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100 thoughts on “How To Dispose Of A Body (In Spanish)”

  1. He had me convinced that he spoke Spanish up until 0:24
    Edit: Holy crap! That's Peter Maldonado! Say hola to Ms. Shapiro for me, you little scrub!

  2. Title is inaccurate, it should be
    "How to Deal with a Disposed Body" or
    "Fifty Shades of Alma"

    Wasted my time watching this tutorial when I am in a hurry disposing my cousin before police finds me.

  3. I didn't take much Spanish, but my teacher was from the Dominican Republic, and I don't know if it was her accent, or I'm remembering wrong, but she taught us that "Yo" was pronounced kind of like "zho" with kind of a "J" sound, so I'm curious, is that common in the Caribbean? Do I have false memories? Just wondering, because everyone else I encounter seems to just say "yo". But I rarely meet anyone from the islands.

  4. WTF I just see!! Is this made because you want to say that spanish people are crazy or something? Is fucking stupid!.

  5. "me llamo" does not mean "my name is".
    "me llamo" means "I am called" or "I call myself" depending on the context.
    "My name is" would be "mi nombre es".

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