Hey guys -welcome to this week’s video! I
do apologize for the lateness. Unfortunately, my chronic pain flared up,
which is why I’m making this video, but it meant that I couldn’t do my usual
filming uploading schedule .I was going to try and vlog yesterday, Sunday ,as a
sort of “How to cheer yourself up on a chronic pain day”, but as you can see from
the upcoming footage ,that was just not a possibility. Hello
I just said that and my dog jumped um it is currently 12:15 and I am
attempting to properly get out of bed. Today is a very bad pain day. I would
say we’re hitting 8 or 9 on the scale, um, so I thought I would show you what I do
to try and make um bad pain days less horrible,because, today, I’m actually meant to go out and play with my friends play D&D with
my friends ,so yeah ,I’ll let you know how that goes. First and foremost, it’s really
important to remember to eat and drink so I woke up earlier and had some
breakfast and my meds when I took Sarge out, which is good and now I’m just kind
of um put on some clothes, maybe put on makeup ,if it’ll make me feel better but
if I’m not feeling it ,I won’t and get ready to go. So today, we’re going to talk
about managing chronic pain ,because I think this is something that there isn’t
a ton of information on and I would like to share that with you. So let’s get into
it. Step 1 once you’ve been diagnosed with
the disease or disorder that causes chronic pain you’re going to want to ask
your doctor ,your primary care physician, or whoever diagnosed you ,for a referral
to a pain management specialist. As far as I know you need a referral at least
in the United States to get in and to see one of these people so ask for it
quickly because it can take a while .Once you meet with that specialist ,they’ll
give you the more medical options so things that you need
help with doing -such as prescription medication ,pain management ,physical
therapy ,other types of therapy for pain such as I think they do what’s called
acupuncture or cupping (is that the term where they put the little cups on your
back )I haven’t had these obviously so I can’t really speak to their
effectiveness. I have ,however ,been on a ton of prescription pain medications. If
you would like,let me know in the comments down below and I will make a
video about all the different types of pain medication I have been on and what
their effects on me have been. Obviously this won’t be a guide to everyone
because everyone’s body is different but I think it might be useful to kind of
know what you’re getting into when you go to think about pain medication
because pain medication is pretty serious and it’s something to keep in
mind. Also you may have heard that some pain doctors treat chronic pain patients
badly because they think that we are just looking for drugs ,so if your doctor
tells you that if they say something like,” You’re just a drug seeker.” I would
recommend finding another doctor to be honest. I was really scared of that when
I went in ,but I explained my case I said I have really bad pain. I need some sort
of medication. I would prefer not to have any opioids and thus far I have not been
given any besides for a wisdom tooth surgery which is a whole nother thing ,but they
didn’t treat me like I was just a college kid trying to get high. Now that
we moved out of the medical realm I want to talk about what you yourself can do
to help manage your chronic pain. First definitely keep a record of it .If you
notice that your pain is higher on certain days of the week or probably not
days if you notice your pain is higher at certain times of day or during
certain weather periods mark that down because that will be a great way to help
you predict when flare-ups are coming and if you can predict when they’re coming, well
then you have a better chance at managing your pain ,right? The first and
most basic thing you’re going to want to buy once you have been diagnosed with
chronic pain are (is/are).. it could be either one or two items a heating pack
and a cold pack some of them I guess come in combination so like a heating
and cold pack you can heat or put it in the microwave so that’s
really up to you. I was looking for mine, but it appears to have disappeared
somewhere in the recesses of my bed. I have a stuffed elephant heating pad that
I got on Amazon. It smells like lavender. You stick in the
microwave for three minutes, it heats up. I also have ice packs. These are
going to be invaluable for your pain. Do a little bit of research on which is
best for which type of pain but overall I think these are the most basic and
best things you can get to order in order to manage your chronic pain. Going
up a step- if you have chronic pain that is caused by joint instability, like I do,
you’re going to want to probably get some braces. I have a couple here, as
examples, so I got these from a sporting goods store these are ankle braces and
knee braces. If your pain is caused by your joint slipping out of place and the
best thing you can do is take some of the pressure off that joint by bracing
it. Now if you see a pain physical therapist, they will give you other much
more qualified advice on how to help rearrange your body when you walk ,for
example ,to keep your joints as painless as possible, but these are definitely
good fixes for chronic pain. You don’t want to wear them to often,because you
don’t want to have any muscle weakness but if you’re having a really bad day
and you feel like everything’s falling out of place ,just use a brace. I also
have custom hand braces on hand and wrist braces that I got when I was
seeing a hand therapist. Again your pain is unique to you and your medical team
will help decide who you need to see ,but I was having a lot of trouble with my
hands, and my wrists hurting ,so to help that my hands therapist actually created
these for me. So they had ,I don’t really understand what material it was made out
of but it came through a sheet and she just melted it and then it molded around
my hand and wrist I’m gonna see if I can put this on.. and then she just put some
velcro straps on it and botta bing botta boom ,you have a brace. I can’t
wear these when I’m wheeling because um obviously the thumb is braced so you
can’t properly cup your hands but for writing and things like that
it’s been very useful. Also if you’re getting a brace like this ,you’re going
actually for any at least as far as I know you’re gonna
want to have something under it you don’t want it touching your skin because
it will rub and hurt ,so for ankle braces wear socks ,for knee braces put them one
over your pants .For these ,I actually have a pair of socks
I cut the top so I’d like the toes off of where the feet go in and then I just
wear them it’s sort of like hand warmers underneath. I’ll see if I can show you so
as you can see this is one of the socks I think I got them from Urban Outfitters.
I just like them because they were yellow ,so this is like where your ankle
would be and then I cut the toe off and then you just slip it on like this. I
usually put it so that the daisies are facing upward so I can see them through
the velcro but that’s like a me thing it doesn’t have anything to do with
functionality and then as you can see when you put the brace back on none of
the like hard material is touching your skin. Well ,I guess there’s a bit there
but it’s not so much the plastic that burns so much as it is the velcro and
the velcro is all, as you can see when I tighten it ,if I can strap it back on the
velcro is touching the sock. Now I know it can be a little awkward to wear
braces ,especially if you don’t wear them every day because people won’t
understand why you’re wearing them. You’ll probably get questions about if
you’re hurt or what’s been going on ,but honestly ,just ignore them .I know it can feel weird and I am not gonna lie, I am feeling a little self-conscious today
because I’m going to wear these to my university class later ,but your pain
reduction is more important than what anyone thinks .The next thing you want to
do, especially if you spend a lot of time in bed ,is invest in some good pillows
because pillows are basically one of the best things on this earth and you don’t
really want any low quality ones that are basically bags stuffed with a bit of
hay or whatever, to keep your body supported when you’re in so much pain
you can’t leave your bed. You’re gonna be spending a lot of time in your bed .You
want your bed to be as good as it possibly can so good pillows are
important.A body pillow could also be recommended. I have one -I think pregnant
ladies usually use them -but they’re great for wrapping your body around if
one or more if your joints is hurting you. Right now, I actually use
I just stuffed between the crack like the wall on my bed, because there’s like
a gap and I was falling into it but regular pillows can accomplish this too
so ,some people say that their pain is lesson if they hug a pillow like this or
a stuffed animal or if they put it between their legs that sort of thing.
Finally ,there are sort of over-the-counter remedies that you can
try. Some people recommend CBD capsules or oil. Personally they did not work for
me at all. I felt nothing ,but a lot of people say that CBD has really helped
their chronic pain ,so if it’s legal in your state and you can get it ,I would
recommend giving it a shot. It is really expensive ,though, so I wouldn’t order too
much if you don’t know that it’s going to work ,if that makes sense because then
you’re gonna be stuck with a lot of CBD and really ,what are you going to do with
it? Most importantly t,hough is that when you’re having a flare-up or a bad pain
day in general is to keep yourself occupied ,because if you’re stuck in bed
and you’re in a lot of pain ,it’s very very easy to become depressed. Sleeping
is definitely a good option ,for some of this ,because when you’re sleeping you
can’t feel pain and if you’re in pain anyway you’re probably not getting the
best night’s sleep, so there’s nothing wrong with taking a nap or two, however
you can’t sleep your life away ,so you’ll need other activities when you’re in bed.
I recommend YouTube videos or podcasts especially ,I wish I’d known about
podcasts two years ago, I I guess I knew what they were but I didn’t listen to
any and that was the point where it was really common for me to A) be up all
night because I was in pain and B) have headaches that made me nauseous if I
looked at anything so I’d be lying face down trying to listen to YouTube videos
which is fine but obviously podcasts don’t have that visual component anyway
so you’re not missing anything. Whereas if you’re listening to a video without
seeing it you might be missing some key elements. Reading is also great. Any type
of little craft you can do in bed ,like crocheting, I use crocheting
crochet hooks for arthritic hands….I do not have arthritis but they’re great for
the joints so why not. Don’t let a product dissuade you from using it just
because it doesn’t match your exact diagnosis. Drawing is a great idea
but most importantly try to get out of the house if you can. I know it’s really
really hard and if you can’t get out of the house, bring someone in with you, but
isolating yourself when you’re in extreme amounts of pain will only make
things worse. It’s really really easy to go down dark
thought paths that way, so if you can get out of the house ..yesterday I went to my
friend’s house to play Dungeons and Dragons. I was going to skip it ,because
it was early in the morning and I didn’t think I could make it to the bus ,but my
friend convinced me to ask them to start later which they did and then offered,
well bless her she offered to pay for an uber to get us there .I split it with her,
but that word those were two easy things that made ,what had previously seemed
like an unmanageable obstacle ,manageable. And then I was with my friends and got
to play as a fantasy character for five hours which really helps me forget the
fact that I was in so much pain I could barely move .I hope this video was
educational and entertaining for you guys. I don’t wish chronic pain upon any
of you, obviously, but if you have it I hope this video helps you find some
relief and I’d love to hear what your methods are in the comments as well .So
two things in the comments… Do you want to hear about all the pain medication
I’ve been on and what do you do to help alleviate your pain or boredom? Thank you
guys so much for watching !I hope you have a fantastic week and I will see you
next Sunday! Bye!

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