In this video we’re going to be reviewing how to replace a broken needle on the Juki 8700 lockstitch machine. In the event that you have broken a needle your first step is to remove any of the remaining pieces and the broken needle itself, be very careful as you clean up the shards from your needle. In order to do this you will require a screwdriver and all screw drivers are located in the corresponding drawer for each machine Begin by loosing the screw just above your needle; you do this by turning to the left. You do not need to loosen the screw all the way, a couple of turns will loosen the needle just enough for you to remove it and dispose of it in a sharp’s bin. All of the sharp’s bin in the ADP studio are brightly labeled in orange. When replacing your new needle make sure that you inspect it thoroughly. Holding your needle you want to insert it by pushing all the way up as far as a needle will go with that screw loosened. From here you are going to spin the needle so that the scarf is facing the inside of the machine. Using your screwdriver tighten your needle by turning to the right. Before moving on double check that that the scarf is on the inside. Keep in mind that you should be changing your needle after every project as they wear down.

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