[Music…] Greetings, Welcome to Nadipathy…. I’m Srilekha [Music…] By making small changes in our daily life, we control Bad Cholesterol in our body having some foods will give you good energy to your cells and heart still what are these foods? what are the characteristics of those foods? how those foods reduces cholesterol? these questions are Answered by “Alternative Medicine Expert & Nadipathy founder Dr.Krishnam raju” To Loose cholesterol, Fruits, Vegetables, grains, pulses spices and all other foods that our Nature has provided are boon to us we all know that we are taking foods that grown on respective seasons for centuries along with rice, we should take fruits, vegetables, grains as a part of food so.. these provide nutrients for well being of our body this is the best way to follow Natural therapists believe this .. for every living animal the part of foods should contain.. glucose, fats, fiber, proteins, minerals… and vitamins essential for the immunity and also foods which ensures nutrition apart from these, coffee & tea which gives special energy also falls under food category food available in both solid & liquid forms by making small differences in our daily life we can burn extra cholesterol small exercises like walking, cycling, swimming should be done daily by doing it daily makes heart great helps in losing bad cholesterol and weight blood vessels become healthy therefore no vessels will not get thick and bulge some foods are the best for blood vessels and heart what are the foods which gives immunity? and how they affect cholesterol? we are about to know one of them is Apple it helps in reduction of cholesterol stored in blood also reduces cholesterol produced by liver this fruit burns fats in our body it is better to clean the apple before you eat beans, fiber in the beans helps in stopping the bad cholesterol formation, …as beans can burn cholesterol potassium, copper, manganese and folic acids present in beans which is good to consume Berries, vitamins in black berries are good for heart and blood pumping it has an ability to dissolve to fiber helps in removal of bad cholesterol Brinjal, it contains vitamins & minerals along with micro nutrients helps in oxidation process Grapes, it reduces anthocyanin, Tannin and other cholesterol storages potassium in grapes can remove toxins from our body “Diabetic should not take Grapes” before eating grapes it should be cleaned completely also Guava, fresh guavas are great for health Guava has vitamin C, Nicotine acids helps in developing immunity in our body which in turn reduces cholesterol and make healthy heart beat mushrooms, vitamins & bc calcium in mushrooms reduces bad cholesterol in our body Nuts, Almond helpful in loosing cholesterol folic acid in almond protects heart from various diseases Cashew nuts dissolves wax & saturated Fats therefore protecting heart wall nuts, omega fatty acids in wall nuts reduces cholesterol in dramatic way and Garlic helps in controlling blood pressure and bad cholesterol it is good to consume Garlic morning & evening by directly or using in recipes there are 8 different proteins that required by our body are present in a single vegetable that is Soya by consuming soya daily reduces cholesterol… increases the ability of liver to excrete cholesterol from blood soya beans contain vit B3, B6 and also Oats, Oats have special fiber beta glucose works as a sponge to reduce bad cholesterol basil seeds, dust of basil seeds will not allow cholesterol to enter into Entrails it is know for it’s bad cholesterol removing ability and grains of wheat, corn, oats, paddy, barley… contains three layers. by consuming these items helps controlling of B.P, choleterol, blood clogging etc., you heard right? making small changes in food along with doing small exercises like walking, cycling Heart becomes strong and healthy Bad cholesterol level reduces following these will not not cost you medicines and side effects said by Ancient & Traditional Nadipathy treatment …. we’ll meet again another day with another health care

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