in this video we’re going to take you
through a series of exercises to help you build maximum mass for each of the
major body parts. these are the big compound exercises and they cover all
the major muscle groups. but an aesthetic physique isn’t just about mass you also
want to get all the details balanced and in proportion, so we’ll also show you how
to sculpt your muscles by using isolation exercises to bring out key
body parts first a great compound exercise for building muscle dumbbell
flat bench press the main muscle you’re working here is your chest but you’re
also using your triceps and shoulders compound exercises work at least one
main muscle but also use other muscles around them working a number of muscles
in what exercise is a fast way to build mass now let’s take a look at the body weight
pull-up your back is made up of many different
muscles. here you’re working pretty much all of them but the biggest effort is
from your lat muscles the ones that give you a big wide back on the pull-up
you’re also working biceps and triceps when it comes to leg day, compound
exercises are definitely the best way to add thickness and size to your legs there are many to choose from but one of
the best is squats. the main muscle here is the quads but you’re bending at two
joints, the hips and the knees, so you’re hitting muscles in the front and back of
your legs to perform the movement, and as you can see you’re also engaging your
entire core and abs which is why squats are considered one of the best compound
exercises in the gym once you’ve mastered the key compound
exercises for all the big muscle groups you’re all set to add size where it
matters. but aesthetics is also about balance proportion and detail so next
we’ll show you some great exercises to help you sculpt those key body parts for a big set of muscles like back, add
exercises to work the muscles in different ways like these seated cable
rows while pull-ups work on the width of your
back, this sculpting exercise will really target that middle back to add size and
thickness for a body part like chest do at least
two compound movements these would be your pressing exercises from different
angles, then move on to an isolation exercise like cable flyes, isolation
exercises really focus on one particular function in this case the arms are
locked so you’re bending only at the shoulder and you’re working to achieve
maximum stretch on the muscle. so this is doing the very particular job of adding
width across the chest isolation exercises can also target
lesser muscles like these lying leg curls. while squats work your whole leg
this exercise goes right in on one individual muscle the hamstrings many isolation exercises work smaller
muscles so you will usually go heavy on these. better to exhaust the muscle by
increasing the reps not the weight one body part where isolation is key is
arms for triceps the cable push down is a great example of an isolation exercise bending only at the elbow you’re working
just one muscle the tricep. and for biceps again cable curls is a great
isolation exercise really focusing maximum effort on a single muscle most compound exercises help build
strengthen your core but to focus right in on your abs you
need isolation. hanging leg raises will really help you develop your six-pack the movement is only at the hip and the
major work is being done by the lower abdominals so that’s how to start
building a fully aesthetic physique use a mix of compound exercises for mass but
also include isolation for the detail try this technique for different body
parts to guide you here’s a great chest workout which starts with big compound
moves then goes on to isolation and for back check out this workout
again big compounds followed by isolation. whatever your level there’s
plenty more here on fit media channel so check out our playlists let us know in
the comments how you get on and make sure you’re subscribed for new videos
every week Fit Media Channel – empowering your workouts


  1. Amazing video. I love the demonstrations and explanations, anyone could understand. The workouts are so comfortable. A+ with 5 stars!

  2. Ok, gotta comment. Homeboy looked like he was struggling on those squats. I was wondering whether he was going down parallel or not. Funny thing was, the camera started to focus on his leg muscles and then did a quick cut to his chest…lol. In all seriousness, this guys has a great aesthetic upper and great explanation.

  3. When does an exercise effect on body parts while it's do once a week or twice a week or trice a week

  4. Really need this. I am lean skinny and I work from 10-10 with limited off days. I like to gym and do compound movement workout becouse of the limited free time i have. Could you guys do compound movement workout for strength training video?

  5. This kid not only has a beautiful body, but a pretty face. You can build all the muscles you want but you can't get that face.

  6. Guys sorry to pop your bubble but this physique is NOT achievable naturally, you will discover it in a few years of lifting.
    Come on now you natural paladins to defend the physique you wish you had telling me I'm delusional bla bla… his physique is perfectly achievable in 5 years bla bla… he is not that huge bla bla and everything… you will discover it, I can assure you, see you in a year or two!

  7. Y'all can put all the exercises up here in the world but if you don't include the dude's diet you just wasting all of our time

  8. Don't forget to wax your entire body, avoid eating anything with taste like a pizza or burger and …well those pimples on his quads came from some where ??.. usually injection sites of not so legal substances.

  9. Greetings!
    I'm writing to ask you for a retract your takedown request on my video:
    I used the footage that belongs to you on the background of my own video, while I was talk about how abdominal muscles work.
    I'm sincerely apologise about using your footage and kindly ask you to retract the claim.
    Respectfully, Sergey

  10. “Once you’ve mastered the key compound exercises for all the big muscle groups, you’re all set to add size where it matters.”
    Sorry to break it to you, fellas, but no amount of heavy lifting will make that muscle bigger.

  11. You need to externally rotate your hips so you can recruit muscles for stability during the squat and to prevent the shaking that this guy had when squatting. Just a slight tip for improvement

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