Hi, this is Kelley I’m here today to show you how to cast on for two at a time mittens in the round using the Magic Loop method and I have some chunky weight yarn here and I have circular needles and I find that a lot of people enjoy the 40 inch circulars or 47 but for the magic loop method you want to have a longer cord so that when you’re doing your mittens two at a time you’re not losing your Magic loop on either side of your work. So let’s go ahead and begin So I’m gonna use for a long tail cast on today and I’m gonna be casting on 20 stitches So that would be 10 stitches for each side of your mitten And this is just a mini set so you can see how to cast on okay? So I have my working yarn here and I gave myself a nice long Arm’s length of yarn and I’m gonna cast on two three four five Six seven eight nine Ten and you see that I have a nice long tail Enough to be able to cast on for the other mitten when I get around to that side so you would take through your ten stitches or half of your stitches and you’re gonna be using and Slide it all the way over to the right hand needle now drop that needle and get back over to your left hand needle here and Then you grab another length of yarn the nice arm’s length. So you have plenty of Yarn to cast on with and this time I’m gonna be casting on 20 stitches Using my mat, excuse me the long tail cast on five six Seven eight nine Ten eleven twelve 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 and 20 So I have my 20 stitches and I’m gonna go ahead and count 5 10 and I split that in half. So you split your stitches in half and you burnt pull the cord through now Max is trying to help me. My little kitty cat. He likes it you get on the table. Naughty little boy Alrighty here So I slide my stitches up and you see I’m holding the two needles here and the bottom one is done with my working yarn up in the proper position for me to be able to knit and I need to cast on the last 10 stitches 1 2 3 4 Whoops oh, dear 5 6 oh Right, so I have my stitches on both sides and We know this right here was my where my last stitch was cast on so I won’t be knitting from there I’m gonna turn my work and make sure those stitches are lined up and there’s no twist and your work and you Put your yarn into the proper position Pull that out and then you would join in the round and guess what? You have all your stitches cast on and You are ready to knit your happy heart out So let me just show you what this looks like in one second here. So I’ve knit one half of one side of a mitten of Course, it’s my mini sample. So it’s not not too much there and Sorry, I need to bring my working yarn around here and Put that on there and then I would knit this side And Let me just show you what this looks like when it’s done and I’m halfway around I’ll have half of my round done now And if you look at it, you see how I have my two loops on the either side is the Magic Loop method So then here’s my last stitch so I would scoot that needle into position turn my work around in this other direction and Continue knitting on so now I’ve cast on I’m knitting there in the round with two it at the time Making doing the Magic Loop method, so that’s how you would cast on to do your mittens. You have a great time happy knitting

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