist on the
internet. you know say no more Bob. My wife would actually sit down with you
for three hours and talk to you about this but okay today we’re going to talk
about how TENS can help you help your pain neck pain back pain shoulder pain
knee pain basically I don’t know how you use a TENS unit Brad but with I have it
with patients mostly it’s it’s kind of a treatment of last resort kind of almost
last resort you know there are some variations but yeah because the biggest
thing is because even if they are successful you still have to deal with
the wires and there’s a bit of inconvenience that sometimes doesn’t so
it doesn’t know you know yeah it’s not a it’s not an easy thing to use all the
time although a lot of times you can just put this thing in your pocket and
the wires you can run up through the sleeve won’t even see it sure
they’ve they’ve you know Brad and I have the benefit of age in this one I and
I’ve been at this longer the Brad has actually and I remember when tens units
first came out sure and I and we actually had representatives I was
working at the Mayo Clinic and representatives would come down from EMPI and they were showing us
this new thing I mean so uh and back then the you know back then the pads were so
terrible and you put your own gel on and then needed to tape the pads on- oh my
gosh it was just awful and the machines were bigger. People don’t care about that.
okay alright let’s go ahead let’s start talking so what we’re gonna do but wait
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around for us. We’re catching up now all right so we’re today what we we’re
going to use is a tens unit from I don’t know how do you say this Brad
Oh hu hu (Ohuhu) and they call it a mini massage which we don’t quite
understand yet but we thought the price intrigued us
and the quality of it the price is incredible yeah it’s a really good price
though we did more research and we’ve been working with it trying to see you
know is it really gonna do the job and so far it’s passed and everything with A
pluses yeah our only criticism is the use of the mini massager because it’s
not a massager it’s a TENS unit sure and secondly it doesn’t go into the
different modes I want to talk a little bit about those today Brad because
you’re not gonna know which mode you’re on I mean I’m guessing which mode we’re
on right we know things as high tens and low tens and burst right and and
obviously I can feel those but I can tell when I when I’m on one of them but
the average person’s not gonna know right okay all right so let’s let’s do
this first off what does a TENS unit do Brad so when you’re getting pain I’m
glad you’re answering it I’m gonna answer this so when you get pain let’s
say you you hit your thumb I’ll put a big thumb right there oh and it hurts
and you hit it with the hammer cuz you’re like me and you don’t know how
what you’re doing it sends a signal I’ll use to red for that yeah a little
fiery red so it sends a signal all the way up through the nerves up into your
brain and that’s why this guy looks sad yeah cuz this unit what
it does it stimulates the A beta nerves no you’re gonna keep get some eyes
glassed over so these nerves actually when you stimulate them they inhibit the
passing of this pain message okay so it cuts it off and it’s called the gate theory
gate theory I distinctly remember that in school and so I cuts it off there’s just no
pain now my experience with TENS units is that generally I don’t know maybe 40
to 50 percent of the people find it helpful right and I’d say about the same
and some people really like it and some people think it has not worth it all
right so if you buy one of these understand that you might be one of the
people that it doesn’t help I mean it just it just doesn’t make any difference
but I have an uncle he’s had some severe injuries from being electrocuted and
he’s 87 years old and he’s been using for 20-30 years yeah they they off they
used to use them after surgeries and sometimes implanted the leads Remember when they used to to implant
them yeah so it you know there’s definitely it if they have some merit to
sit the research shows that it works a little bit better on acute pain than
chronic pain but again it’s there’s the big thing about this is really no
side effects you know there’s certain conditions we
don’t want you to use it on we might as well go over those now sure I mean I got these
written down to make sure pacemaker right you don’t want to do it over the
carotid sinuses you want to show where that is Brad over the neck- if
you have a blood clot you don’t want to use it if you’re pregnant I wouldn’t use
it over the pelvis trunk low back you know anywhere around by the baby alright
I just stay away stay away Yes use a cold pack yeah if you have decreased
sensation I wouldn’t use it alright good point you’ve got neuropathy
right right good point skin irritation open wounds right if you have a high
fever if you have an infectious disease they said high blood pressure – I’m not
sure why I’m the machine it said that the machine that’s probably being pretty
cautious because yeah on that one okay so let’s let’s start off with this
particular unit Brad you’re not going to be able to see some of this because it’s
so small but what this unit has is it has basically well maybe I could show it
on here Brad oh yes it has an M M as in Mary as in mode mode it has a circle
here and then like this and O for the control button yeah the control button
then it has a T and that’s time and over here it’s got a positive and over here
it’s got a negative you know Bob I’m thinking of people are you know 35 years
or 40 years or younger they’re just gonna figure they’re gonna figure it out
quicker than we are but I just by pushing the M button that’s the mold
button and it’s got six different pictures on there and that’s
my other criticism of this you’ve looked at these pictures right Brad yeah there
you can’t tell what these are I have no idea what they have little one looks
like a little kidney almost jumping around and another is a brain or I don’t
know so you’re just gonna have to try the different modes and then we can talk
about which ones are which okay so you got the little machine
you’re gonna take you get two sets of leads all right this is this is called a
lead and it goes into the bottom right yep okay and it’s got two sets 2 types
of pads it’s got larger pads it’s got smaller
pads there’s a small one is a small one now the the larger ones are going to be
obviously for a larger area of the body if you’re doing like the calf muscle
maybe I’d use two small muscles or small pads right but if you if you’re doing it
almost any other area you could use the one of the larger pads I’ve got them
stuck on my arm right here hey why don’t you go and hook yours up Brad okay now
the other thing is is these pads are sticky and they’re they’re good pads I’m
impressed with them however if you are putting them on an arm and
you’re a hairy person you gotta shave yeah you really need it works much
better when there’s no hair you want to clean the skin actually probably put
some alcohol on it right and then the other thing is these pads don’t
share them between people just like needles and also to prolong the pads
life a lot of times just put a few drops of water on there and it’ll it’ll kind
of revive – revive them yeah and you can buy additional pads for for
these units right so online yeah can we do everything on Amazon so he’s right
now he’s gonna turn it on which the switches up here and he flipped that on
and then he’s gonna hit the M mode maybe we couldn’t how is that Lonnie can you a
little bit so then he’s gonna hit the M mode which picks which mold here I am
I’m gonna hit that now I’m on this second one now I went over this
so it looks like it has to me looks like a stomach and this one looks like maybe
for headaches this one has a little foot then this one has a ear really don’t
know what the little things mean but what do you what you’re gonna want to do
is you’re gonna hit the mode and then I want you to hit the intensity which you
only have to hit it like one or two right so on the bottom bar here tells
the intensity there’s only one bar there I can barely feel a tingle so this feels
like pins and needles now you have to be careful that you don’t go up too fast if
I hit the plus you’ll see the bar here there are two bars now I have this on a
trigger point on my muscle that’s why my muscle is yeah I was gonna hold it Brad
and really movies but then watch what his arm is doing- can you see that Lonnie
now it’s pulsing yeah now look his hand is curling up like that he didn’t do
that you did it I mean the Machine did that see no this is for a pain I
would move these pads because I don’t really want to have my muscles contract
right you know what I’m saying yeah if I move this pad over here I
probably wouldn’t get that why don’t we turn it off I’ll do that quick well the
other thing is Brad that you could do if you went on a wider area I think I mean
you could use the smaller pads there but you know but I’m think that’s it’s an
actual trigger point isn’t it a muscle trigger point yeah it probably is right there
we’ll see all right I’m gonna let you turn it up cuz I don’t want to be I
don’t want you screaming like a young girl or young boy now
this is uh this Mode is going on and on now I’ve seen a lot of them where
there will be a light that flickers and there we go this is getting pretty
strong I’m amazed at how strong see I would probably turn this down because
this is too strong for me I’m gonna go down and I don’t like this Mode it’s
ramping up up up up up really strong and then it turns off that’s why it’s gonna
be really important for you to try the different modes on this I found mode
number one was one of the more comfortable Modes okay I think that’s
what we used to call High Tens Brad so that’s a high frequency rate and the
high frequency rates tend to be more comfortable so and the low ones the ones
that are more uncomfortable Brad those tend to be the ones that remember
this can naturally stimulate the opioids in your system the endogenous
opioids You’ve been doing your homework Bob yes I have so the different settings will do
different things you have the gate theory and then you have the the opioids
and some of them might do both sir then is the burst one you you felt that burst
one brad where it kind of it’s almost like gunfire sir that that also is for
the opioids so you have to plan on spending not a lot of you know you might
spend twenty minutes to an hour going through different modes because the
instruction book on this is not real detail no it’s not you know it’s $30 I
guess they figure you’re I don’t know what they figure but the quality of the
tens it’s strong again Brad every time again because of our age we recall when these
units used to go for a thousand dollars right and and and even as of like five
years ago they were going for like seven hundred so I mean this to us is just
amazing that is where you get a unit for thirty bucks I mean you can’t buy pain
pills that cheap you know and the other thing is there’s no side effects on
there right no side effects the other thing is what I really like about it is
it it recharges Brad because remember we always had to get batteries a 9-volt
batteries I still got some up here right near the old ones that have the 9-volt
batteries so you can plug this in your computer yep into your computer or you
got this piece right here that’ll go right into the olivet so it’s just like
a phone charging a phone well so what do you say we’ll give it a err
I’ll give it an a but I give it a you know a c-minus for instructions and for
the description it’s not a massager right and oh just real quickly bread oh
so pads so placement yeah for placement so again like if you’re if you’re doing
your neck you know you could try it on each side of the of the pain if the pain
is right here this is the backside that’s why there’s no face sir so now
let’s say it’s across the entire upper back I would put two of them at a slant
bread like this okay now let’s say you’re having sciatica I would put one
on the top of the sciatic and one down on the leg in the distance
sir you uh if you go really far apart it may not be strong enough for that you
just have to play with that and see how things go calf muscles I put to the side
by side so you can yeah you can put them you know horizontal like this you can
put them at an angle like this or you can put them side by side vertical they
always should be at least an inch apart okay so yeah all right well I think we
spend enough time on this bread but it is it is gonna to invest a little time
and learning how to use it and which mold to use right yeah it’s a
complicated unit to go through everything and you know ten minutes so
yeah we’re doing our best all right thanks everybody for what we care for you

33 thoughts on “How “TENS” Can Help Your Pain-Neck, Back, Shld., Knee Pain (Non-Drug Approach)”

  1. I think I pinched a nerve in my neck. I reacted to a frisbee and turned my head really fast and now it hurts when I try to turn it the other way

  2. iam on the strongest drugs going and more than one type. let me tell you i bought a tens machine the other day and its the best thing i have ever bought , but it cost me 30 pounds and the sticky only work about 2 times and in the long run it cost more for pad but pain wise its amazing I have mri in November , i keep getting stuck lower back or hip i cant move but iam screaming i lift my left leg it kills my right pelvic area my best setting on tens machine is the needle setting feels like a million needles going in at one time omg 5 years of pain wish i knew before about these things better than morpine /buperorpine/800mg of others on so many but i would rather this nowit workssssssss

  3. Funny story about me & my TENS unit: went to a surprise Baby Shower for my daughter and accidentally turned it up to FULL THROTTLE when I meant to turn it OFF. I'd worn it on my lower back, hooked discretely in the waistband of my skirt w/a busy print tank top pulled down over it. Thankfully I was wearing a very wide and very long Prairie skirt because my leg flew all the way up in the air that would've made a Las Vegas ShowGirl blush! So much for wearing it discreetly so as not to call attention to myself. The hush that came over the room was unbelievably thick, LOL No one there beside my 2 daughters had ever met me, nor I them….Hello There, I'm Lisa's Mom, Grandma-To-Be of Samuel. hahahahahahahaha

  4. I bought a Dr. Ho’s Tens machine about 1990 or so. Then the “good ol’ US govt. FDA wouldn’t alllow him to sell it as a medical device because, according to them, it hadn’t been tested enough in the USA to be sure it was safe. He moved to Canada. Real reason was probably that the drug companies didn’t like losing $$ and exerted pressure to stop sales. To get around those asinine regulations, Dr Ho started calling it a massager which isn’t FDA regulated. Not sure but maybe that’s why even after all these years the other companies trying to bring an affordable unit to the public call them “massagers.” I bought a RS-Tens Plus unit through my PT about 4 years ago and find it extremely helpful and came with a good instruction booklet. It also has a safety cover over controls to prevent accidentally turning up too high. The replacement gel pads are available online and not too expensive. My whole family has been able to use it! Geez, I sound like a commercial but there are other good units available, just do the research before buying!

  5. I had a spinal cord stimulator/TENS unit installed a year ago for my chronic back pain/neuropathy. It does a really good job of blocking the burning sensation in my legs

  6. i love my new TENS unit after only a day of use. it is a very odd sensation. be careful: very slowly at first turning up the intensity.

  7. Instructions I rec'd with Auvon unit which appears to be similar if not same as one in your video:
    "The "M" cycles through the 6 big modes, the silver middle button allows choices (from 2 to 4 varieties) within that mode, totally 16 small modes (1.Lateral palm kneading 2.Flat palm kneading 3.Crosscut first kneading 4.Vertical fist kneading 5.Acupuncture 6.Moxibustion 7.Acupuncture kneading 8.Rubbing reduction 9.Tapping 10.Fibrillation massage 11.Lifting-pinching manipulation 12.Vibrating manipulation 13.Thai massage 14.Shiatsu 15.Sensitive Parts Massage Mode 1 16.Sensitive Parts Massage Mode 2)"

  8. To extend the life span of the sticky pads, water should be placed on them before or after using them ?

  9. Why should the placement be so that the muscles don't contact? What happens if they do?

    Also, loved Bob's correction on screaming being equal for boys and girls 🙂

  10. Reminds me of a saying I made up when I took up woodworking: "If the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem becomes a thumb."

  11. I got this one for $27 and it works great. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00NCRE4GO/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Years ago I had Stem treatment at a physical therapy clinic, combined with an ice pack. It worked too but is based on stimulating muscles instead of nerves. I'm not sure if you can buy those or which type is best for a situation. The TENS definitely works for me.

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