48 thoughts on “How to Buy the Best Mattress for Back Pain Relief”

  1. man so i guess my bed where u can feel the coils wont b too good mabye i should get a new one soon for My back problems

  2. @ThomasisaMAN I agree. I've had one for 7 years and love it. I'll never go back to the orthopedic torture chambers known as inner spring mattresses.

  3. It is actually a LOWER gauge coil that indicates a better coil, not a HIGHER gauge as mistakenly stated in video.

  4. Its worth spending on a mattress just think how long you use it. I agree with memory foam also it has been hugely beneficial to me

  5. Buy "Visco"?  Visco makes you hot and sweaty.  You will sleep terrible on it.
    Nice try Tempurpdedic but buyers are smarter than that.

  6. Hey! I just setup a gofundme account to help raise money for a serious back issue. I would appreciate it if you took out time to check it out! http://www.gofundme.com/zxyfu8

  7. I just bought a new bed set.i woke up all my limbs were asleep "( i need a softer matress i think. Another 700$!

  8. ..got back pain??
    when you lie on your mattress either on your side or your back, your hips sink lowest because it's heaviest part of your body. this zone needs to be firmest in your mattress, to properly support the extra weight of your torso.
    my latex mattress was $4200, it is only comfortable because of THIS SOLUTION:
    find the MATTRESS GENIE on youtube and purchase one.
    do not place it at the head of your bed, instead use it as adjustable lumbar!
    place it directly under the hip/lower back area, lie on your mattress and begin inflating, you will notice an immediate improvement once you adjust it properly. (you may need to slide it a bit forward or backward to find the correct placement.

  9. To tell the truth, only folks with the very least understanding of back pain are the sufferers themselves. Should you desire to turn your life around, save your time and effort, steer clear from the traditional health care suggestions.

  10. i like a good firm bed i wake up 6 hours later straight out of bed feeling refreshed. On a soft bed does the opposite it makes me feel sluggish and batterd and feel half asleep for hours after waking up.

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  12. There аrе a lоt оf other reasons whу ѕресiаliѕtѕ recommend mеmоrу fоаm mattresses аnd реорlе соnѕidеr thеm to bе an investment wоrth mаking, but wе believe thе above criteria ѕhоuld bе еnоugh tо help уоu mаkе uр уоur mind.


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  14. I hate spring mattresses so much the springs always pop up,poking me and stuff I want to try out the foam mattresses.

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  16. A mattress should be firm. If you suffer from serious back pain you should consider buying a medium firm mattress for a good night's sleep.
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